B1 Intermediate 14 Folder Collection
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Welcome back to Minecraft on steroids.
Jesus, I'm here with the full spin.
Not even a blink, huh?
All right, well Oh, there you are.
I'm sorry.
I'll come back for you one day, okay?
Don't look at me like that.
I'll come back one day.
Don't worry.
I'll save you.
It will be a god escape escape with Oh, God, I love that.
All right, so welcome back to my craft on steroids.
Everyone, This is awesome.
This is right Night.
Excuse me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
What the hell is wrong with them?
Are you gonna attack me or not?
I just want my stuff.
Oh, God.
Ah, Stop.
Oh, yeah.
This is how we do it in Sweden.
Way fight people from a distance.
And where we save it takes a lot of bravery.
It takes a lot of courage, but most of all, it takes a lot of meatballs done.
That was epic.
Yes, yes.
Ah, easy.
Scam is easy.
People complain.
This game is our Can you believe it?
I can't.
I swear.
I had a sword emeritus.
There you are.
Now let's uh Oh, God.
Oh, Well, she believes smooth over.
He says, I've been digging straight down.
I don't even give up.
Hey, we go Iran.
Are you kidding me?
A camp?
How do I get that level?
For what earliest flint pickaxe.
Is that a Fline pick?
X Lovely Sounds coming from down over under.
Oh, no, no, no.
This'll is bad.
I didn't think it would.
Okay, close my eggs.
Maybe he doesn't see me.
I swore Ah, leave me alone.
Believes Oh, Uh huh.
I was genuinely terrifying.
So far.
Zero deaf gamers so far.
We're good.
That was a close call.
Not gonna lie, though.
I was just chilling.
I was just vibing.
And then big giant demon darkness engaged in me.
It's gold we need.
What is this?
Yeah, we have the meat from them.
We need Flint.
That's lava.
All right, I don't There's Flint, but the demon is right there.
All right?
I have wolf maybe cover up.
Yeah, but he can't come through now.
Ha ha!
All right.
Should not press my luck.
Flynn Chardin!
First try, baby.
Damn it!
I realized we need Thio.
I need to get some sticks.
Hey, Hey!
Get aboard!
I got him!
I got him!
I got him again.
Oh, God!
Focus, Focus!
Use your sweetest strength.
Am I even damaging him?
I don't think I am.
I'm just too scared.
I did it.
I defeat the demon!
Oh, oh, oh, My heart is pounding like a bing bung and end their post Now who?
Let's get our friend.
Clint, This main thing.
Hey, fakes full spent.
You'll never believe what I got.
He better still be there.
Both spent.
Don't jump.
Don't jump.
Don't jump.
Oh, thank God.
One day I'll make you mind false man.
Stay there.
Okay, so I just need to grab some six from the trees, because this is apparently how you do it in this game mode, grabbing sticks from tree branches.
I know.
Makes makes no sense.
All right, We got a couple.
What in the God's Earth is that?
Is that a monkey off bra?
That's a frickin epic monkey.
Dude, I'm not gonna go near.
Hey, bones contain.
I contain bone.
No way.
Oh, what am I doing?
I need to the bones.
Your stinky, your stinky brain.
Oh, God.
Ah, I'm sorry.
So many.
Damn, I'm done right.
Can I taste the moon?
The moon cake.
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.
It makes him.
Doesn't hear me, though.
All right, gamers, let's make a pick.
How do you do it?
Flinch off four Flint charts.
That is not super Cabra.
I don't frequent super cameras.
Oh, no, It's a frickin super camera.
I'm prepared to take this to the battle of the end of the world's in another life, though in another life, though, God, everything sucks.
Yes, I think dumb body once told me.
Your stump.
They look lovely.
Let me slur.
Don't attack me!
Evil dragon Just having a Slurpee.
I started This whole model feels like a Minecraft fever dream.
I'm not sure I like it, and I but I made a promise to send.
I will tame him.
Just need link.
There it is.
I've got it with some bell.
All right, let's toss this.
And now, gamers, we can finally make a flint pickaxe.
Yes, it's mining time, gamers.
What does that mean?
44 white can make numb checks.
Oh, I could make nunchucks right now.
Priorities I got him.
Stone nunchucks.
Oh, so do I level up the pick axes?
Is that what happens?
Okay, I think I got it.
So you can level up your skills.
There's farming, so I need more in mining.
Then I can smash obsidian.
Oh, God.
I don't even want to know what the nether is like.
So how do I love?
Look, I'm doing it.
And my six Let's try it.
Yes, and I don't even have to use a crappy one there.
It iss Whoa!
Yes, after all.
Yeah, Cool.
That's so cool.
It's like an RPG.
Now you can level up and stuff.
I love leveling up stuff.
It makes me feel less worthless as a human being in real life when my fake online character is better.
At least I can improve that myself.
I don't like improving myself.
I think I'll stick to my fictional video game character.
That will be fun for maybe sorry, gamers.
Was that too real for you?
I used to be so addicted to World of Warcraft.
I mean, everyone waas game was drugs, but it comes to time and everyone's life gamers, where you gotta realize am I having fun or images?
Wasting time for me was what I had.
Max at my water work of characters like you could literally not improve anything of it.
And at the best ring, it had the best drink.
It had the best everything.
And I have just, like, perfected it.
And I would spend time like maximizing my skill set.
And what the hell is this?
Ah, me to level up something else.
This is the level up magic.
Maybe I'll take some magic.
Can I do it now?
Wear magic.
Magic Magic S O s.
So I started making a new character.
And then, like, after a couple levels, I'm like, What am I doing?
I don't I think I need Thio this sad.
All right.
Come on.
I don't know what's gonna happen.
I broke it.
Damn it.
Maybe I should have used my num chucks.
Real life craft veterans was cringing that whole time that I just mind diamonds with a stone pickaxe that I actually just do that.
I don't care.
Yes, feels Goodman, Can we actually make some proper armor now, please?
I'm tired of your being useless.
I don't have the required level defense.
Uh, man, can I at least make an iron pickaxe?
No, I need mining.
In the world?
Grappling hook?
No way.
That's so cool.
I can't win.
What in the world just happened, huh?
It's a tree.
It's a train is coming to kill me.
Big on tree.
I can't use it.
Some checks.
I can't use the nunchucks.
Okay, Stone.
Yeah, Yeah.
Suck it.
Suck it, Bush!
Yeah, Suck it.
Second league.
Yeah, You stink.
I'm gonna burn you and then eat, you beacon.
That's what you do.
This is why we shouldn't save the environment.
I'm just kidding, all right?
I'm just saying the environment can be dangerous.
Think about it.
Oh, God.
I gotta slow.
Why do I not get hungry anymore?
So strange.
Okay, I need to I forgot what I was doing.
Requires attack 69 for 20.
I see.
Of course.
Maybe we should just go out and kill stuff.
If I eat the raw chupacabra hallucinate.
There's drugs in Minecraft.
All right, let's go.
Oh, no.
I take it back.
I don't wanna explore.
Yeah, we just need thio.
Keep leveling up.
Oh, my God.
What is that?
Look, I have a skeleton head.
What happens if I place it?
Oh, no.
This is not gonna be good.
Why am I doing anything?
I that's a C.
No, I did not think Loki Connick, you Maybe I need to place some rounds.
Like like here.
That looks awesome.
Okay, there's a tower over there we can explore.
That is so freaky.
Whoa, whoa.
They actually climbed the walls.
That such Ricky, Let me just get rid of these.
Oh, God.
Rare Spider way were all fine a second ago.
And then now this happened.
Look at him.
Rare cave.
Spider of crispiness.
What's in the chest?
So, Loki, what's in the chest?
So quickly?
Ah, it's got one shot at Duke.
That was definitely worth it.
This is like when you started up playing Minecraft all over again because you don't know what's rare.
A light joust.
Wow, that's so epic.
War is this.
Oh, spooking.
Uh, Dr, it's a trap.
Oh, you tried to trick the trickster.
I don't way need to kill a bone, man.
That's all we gotta do at this point.
And send is gonna look so epic.
All right, let's find a phone, man.
What if I can't kill them?
I think I'm damaging it.
And revenge.
You can head shots.
I've gained knowledge about them by killing them back.
All right, It's dark.
I want to go home.
All right.
Can I love a lot?
Uh, what should I live alone?
Agility, maybe.
Oh, frickin tumble Read.
Scared me.
God damn tumbleweed.
There's one.
There's a skeleton.
Uh, yeah.
Took everything from May.
Jesus, What happened?
I want you to frickin Ah, Jesus Lord!
Oh, my God.
And they really just had to sleep.
Oh, my God!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
I'm done.
I'm done.
I'm done.
I'm done.
They don't do any damage, and then they do all the damage.
Explain that, Scientists.
All right, let's get enough.
That's good enough for me.
I lost the bones.
I need spend.
And I need the wolf armor as well.
Oh, my!
I hate clinks.
I broke my mouse again.
Swedish engineering always works.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
Walk away.
Walk away.
No, no!
Maybe I can learn him away!
Come here, Klink!
A clink!
It's staying!
Come here!
Ee dum!
What are you even throwing?
What is it?
Why does he give me a fag?
A clink clink made Miss me.
Stop giving me fag yet.
All right?
Thanks for nothing.
Delphine, look there!
Figure is attacking everyone.
Yes, levels.
All right.
Do I have the wool farmer?
No, I lost it.
I lost it in the great f A g a war, my man.
You want a bone?
He loves me.
I'm dying of hypothermia because you warned my heart, little one.
I'll be right back.
It's a little hot in here.
Oh, yeah?
I can use my bow and arrow now.
Maybe we can do that to love a look.
Hey, look is a ***.
Why did I die, Sarah?
That run.
All right, gamers, Let's do it.
All right.
How much XB does a *** Dragon Bones Sword.
That's so cool.
How old birth Iran.
We should make that pole and rule.
Oh, my Lord, I'm so sorry.
Is that a mother flipping Byman?
But what?
All right.
Let's kill some joust!
Damn, the arrow is amazing.
Okay, all right.
Now we can level up our attack, and then by the end of the day, we'll have a mother flipping Iran.
Oh, God, That's damn one shot Kill, baby.
What is this?
Well, the blood moon rising.
Oh, God, it's sand worms!
Death worm!
Why is it called that?
Because it's dead.
Oh, God!
Oh, G cess.
Say thanks.
Say thens don't want you do this every day before I go to sleep.
It's normal.
Save then.
Okay, go.
It's just blood Moon.
It happens.
But what in the world was that?
I just got doing it on.
I just got mother Living.
Do it on.
Can I kill these Giant or why?
But he's gonna drop a lot of X B.
He's gonna die in front of his wife.
Given that XB And now I'll freak his life.
That's one dice.
Oh, hey, Drop a banana.
Looks like I'm I don't know what the vegetable is called, but it whatever finally dropped any x b Whoa!
Oh, God!
Oh, no!
Oh, oh!
Oh, God.
That's a lot of damage.
I'm glowing.
I'm late.
Thoroughly glowing.
Bye bye.
Uh huh.
Uh, okay.
Can I stay in here?
I'm scared.
Whom Ending?
I mean, it can't be that bad.
This is the same story.
Oh, yeah.
Maybe we can kill the giant skeleton wizard thing from very afar.
Wait, Can I not shoot him with arrows?
I can What?
That's so cool.
Hey, look, it's your mummy.
Hey, don't, Dodge.
Uh, how many times have I died so far in this play through zero?
Thanks for asking.
It's like when I don't want to die, I get a frickin tiger dragon in my face.
But now I'm actually looking for enemies.
I keep getting hyper thermal.
It's not anything.
Oh, cool.
We did it without everything.
Yes, through this, I'm making a frickin halibut.
Oh, no way!
Attacked the guard.
Go, man!
You'll never get me here.
Goddamn trees!
Oh, my God.
Is that all I needed?
We made a pole.
Now we make a helberg.
Yes, bad ass, too.
Now, Mia, Sven!
Men were going to get the flipping out of here.
Come on, follow me.
I got a frickin helper.
That's so cool.
I'm done.
I'm done relieving.
We gotta find a new home where we don't always have to worry about overheating.
We found the source of the bath water.
What is that I spent?
Follow my lead.
Damn it, then.
God, I forgot.
How slowly is that swimming hope.
Come on, man, You have legs.
You can swim up.
It's like an ass stick temple.
Don't drink the water spin.
It's the most poisonous source of old time.
You'll get herpes instantly.
Trust me, you don't want gamer girl.
Not epic.
And Shankman Table.
Who lives here?
I think this is the witch is very confused.
I really need to drink.
And I Oh, God, my forefather warned me not to drink.
Think the bath water.
But I have no choice.
Too thirsty.
Let's explore the temple.
You never know what you're gonna get, but I know I'm strong enough to defend Messa.
Well, I need one block.
2nd 2nd is that the n trends are It's Dan Trance.
Careful, son.
This is extremely dangerous.
Well, what on God's earth?
It's this.
That was a waste of time All right.
What's this one?
Never mind.
Oh, God.
What's attacking me?
It's attacking me.
Ah, Bye, Ben.
Why did I spawn here?
Your bed was obstructed.
Oh, my God.
He has to toot spent.
I don't know about this.
He's got the tube.
Oh, yeah.
Get astute!
Get it!
Get it!
Get it!
Didn't drop it, Dammit!
I wanted this Toot.
Who are you looking at?
Who are you?
I hate you.
All right.
Well, this is not too bad of a house.
We can stay here, son.
All right, Come at me.
Oh, that's what I thought.
Go away.
Come at me, then.
Come on, Eat your own poop.
Oh, my God!
Puffer fish.
If it didn't look, Darby enough before.
Hey, the Golden Girls!
Sorry, faggy.
Sorry, Rainforest.
Sorry that you suck so much.
Yeah, look at that.
It's a pig.
Three going down.
Well, okay.
This is good.
This is our home.
Let's just take out all these stupid treats.
What just happened?
Oh, no.
I'm gonna die.
All right.
At least I spot in the house.
Damn this thing.
Yeah, on the Alfa.
Yeah, I'll kill a baby.
Dumb babies.
Oh, God.
Uh uh.
Am I playing Minecraft third?
Not the water.
Oh, yeah.
That's what I'm talking about.
Apparently my camera froze that say, amending that.
Betty, you're there.
Hope you guys enjoyed smash like Checkup.
See you next time.
What, you haven't tried to person related citizen after 50 million Astros.
My, I can't do it.
Oh, my down.
Just now it's still relevant.
Just download it.
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Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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