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This is the only car factory in the world to have its own sausage factory on site Deba.
Nice to meet you.
Allowed Shake hands?
Yeah, it's not problem.
Okay, right.
This is the start of your process.
Of your factory.
Make here the best sausages in the world.
Of course.
Say otherwise.
You would like to cop to meet.
Yeah, that right.
How long have you been making sausages at, um since 1973.
How many sausages we have produced last year?
£6.8 million sausages in this factory here.
In here?
And folks von have produced in the world 6.2 million cups.
So you made more sausages in here than Volkswagon made cars worldwide?
Yes, maybe.
Okay, that's a lot of self.
You need salt trucks for the good work for making counts.
This is the secret spices of terrorist.
It's so important for the sausages.
Secret spices of what of?
Hurry, Curry Wurst.
You guys actually Fantastic.
Like the car factory.
The sausages are made on a production line which Dietmar wants me to join.
What's the first?
That that can happen?
I'm sorry.
You can't work with secret Secret will show me what to do.
Secret Bynum in started working for Volkswagon over 50 years ago.
So in the stitching on the leather seats, she's worked in many areas of the factory on Loves working in the sources depart until I came along and squeeze it back up.
You're making it Look off the gated and shouting at me.
Oh, I've stopped the production line.
Sorry, everybody.
Sorry is this Sausage is a special one for you.
It's a new technique.
And you do it like that.
You'll make seven million sausages this year.
Back in 1973 Factory decided it was more cost effective to make the sausages that fed the tens of thousands of workers here.
Now, Volkswagen's Carver sausages have become a global phenomenon, selling in a dozen countries worldwide.
And the hungry factory workers love them so much that 2.6 million are eaten every year secret.
These are good sausages.
We did a good job.
How important are these sausages to the factory?
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Volkswagen's Factory Produces More Sausages Than They Make Cars Worldwide | Richard Hammond's Big

26 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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