B1 Intermediate 27 Folder Collection
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Justin and Cameron are asleep.
Find kind of Hello?
Finally did it.
Guys, this is the most expensive investment in camera equipment I have made, So I'm gonna finally unbox it.
Okay, Let's go.
This is my tools.
I don't have a knife.
Thistles it.
Guys, I bought $9 propellers.
Drone is coming, like, in a month, and I'm not kidding, actually, about a drone battery thing.
This is gonna be my new machine.
Aerial shots.
I ordered this drone 20 days ago on my birthday.
Why is it why am I out of focus?
And it's, you know, So Justin and I got back from our classes were not in the same owner in different ones, but now is the time I'm gonna fly the magic for the first time ever.
I've already flown this drone.
This drone is like I learned the basics of flying, but I kind of like crash.
It wants to know now.
I'm good.
I'm gonna give the camera over to Justin's stuff walking away.
Justin, you're gonna do a take over eight.
Yeah, this is a documentary checks out like that's campus and they're right behind it.
This'll giant golf course.
If you hit a tree.
That's really sad.
Like the Gimbels.
Super delicate.
Oh, you baby colors.
I think the drug list directly towards me.
And the camera, the whole dough you're gonna hit record.
Okay, so stand back.
Oh, it's so still no one battery.
That's fun.
Like it's loose.
So you see, like I don't know how you cautious You see what?
I bring you down Just like it's not your other drones.
Like Jones Drug no one ever knew several loud buzzing noise in the sky.
So I was like, Do you hear something?
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My New Drone | DJI Mavic Pro + Test Footage

27 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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