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  • Justin and Cameron are asleep.

  • Find kind of Hello?

  • Finally did it.

  • Guys, this is the most expensive investment in camera equipment I have made, So I'm gonna finally unbox it.

  • Okay, Let's go.

  • This is my tools.

  • I don't have a knife.

  • Thistles it.

  • Guys, I bought $9 propellers.

  • Drone is coming, like, in a month, and I'm not kidding, actually, about a drone battery thing.

  • This is gonna be my new machine.

  • Aerial shots.

  • I ordered this drone 20 days ago on my birthday.

  • Why is it why am I out of focus?

  • And it's, you know, So Justin and I got back from our classes were not in the same owner in different ones, but now is the time I'm gonna fly the magic for the first time ever.

  • I've already flown this drone.

  • This drone is like I learned the basics of flying, but I kind of like crash.

  • It wants to know now.

  • I'm good.

  • I'm gonna give the camera over to Justin's stuff walking away.

  • Justin, you're gonna do a take over eight.

  • Yeah, this is a documentary checks out like that's campus and they're right behind it.

  • This'll giant golf course.

  • If you hit a tree.

  • That's really sad.

  • Like the Gimbels.

  • Super delicate.

  • Oh, you baby colors.

  • I think the drug list directly towards me.

  • And the camera, the whole dough you're gonna hit record.

  • Okay, so stand back.

  • Oh, it's so still no one battery.

  • That's fun.

  • Like it's loose.

  • So you see, like I don't know how you cautious You see what?

  • I bring you down Just like it's not your other drones.

  • Like Jones Drug no one ever knew several loud buzzing noise in the sky.

  • So I was like, Do you hear something?

Justin and Cameron are asleep.

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