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The name brings to mind gorgeous beaches, warm weather,
and Art Deco landmarks.
But at the intersection of North and South America,
Miami has exploded onto the international cultural scene
in recent decades.
Want to experience the best of Miami?
Venture beyond glitzy South Beach and swing
by these three hot spots on the mainland.
The first stop is Coconut Grove.
Situated southwest of Downtown Miami,
this upscale residential enclave is one of Miami's oldest
and most iconic neighborhoods.
The gem of Coconut Grove is Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.
Originally built at as a winter home
by business magnate James Deering.
The Vizcaya estate is nestled among dense mangrove swamps
and offers a spectacular view of Biscayne Bay.
The ornate main house features a blend
of Italian Renaissance Revival and Baroque architecture.
And inside you'll find an exquisite collection
of art and furnishings acquired by Deering
during his world travels.
The lush expansive gardens surrounding the main compound
are a welcome break from Miami's hot sun
and a prime backdrop for your Instagram feed.
If you've built up an appetite, head north
and you'll eventually reach SW 8th Street.,
better know as Calle Ocho.
The main thoroughfare of Little Havana.
Even though Americans can now fly to the real Havana
in less than an hour, Little Havana remains an enthralling
outpost for the Cuban expatriate community
and a vibrant setting for Cuban food, culture, and ambiance.
Drop by the walk-up window at the legendary Cafe Versailles
for a croquette, or a cortadito,
a super-charged Cuban version of an espresso.
Day or night you are bound to encounter old friends
catching up, or a heated debate about politics.
Right across the street is La Carreta, which serves
a variety of authentic Cuban specialties including
Ropa Vieja and rice with sweet plantains.
If you're feeling lucky after lunch, settle in
for a street sighting of dominoes.
If you can find a seat that is.
As evening approaches, the energy and buzz shifts
to a bustling art infused area
north of downtown called Wynwood.
No other neighborhood in Miami has undergone
as a dramatic transformation as this former
industrial district that has been reborn as a hub
for international art galleries, shops,
and a diverse restaurant scene.
The year round pleasant weather and seemingly endless
collection of vibrant street murals,
has made Wynwood into a giant outdoor art gallery.
For a unique dinner option drop by 1-800-Lucky,
an open food hall in the style of an Asian market.
Featuring a collection of vendors offering a variety
of dishes from fresh ramen to steamed dim sum
to hot peking duck.
Finish off the night with matcha ice cream served
in a fish shaped cone or an Asian inspired cocktail
at the bar.
Looking around, it's hard to believe you're still in Miami.
But when it's 80 degrees in the middle of winter,
you'll be glad you are.
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Miami is Hotter Than Ever

270 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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