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Where are they?
No, I'm back.
Yeah, It's magic boyfriend spend.
You can sit up your butt.
Must be hard things.
So much weight.
Are you in pain?
You have an evening.
My God, Britta.
Well, stop banked.
Don't eat.
Oh, my God.
Yacht again?
We're all back.
I'm back.
Uh, where's dinner?
Bone gamers were back.
Game ours?
Yes, It feels good to be back.
Isn't that right?
Celebrates, Let's meet Life's episode.
We defeated the ender Dragon and boy.
Oh, boy, did that feel good?
Okay, but good.
Now that I'm back, things are gonna become a lot more strict.
Third, no more fun and games.
I got a family to provide for now.
That's right.
And look, how did you get there?
That's literally impossible.
All right, I want to start off just building.
Just easing into it, building a little boat.
I want to build a boat.
I'm gonna build a boat now.
Thank you.
I somehow lost the footage of me building the boat, which is really annoying.
I swear I built that No creative mode?
No nothing.
I built that.
Okay, Just take my word for it.
Just imagine like a cool montage right now.
Basically, I'm not going to like that.
Looks pretty epic.
I like it.
It's a Swedish Viking boat.
Technically, this sale is, um, that wrong?
Actually, no, it's on the right, and it's 100% correct.
And just how I want it.
Like it turned out.
It's cool.
Stopped up bag.
Stop ducking.
We work here.
We don't speak embarrassing.
This is embarrassing.
So I'm gonna be honest, I think.
Technically no, don't go through.
My God, You can't come with me to the ender.
No, I don't.
It's too dangerous.
We're not doing it.
I don't even know if it's possible for a dog to go today and there.
You know, I'm sure it is possible, but it's a bad idea.
Stop, Spend!
I know, I know you missed me, but I have to go to the end of my own.
So, technically, for me, the series is over.
It ended on Episode 30.
I want to keep it intact that way.
You know, in terms of storytelling or whatever.
Come back, please.
Basically what I mean by that it's just like thing is like there's a lot of stuff in the game.
I can do.
But I wasn't anyone.
It seemed like I was stalling defeat the under dragon when technically I could.
So I decided to just do It s so so basically to explain it.
The series is over, but the series continues.
It's like the over yea of anime at this point.
Okay, Just see, it is that way.
Do have a lot of stuff left that it's obviously very integral to the game, which is finding an end city, which is what we're gonna do now.
All right, gamers.
I know, I know.
I just got back.
I want to find an end city, which means we gotta go back.
But actually, before we go to the under, there's something I really, really want to try that I haven't done because we're probably gonna travel through the another a lot more now.
And I know the fastest way to travel to another Spend That changed my mind.
You can come with me.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Gamer's life.
Scott, come on.
Can I just I want eyes basically, but I don't know.
Can I mind this?
No, Winai doesn't need to be pure eyes.
What the Thank is on end.
My God, I accidentally threw the ender Pearl and I spawned a creep.
5% is chance to spawn physical and their poop.
All right.
I've been waiting to say this for a long time, didn't it, Bo?
That's right.
We're gonna head off me and my boy and find some ice just like old times.
Men just like go time.
Look at I get towers.
You know, honey, Moon is epic and all, but there's nothing like going on a trip with your Minecraft dog.
Now, where was the ice?
I forgot Nothing like witnessing a son Rass with your boy.
Goddamn, I miss Mike.
The thing is like, clearly at this point, it has peaked.
Summer's over the series.
Technically, it reached this conclusion.
But I just wanna have fun with it, so damn it, I'm gonna keep playing.
Why is there a chicken here?
Excuse me.
Which way to ice?
How did you get here?
No, you cannot get in the book.
Cursed water.
Explain your presence.
You are far away from home.
The ship sent you.
You know what?
There She What was his favorite color?
All of them What?
The sheep?
Uh huh.
We're under attack Fish.
Very well.
You could come with this.
I understand.
You're scared.
Oh, God, I'm scared too.
Let's go.
I just wanted ice.
That's all I wanted.
What is?
She must be angry.
You can't fit in the book.
It's not my fault.
I swear.
There was ice over here, right?
There's the mushroom bio.
You know, I said this before, and I'll say it again.
The Siri's ends when spending nights out, which is now bar every day's the blue as this your name?
Chicken, Sheep, sheep, Sheep.
That's a great name.
Oh, yeah, It's snowing now Pull the batter.
All right, Stay here.
Ship, Ship, ship.
That's a great name for a chicken.
I gotta see nothing like hanging out with your dog and your chicken Surmise Stop.
Okay, Okay.
Yeah, it works.
So this is what we need.
Just gonna keep farming this Sorry, environmentalist.
The real reason why the nice polls are melting.
Excuse me.
Oh, it's polar bear.
It's so cute.
Hello, Polar bag.
What's your problem, polar bear?
I'm innocent.
How many said bullet?
Oh, he thinks I'm attacking bedding.
Don't worry pour over, and I have no quarrel with you.
Look, I mind Oh, my spent protect make.
Can I put a leash on him?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Who's tough guy now, huh?
God damn.
Their sheep angry?
Get in the boat.
I think you're super fast.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Well, it's out of control, huh?
Bad chip.
Chip, Chip, Spend!
Look away!
Two seconds.
He disappeared.
She's gonna have a baby.
Okay, I guess you're coming with me to now.
New friend.
Where your mama go?
I'm your mama.
What do you mean?
What kind of question is that?
I'm your mama.
Oh, I know.
I can call him Pool on, which is, like friend and Swedish.
Oh, he's crying.
I'm not raising some coward, all right?
Stop crying.
It a Salman.
There you go.
Stop crying.
My mom lived me.
Did Bambi cry when his mom died?
Oh, God.
Can the boat get in the boats, man, Get in the boat.
This is a weird episode.
Uh, thank you.
Uh, I want to go with Sven.
Sven, You ready to ride um it's ridiculous.
Don't worry.
It 100% safety.
What do you crying?
A plan, huh?
Oh, boo hoo!
I like chicken has just decided to stay there.
It's like it's too cold.
I can't move.
Are you okay?
Are you all right?
Why Air you're not moving?
Stop crying.
Oh, my God.
What do you want here?
I gave you settlement.
You want gold?
I got gold.
Oh, my God!
So ungrateful.
My God.
Chuck, what's up?
You looking for your wife?
Uh, I haven't seen her.
Can't help you, buddy.
Apparently, there's Eagle losing my crack too.
That's another thing I haven't found yet.
That they grow them angry.
Yeah, I know.
It's cold, man.
How do you think my meatballs are doing?
You're lucky to still have yours.
By the way, What's with my attitude?
Just let go.
Ah, uh secu they really need to make dog swim faster.
My God, no spend Ridge withered Ship, ship, ship gold And the polar bear is gone too.
I guess you can come with me.
Okay, so I have the pack.
Guys, it's time to head back.
Gamer them.
He's fast for a polar bear over the Minecraft ocean.
Yeah, this is where we float.
Find the polar bear friend.
I said, bitch, get in the boat on its parent tried to kill me.
It was a lot of drama which he would some crying because now I am his mama.
Hey, look, both I must surely I'm gone here before.
What did I miss this?
Oh my God.
Suspicious to spend I found suspicious to.
Now, for those who don't know, suspicious do doesn't random thing.
And it's just like real life.
If you find a suspicious do always eat it.
Oh, anything suspicious looking food related.
Always eat it.
Here we go.
And I have night vision.
Look at that pretty epic suspicious stew.
Thank you.
And it's gone.
Ah, those five seconds was epic.
Yeah, we're gonna capture every animal in the game, but we're always gonna capture every an enemy in the game.
Someone proved on the subreddit that you can actually catch the ender dragon in a boat And I'm like, but they did it in the They didn't create a mood, though, but that means it's possible.
Where are we?
What is this?
Tea then and then did nothing like taking your polar bear for walk in the desert.
Only in Minecraft.
What is this?
Why is this here?
A Poland stunned by my name.
Polar bear more like Oh, God!
No, no, no.
Stop crying.
He's alive.
There it is.
There's our beacon of trust.
I don't understand why he's resisting.
I'm trying to save your life.
Stop persisting.
All right?
Since you're a polar bear, I guess you can live here.
Time to build out or ice.
So I think you place them like diagonally and the boat will work on it.
This is scary.
Like I should probably run this through a test.
No, that doesn't work.
Not have to be there.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
But if that's how it's gonna be, Yeah, that is That is how it works.
Okay, Maybe I could be able to safety underneath or something.
God, that's uncomfortable.
This is the worst idea ever.
I don't like bridges, and it has nothing to do with history.
I honestly don't see how anyone could like them.
How is that?
They're what?
Hey, you step stop.
Ah, all my stuff.
All right, Do this now.
Just gotta plays all the eyes, which feels sexy.
That feels pretty good.
I like this.
Not well.
I have a lot more ice, and I thought not.
We're gonna go so fast that Flash will have to change his name to.
Not so fast.
Now, I really don't have to keep going, but I'm going anyway.
I want to say how much speed we can build up.
Here we go.
You ready for the ultimate speed?
You think I was fast when I used a potion of speed where you ain't I I honestly don't know if this is ever gonna wait.
Oh, my God.
That was that.
Oh, God.
I feel dizzy down.
Nice pass.
I like that.
That's awesome.
Today we're actually exploring something very exciting, Which is an end city.
Their citizen in the end, Yes.
Uh, okay.
Here we go, gamers.
Oh, my God.
This is ridiculous.
You guys enjoying your time here?
You're free.
Oh, yeah, You can get.
I forgot.
Okay, We'll get the egg later, but as you gamers can see, there's something over here.
You thought the end was the end of Minecraft.
Well, known.
There's a way to go even further beyond.
Would you guys freak a creeper?
Here we go.
Oh, man.
So if you go through here and I think you have to throw an ender, Pearl actually get in.
Maybe there's a way to use a piston to push you down.
Yeah, none of that works.
Actually, I just had a gamer.
You ever had one of those Get the ender dragon egg so you can have your own ender.
Dragon, You gotta push it with a pistol and then put a torch underneath.
I think that was it.
I'm not entirely sure.
And I should probably double check.
It goes.
Gamers, Okay, It worked.
Dragon egg.
That's so cool.
I said that in the most un ironic way possible.
Dragon egg.
That's so cool.
But its epic It's out back.
All right, be quiet because my question was fairly simple.
Can you push your south down so you don't have to use an end of problem to go through the ender?
Dumb ideas come from dumb people, everyone never forgetting.
Uh, would I do that?
And then we put this here and then we can just walk through, right?
Hey, look at that.
I did science, I Dad Science.
What is this?
The hand?
It's like, uh, purple cactus.
Wow, I of course, know what this is Because I'm Minecraft veteran.
This is space through.
Can I eat it?
Whoa, it is teleported.
So that's how you do it, huh?
You've been snacking all along and you haven't been sharing.
So this is the bedrock.
And for those who you don't know, that's what happens when meeting with your mom meets.
Slight smash like on video and buy merch.
Big brain.
And we could do the same thing to go back.
Baby Remote getaway.
I should probably put a lever instead.
But you can't drink being bombed.
Beaming bone.
Okay, so excuse me, Have you seen your city where you come from?
We've gotta find, So let's just head in one direction.
There's end cities.
I know there is.
We just gotta find them.
I wish you could bring your a game here.
What if you could make Jorgen flying?
That would be epic like a Pegasus.
Listen, Microsoft, I'm giving you with these ideas for free you understand this?
So I think n c is actually quite rare.
You got to be careful in.
And because you fall down, you lose all your stuff which has never happened to me, of course, but Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Why not like this finger?
Very sweaty.
Don't release your shift key.
Whatever you do.
Oh, my God.
I just realized it makes perfect sense.
So the nether is Netherlands, right?
And the end is Swiss because there's cheese everywhere.
So what we're looking for is obviously an end city.
And in the end, city is where we'll find the alight from which makes it so you can fly in the game.
How cool is that?
I never used one before.
And I'm so excited.
When you come back to married life, what do you most excited about?
A light drop.
What is he saying?
I don't know.
He's speaking the language of God's.
A lighter.
Now Hello.
I don't like bridges.
I've said this before and I'll say it again.
I don't like bridges.
I don't like cheese that much either, To be honest.
So this is a double whammy.
I like it.
I like cheese melted.
Okay, Sorry.
It's like they they created that another right, which is awful.
And then they decided, Hey, let's make something worse.
In Chiefs, I assume in cities are his radars and other cities.
But you keep going in one direction.
You eventually find 10 that's another.
And portal And their men more like end.
They're mad.
I'm all right.
I wonder what happens if I feed a chorus fruit to bank.
Well, he teleport.
So this is basically another way back home If we get lost.
Yes, that a Finally I walk for days.
I reek of cheese, but I'm ready.
Is that a boat?
Why their boat?
Damn, that's huge, dude.
Oh, God.
I'm about to level up that I won't be level 69 anymore.
Ah, yeah, That is so cool.
Let me get a fritters that is sick.
Like, why is this creeper here?
And why does he look so sexy?
Hey, I don't like bridges.
Don't like them very much because crossing bridges is very tough.
Things can happen.
Things can happen.
Ah Oh, no.
Oh, God made a lot of six on bridges in the past.
So therefore, try to cross bridges very fast.
Oh, God.
I ran out, huh?
Nailed it.
Dumb ass cheese.
She's so dumb.
That's the dumbest.
Okay, here we go.
Yes, Those I wouldn't.
Meaning that.
It's conduits.
Stop Shield, huh?
Oh, yeah.
You the city at the end of the game?
Oh, my God.
It's a thing.
I'm flying.
Why am I flying?
Well, they're making me fart.
It all makes sense.
I kind of low key.
Don't wantto fly the Okay, fine.
Get some playing.
So these stop.
I think these air light sources and Rod Well, they're runs, all right.
I've seen what people use those for.
Gamers were in.
All right, listen, they teleported.
They are actually farting.
Oh, I got him.
Drop the shoulder show.
Actually, I'll accept your farts.
Shoot me.
Yes, yes, but I get it.
You made one big mistake.
You made one.
That's right.
Oh, I'm so close to not be Level 69.
That's so sad.
All right, we're gonna climb.
Going to top gamers more.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
That up.
Uh, thank you.
Oh, God.
Just stand of gaming.
Stand of gaming.
All right.
Enough and up and not stop here.
They're shooting each other.
I'm done.
Uh, no.
One inches.
Oh, uh, and their power?
Uh huh.
Uh, us.
I'm going in.
God, Yeah.
This is a lot more dangerous than I thought.
Are they Teleport the snakes.
So I think you can make something with a shelter shell.
I guess we'll have to do it later.
This is not stopped burning.
All right, let's see what Owen entered diamonds.
Efficiency for mending fortune.
That's awesome.
All right, I'll put that in there.
Convenient with the Dragon Inn.
That's also all right.
We go, gamers.
That's really good loot here.
Has anyone made the farting analogy joke yet?
Because that's hilarious.
Yeah, All right.
Curse of binding garb.
The other chest was so good that that's like the best test I've ever gone.
Yes, really?
With top.
Oh, God, we are.
Oh, God.
Put me down.
Put me down.
Okay, okay.
So this is one of many.
This is really cool.
How'd I get this pickaxe?
Fortune three, Mending efficiency four.
Is there a better pick axe efficiency.
Five against.
Who found another chest walk?
Hey, I'll take it.
Uh, then watch this shot.
Yeah, I understand how these people got along before I came.
Oh, shit.
Put me down.
Oh, God.
All right.
Oh, God.
That's my life.
Uh, Minecraft veteran.
Everyone shows how it's done.
No, that's what I thought you taught.
Hey, look a little brewing state.
Hey, instant health.
I'll take it.
There it is.
One more Peritus.
Nothing's gonna stop me from getting my pants.
Just kidding.
Unbreak in three.
Hey, I'll take it so to get these, you flip.
And there it is, Gamers.
We have the Electra.
The sky's the limit.
Gamers Sky Yes!
Ha ha!
Look at this door.
Look at this, dude.
I think not thought can I bring this home?
Oh, my God.
And now we go back home, baby.
Yeah, way have the ally it tra Whoa!
I'm so cool.
Can I wear the dragon?
Oh, my God.
Ah, don't worry.
It's just me.
Yes, All right, gamers.
Thanks for watching another episode of Minecraft.
Next episode We're gonna fly, baby, we're gonna make some shelter boxes and it's going to be happy.
Check out the merch.
We have 100 million club merch out now.
Limited time only.
How else we're gonna rep the channel?
Come on, check it out and see, guys.
Next time, it's good to be back.
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I Raid an END City in Minecraft (Epicly) - Part 31

22 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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