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Okay, hello everybody, welcome to Taiwan again!
This time we are going on a trip to the East Coast
A road trip, just two days
We went first by train from Taipei
along the East Coast to Yilan,
Hualien, and then all the way down to
Taitung. There you can see Taitung.
At Taitung we rented a car
and drove all the way
along the coast up to Hualien and then we took a train back to Taipei.
Here is the car, no, we did rent a car
but not this one.
We had a Toyota Camry.
And then we hit the road, you see the road is almost always
straight and very easy to follow. The first stop we made was at Fugang.
Fugang Harbor Harbor is where you
can take the ferry to Green Island and
Orchid Island (Lanyu).
We looked around, saw some boats
and some ships.
As you can see
it was nice weather and we had summer clothes on.
And then we made the next stop at Xiao Yeliu
where you can see interesting rock formations.
Like this one and
we walked around
and looked here and there.
They also have some interesting
tropical plants
and crabs, little crabs, tiny crabs.
Some flowers.
Some more rocks.
Interesting patterns
on the rocks.
Interesting colors.
Then we went on further north to
Dulan, there is an old sugar factory
which has been transformed into a creative kind of place
where people of the indigenous tribes
are creative. There is a shop
where you can buy indigenous products
like woven bags and stuff like that.
Then we went on. This is where we stayed for the night.
It's called Fu Jhang Villa
and it's made of wood entirely.
And it's very clean and modern.
It's very close
to the ocean, you can see it from your room, the ocean.
There are palm trees, giving
the place a very
southern Pacific feel.
It's very relaxing there.
There is also a swimming pool. You can't swim in the ocean,
because there is no beach, but the
villa has a nice swimming pool with
seawater. There you can relax and take it easy.
And look, the ocean's is right behind there.
the oceans right behind there.
Then, for dinner we went to Chenggong, this is a harbor village
is a harbor village and there you have
seafood restaurants. We had fresh sashimi and seafood hotpot.
And this drink.
I can't remember, some kind of jelly drink.
The next morning we got up very early
to get to see the sunrise at Sanxiantai.
This is a nice place. You can see, there's
an island connected by this bridge.
There's a pebble beach, we had fun there.
And when the sun finally came up we where very excited.
It was cloudy, but we could
see the sun's rays.
Then we went back to the villa
and took bicycles
to go on a ride
on the coastal road there.
Nice place to go for a bicycle ride.
There you can sit and have a
picnic if you want.
Then we continued our journey along the coast,
made some stops at fishing harbors
and interesting places.
This is the Baxian Caves.
There are a few caves, very tall and narrow.
Some temples inside.
Across from the caves
is a very nice beach
It's flat and you can
enjoy running through the water
Interesting how blue the ocean is
especially at the horizon.
Then we went on.
We passed this marker of the Tropic of Cancer
and saw some
statues with crabs
and flying fish on it.
Then we came to this place
It's a homestay in the shape of a ship
Right beside
this homestay is a restaurant
where you can eat indigenous-style food
Very nice
and exquisite
You can sit out there
and eat crabs and snails
and enjoy the view
of the ocean. Very nice
Then we crossed the bridge
over the Xiuguluan River
and came to this place. It's called Shitiping,
not Shitty Ping...
There are also some nice rock formations
The water in the pools there create
nice reflections
And then the final stop we made on our tour
was this one, Baqi Lookout.
There you can look down the coast
Then we went back to Hualien and from there back to Taipei.
All in all it was a very short trip but interesting and very recommendable
So if you want to go there, you can take a car or motorcycle
Thank you very much for watching and see you again soon!
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Traveling the East Coast of Taiwan/台灣東海岸之旅

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阿多賓 published on September 24, 2014
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