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Hello and welcome to another two minute review.
This time it's oxen free, developed, unpublished by night school studio oxen.
Free is a spooky and slightly paranormal point and click adventure game.
But unlike other pixel clicking puzzle games, oxen free focuses on audio and dialogue.
The dialogue mechanic is quite sophisticated and allows you to take part in fluid and natural conversations.
But this is where the first of a series of my concerns lies.
The dialogue is very high school or college American, and throughout the game you can never escape the fact that you're really just listening to the banter between a load of American millennials.
Some people camp here, but it's weird.
I don't know why they just leave their tent looks kind of dumpy like I don't know, like it's been abandoned.
However, despite the audio engine being quite sophisticated, sometimes it does fall apart and can actually render it difficult to hear any useful dialogue.
Sure, maybe.
All right, it's just literally It's from the 18 hundreds.
Jesus, I thought that was a pet cemetery.
I'm kind of relieved.
This island's depressing enough.
It's not just depressing.
It's also quite small, So the game provides you with a map which also list your current objectives.
A fundamental mechanic in the game is the use of a radio to tune into the paranormal.
Finding the correct frequency can make things happen.
Tox six Presentation from the game engine is very fluid and flexible on the game goes to great lengths to try and convince you it is a filler and it is supernatural, but it isn't in any way scary, and the presentation of the game changes depending on the paranormal activity happening at the time.
I can't believe that the developers intended oxen free to be a particularly challenging game to play.
Instead, they use it as a vehicle to convey a story.
She does quite well, but it suffers from one big problem.
I simply don't care.
Three characters Aaron engaged with what's going on around them and I as the player also feeling engaged.
I don't really care what they're saying.
I don't really care about the secrets of this island on there so far away.
I really don't feel like I'm involved.
Oxen free feels like a bit of a missed opportunity.
It could have been a bold and exciting direction for the point and click adventure genre, but it doesn't quite hit the mark.
Oh, shut up.
I'm just trying to converse eight here.
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Two Minute Review: Oxenfree (PC GAME)

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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