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handing me their mobile phone is just about the bravest thing a celebrity could do.
So why not play it with the bravest celebrity of them all?
Ladies and gentlemen, it's global survival.
Superstar background with your lovely wife.
Sha're Ladies and gentlemen, it Shara bears wine, Verity and Lily.
Great friends.
Great night.
Here in the house, Theo Way just wrapped up a season of running wild for National Geographic with some great guests this season.
You know, we got Channing Tatum and Cardella Vin, Captain Marvel, Brie Larson said, Fun people on who is the bravest lose, I think the girls, the girls are often so inspirational on brave.
Although I think the President Obama, when he turned up with the biggest show of force with his 100 secret Service assistant for those you don't know much about there.
I mean, you live on an island, you have your own islands, which is off the coast of Wales.
We did.
It's much less grand than it sounds, but it is a lump of rock off a beautiful bit of Welsh coastline on a great world community.
There in our family have grown up and love it, and we spent a good part of you because you let you work with the scouts and your will for this because young people today they're very much.
Well, I I have two young people.
They're called my Children.
My youngest is actually quite inspired by you.
He runs around an island trying to survive.
It's called Fortnight.
Theo Game just said Pause it is it comports.
I only know my child there with his head on a telecom pulled a little bit important Game Datacom.
Paul, Do you have to pours it?
Dinner's ready.
I can't pulls it, he said.
I'll have to kill myself, Darling, It's not that serious game of to kill myself in the game.
So this is what happened at my house.
Every dinner time I call up the stairs, Oscar kill yourself.
Thing doesn't go on in your house.
No computer were too busy setting traps.
Given example of what you did with the kids over the summer on the island, the older one would join me for a workout.
Maybe, and the more we swim a lot of weight, we must.
I think kids have great imaginations and all they want is for you to kind of go along with staff.
And you Don't you jump out of a lot of airplanes that you've been.
Well, our eldest was now 16.
So we do skydive a little bit together, But it's for me.
It is straight into dinner.
I mean, just straps are just for me.
It's a father to be here to teach your son to be in free, fall together and to do all of that stuff.
Dream come true, Charlotte.
Maybe a little less so.
But I bet it's gonna happen.
Now you're gonna have your mobile phone.
It sounds okay.
Here we go.
Fun is going in.
Okay, It's windy.
I think I plug this in here.
Ladies German.
It's bad grills, actual mobile.
Theo, is that you and Charlotte on your island?
That is.
Let's have a look at your photos.
Oh, this looks very fun.
Oh, look at you.
Please explain yourself.
Yeah, it's a home gym the homework out.
So you work out using your Children.
That's a track set day if you're not throwing him into bed.
Very good.
And this is a beautiful view.
Which is that?
Well, that's the outside loop.
You're welcome.
to come and visit any time.
Actually, serious.
We have a very, very nice indoor loo nowadays.
That was That was the 1st 1 we had.
Okay, so that was a good amount of privacy.
That new role is that you just run it off and weapons.
I mean, if his reign, you have an umbrella stuck in the gorse next to it and the prevailing winds, always from the southwest, whether see it quite what protected, and I can hold it over.
So sure this I'm so sorry.
The winds coming in at an angle and you'll be hovering over with an umbrella while sitting on the loo in this bush.
Okay, So Oh, what's this bear?
That's Jesse and me on a great buddy.
Paragliding together exactly as I'd expected.
Andi Oh, is This is when the wind was in the wrong direction, Theo, to complete disaster.
It's always this is always goes off a lot.
About 15 minutes will be sort of James.
I love it.
So if you Google be, I'm a comedian thing I really want you to enjoy tonight.
Don't worry about the text.
It's super fun.
I'm worried.
The text are going to said to all of bears.
Contacts is and remember don't feel so for Bear.
He has survived a hell of a lot worse.
The text is This follows.
Hi, it's bear I'm making.
You don't have to worry.
It's really nice to making a new show.
It's exciting, isn't it?
Where I parachute into friends, daunted and have to survive for a week?
Can I use yours?
Lovely big dolls.
Give your friends I'll be naked Now.
That's keeping with extreme survival.
You must start bet with nothing, So please remove anything.
Shop open brackets rake.
Sweetie, it's Have you got a hose or paddling pool to wash in?
Oh, just a birdbath.
Oh, my.
I could have picked pits.
You wouldn't say Pits and bits, would you?
Is it something you would say?
Yeah, that's a good birdbath.
My pits benefits to you.
I'll eat all your weeds.
Slash slugs.
It's a joke.
Provide free fertilizer.
Do you have friends with big gardens?
I dread to think this is it's going to everyone, but I need to know A s a p on How would you sign a text with the bear?
Emoji is that?
No, no.
A strong arming a thumbs up.
Oh, what do you think?
Strong arm comes up.
Shall I send that to all of Bear Grylls Text said.
Quite frankly, everybody you know has replied.
We'll start with Melanie, Right?
To use that great friend from University Day.
Melanie says Hi, bear.
Oh, goody.
The squirrels have been on the lookout for some nuts.
Felt Be delighted.
You can Oh, this is hilarious.
You can eat our neighbors.
We've never liked them.
Who's Audrey or another old friend?
Old friend.
We on the roses.
It keeps the deer from eating them.
Feel free to eat anything else you'll find.
But don't eat next door's pigs as they will never speak to me again.
Not a problem being naked as miles and I always do the gardening.
Make it on Sunday.
Sunday, take it.
Tries Mike Town.
Yeah, the guy who is one of my teachers.
When I was in school, he was a teacher.
Yeah, well, actually, I keep in touch with me.
He taught me and my great friends to climb when we were young and a great man lives in the Lake District legend.
Your life is just a story book.
Hi there.
That's brilliant.
Says yes, please.
Plenty of fruit, strawberries, currents, et cetera.
Plus snails and slugs to post pipe on hand.
New gazebo.
Please don't land on the new ground mounted stolen Pablo Theory on the wrestling lawn.
What's a wrestling lord was also he taught us martial arts as well.
Through Easter lot of wrestling, wrestling loathe Lorne form or wrestling.
This is a fun one.
Back cash.
The former Wimbledon champion.
Hi, mate.
My backyard is very small.
Probably not suitable for most of it is submit s so not sure if you could do but there.
But the hell Brooke Common is right across the road.
If the council don't mind that he's gone.
The neighbors have a better place.
But since we just moved in, I don't know them ever Practical could everybody so far is believing this Harrison Oh, who's Emma Harrison?
A great friend is a teacher.
Dear bear, you are more than welcome.
But only if you bring a naked Michael McIntyre with you.
Theo In Rio, they're handy boatman who actually is a boatman, which is the amazing thing.
He's one of the last boat career.
There's Sandy.
Boatman is called Mandy Booth.
A check to Mr Yourself.
Being adventurer will cash your checks.
So, Andi, who is a boatman and may or may not be called Andi.
Hi there, my gardeners of its more.
But my parents have a small holding 10 acre with a stream and woodland so you could hunt View Nigel on.
What's nice, eh?
Yes, definitely.
We've got a couple of goats in the garden at the moment, who particularly like sausages.
So I'd sleep face down, Just to be safe thing.
Sam Sykes.
Who's that great body of growing up with since I was a time, You know, lots of nice old friends.
He's just gone straight in with you.
Bet not seen you naked for 30 years.
Thank God, not from that angle.
From the naked hand stands at my stag.
It's still scarred pond.
Have a wash, and then fill your belly with the mushrooms and months on the Lord Great ending.
Sign the visitor's booth.
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Survival expert Bear Grylls' hilariously REVEALING Send To All! - Michael McIntyre's Big Show | BBC

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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