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Wut up?
TwoSet Violin in the...
in the auditorium!
We're back to review the most talented subreddit
in the interne-
on? on? in?
on the internet.
r/lingling40hrs subreddit.
If you don't know what it is,
check it out this place where you can share you musical,
or talented, or artistic memes.
- Woo... - You guys are awesome!
I'm so proud.
Guys, check this out.
Are you guys ready?
- Yeah... - This is thanks to our awesome mods.
- Let's do the top for the last week. - Yeah.
Ha ha!
Ha ha!
*sings accompaniment of pop music*
Ha ha ha ha.
- It is. - Yeah.
- I remember getting gigs, - Yeah.
- and they tell you to play these pop songs. - Mhm.
It's the most...
It's literally the same thing repeated for 3 minutes.
Yeah, it's on repeat.
Well, pop music was always selling more than just music.
It's always been the whole music video,
- and the artist and the story, and the dancing... - There's dancing involved.
- ...the hype, the energy. - The effects.
Dude, that is so awesome!
That's epic! "Suzuki."
I hope they're letting the passengers
bring their violins on that flight.
Yeah, ha ha ha! Yeah!
- Hey! - Dude, his music stand is the suitcase.
That's clever.
His posture is pretty good, too.
His bow is straight.
Maybe he's um...
switching careers now that...
- all the flights are cancelled. - Oh...!
- He's like "Quick! I gotta start my new career!" - Yeah.
Damn! That's crazy though.
I hope-
How's everyone being affected by the...
- The shut- I know... - crazy shutdowns by the way?
A lot of musicians,
ourselves included, had to cancel our tour.
Which for us is not too bad.
I mean it is-
- It still sucks 'cause we want to see you guys, but... - It sucks to be- yeah...
What I'm meant to say is
there are actually a lot of musicians out there who...
- Their basic living comes from doing shows every week- - Yeah.
- week in and week out. - Yeah.
Well, guys.
On a good note, we have to look on the positive side:
There's more time to practice!
Yes, that is true.
Ah ha ha ha... sick!
I can't say it.
Is that even possible?
I hope so one day.
- Not now though, it'd be too much audio feedback - But- Yeah.
coming through the system.
Ha ha ha ha ha...
That guy is massive.
Actually, this picture is basically me learning the Paganini.
Ha ha ha! Yeah, it's like...
I was just like...
Uh... I'm... yeah...
Ha ha ha!
Oh my god! Yes!
- We did do that back in first year... uni! - We did!
We had a massive...
like, first year con...
- It wasn't a party, but just a group of our friends. - Yeah, we bought all these bubble tea in the f-
- I remember. Yeah, we filled it all up! - just filled it up. Yeah...
That's awesome!
That's our original poster for the first concert
we ever did in Brisbane.
Dude, I love the... the creased texture on our shirts.
- That actually looks like how my shirt would crease. - Yeah... Yeah.
Thanks, u/hatrednymph.
- I... I didn't hate it. I quite like it actually. - Yeah. I like...
Ha ha ha...
- Dude, they get- they're one-upping the ads, man. - Really?
- It's still going? - Yeah, it's still going.
How are they still going?!
- People must be falling for it. - Yeah.
It is simply...
- Oh! - Yup. Oh...
- That was horrible. - So bad.
- We can't say the word 'cause we'll get demonetized. - Can't say the word.
Corelli 18#...
Corelli-21 double flat.
Very musical meme.
I like it.
Good one, guys.
(both) NO...
- I actually hate it too on Youtube, when they put like- - Ads?
...ads in between movements.
'Cause sometimes a movement would end like...
real soft, like...
And it be like:
- *CLAP* BA-BA-DUH-LA-DA... - Yeah...
Dude, that's some evil look.
- Yeah. - He he!
Dude, the eyes.
I approve.
That is right.
This is officially the Corelli-19 Practice...
The Quarantine Practice.
Eddy: Yeah.
Ha ha ha ha...!
That's awesome.
- Except my eyes is not quite that bad that... - Scooby-Doo.
- 'Cause she's the one wear- - She's so bad!
- If she lost her eyes, she'd be like... - She just can't do any...
Who's this?
Sing a note.
That is a G.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Oh no, here we go.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha...
- I think she just made that video to flex her... - Yes.
toilet paper wealth.
- Because it's a very rare commodity these days. - Yeah. "I got this and look what I'm using it for!"
- "Mwa ha ha...!" - Yeah, ha ha ha!
- Yeah, that's true. - That is so true.
I mean, I'm glad we don't have to experience that, but...
- again, but when the conductors do that... - Yeah.
Especially in high school.
"Brett, play alone."
"Oh... I'm done. I'm gone."
So you gotta practice during this quarantine time.
- Mhm. - So when rehearsals resume,
- You can show them off! - You're safe.
That's the "true Ling Ling wannabes."
- "tWoSeT viola" - Ah...
"tWOsEt PiC...cOlO"
- Ha ha ha ha! - Oh...
I wonder if whoever made this is a flautist
- 'cause they put piccolo in the- Ha ha ha! - Yeah. Yeah, they did not like it.
Oh yeah.
Ha ha ha!
It kinda brings it to you. It's like "Time to practice!"
Oh, I thought it was taking it away.
Oh, I thought the other way.
- It's like, if you want to practice, it brings it to you. - It could be, yeah.
You can't run away.
- Yeah. - So there you go.
Didn't we see this?
I think so. Ages ago, we want to make one, no?
- Yeah. - Yeah.
"DIY 40-dollar violin kit."
Wait, is that actually 40 dollars?
That sounds alright.
It sounds okay.
I mean, you can tell it's got that...
kind of cardboardy boxy sound.
- But it's quite consistent. - Yeah.
Strings are- cost more than 40 bucks.
- Yeah, ha ha, yeah. - Does that 40 dollars include the strings?
- I'm curious. - Yeah, I don't know.
You know, like a typical concert string pack...
- is 100 bucks for 4 strings. - Yeah.
- Yeah, someone says... - Yeah!
- Oh, he replaced the strings with good ones. - Okay.
Oh, there you go.
That's what I thought, too. The strings.
- Ha ha ha! - Oh...
The real Tiktok!
Tik, tok, tik, tok.
Actually, interesting point, too.
Tiktok in Chinese is
- which means vibrato. - Yeah.
Tsk! There you go!
- Maybe whoever made the app was a musician. - Yeah!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
- Don't eat it. You're gonna die. - Yeah, please don't.
Don't eat it.
Don't do it.
That is-
That's amazing! That's beautiful looking instrument.
Yeah, 'cause the-
- The fingerboard was gone, right? - Yeah.
- And now the fingerboard is back. - Got it back.
- That does look very nice. It's a... - Hope that's a good instrument, and...
- piece of history, too. - Yeah.
Through World War I, your great-great-grandfather's.
When in quarantine, it's like next level.
It's what musicians be doing during quarantine.
Ha ha ha ha!
Last one.
That's true...
I noticed a lot of people starting to do
- livestream concerts as well. - Yeah, they're streaming now!
Well, welcome, guys!
We officially went there...
- before it all happened. - Yeah!
I think we're the first ones to do it.
You guys are awesome by the way.
- Thanks to everyone that supported us during that. - 700...
700,000 people saw me screw up.
Oh yeah, people that have also ordered these shirts.
The first orders have been processed.
And you guys will be getting them very soon.
Thank you so much for watching!
Please like and subscribe!
We know situation's tough, but
guess what? We are musicians,
we can practice, use this time well.
And we'll see you guys next time.
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How Musicians Get Through Quarantine

64 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on March 27, 2020
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