B1 Intermediate 20 Folder Collection
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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and we're off on a slippery shot headed into the duct tape.
Drawbridge down will test even the most skilled drivers.
But he handles these down.
Transition needs a way to make it look easy.
You need to get a little hung up covers into the 90 degree box turn Things get very gets up on the booth.
Oh, running on water.
Way down, little buddy.
Don't now, little buddy.
That was a hydroplane people, boy, It worked.
We try your truck next to my actual Yeah, I'm saying we take your real trip across the water.
No, no.
This'll high speed passed through this way.
Don't be.
I personally appreciate that this would be my body.
How's this for an idea on the car?
I don't know why I popped.
That Gonna blow another way.
Call this the up and down.
I'll jump it up.
Let's go.
Oh, baby, I did.
Here we go.
Jumping down way.
Yeah, Well, hello there.
Friends tracks his truck.
It's 600 horsepower and there's ramps involved.
A double booth triple booth.
I'm wondering what's going down.
Let's get better vision.
Pretty new car.
Dude, I bet that went right next to the go pro.
I thought you were gonna hit my tires.
I think is the most one day I've had a long time.
There's any kid's dream.
My dream, too.
I think we got our ranch.
We got our goal time for an MBA.
Three pointer.
Let's do it.
Draining from downtown Tony.
Put it up and put it.
It's good, Jim, and this is the high speed nutmeg.
Let's do it.
Ramp was about 125.
We realized the world record by 1 72 So he said, Move back 50 feet.
Joo's issue.
Boy team.
We're just hanging out on top of an 18 weeks getting jumping RC friends, Family loved one, Subscribers at home.
This is the world's longest RC car job.
Gentleman, are you?
I go, I'm not kidding you.
I think God blew a breath of air because they was flying so far.
Ladies and gentlemen, official measurement for the new World record 197.
I did not do a thing, guys.
I mean, I literally did nothing.
I'm so excited.
What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching to see all the great cars that were used in this video and more.
Make sure you had two tracks us dot com You want to check out our sweet new March line?
Snap back shirts, posters and more checked out right here, signing off for now.
Codes hit him with a pound core with God with the car.
Throw time is with an electric guitar solo way.
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RC Edition | Dude Perfect

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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