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at 10.
10 10 10 10 A little It empties a little It'd todo little little, little itty bitty did a little little little deleted Little, little, little little Little David Hoffman, Filmmaker Making merchandise Holiday merchandise Things you might wanna wear Things you might know Somebody who might want to wear Take a listen Make something good out of something bad I heard this phrase when I was a boy and when I had a fire that destroyed most of my house and much of my archives I used his phrase to help me survive it and thrive from it Make something good out of something bad a pillow.
I made this for my wife.
They call these a shopping bag and I've got a shirt and I think that says something really important for people who are struggling.
We've got these fires out here in California right now.
They're just awful.
One day you're living in your home.
The next day you got nothing left.
I know what that feels like.
So make something good out of something bad.
If that phrase appeals to you or to someone you love, I got the merch.
David Hofmans merchandise David often Birch.
The David Huffman store, as you can see, is right below every video.
You can see my store click on my still Let's see all my products.
Thank you very much for listening to me and for looking at my merch.
You take care.
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Made To Help You Turn Bad Things Into Good Things

32 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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