B1 Intermediate 12 Folder Collection
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devil fun.
You haven't played peut pies pixel ing It's out.
It's finally out.
I'm so excited!
Obviously, I'm gonna be buying.
Obviously I love this game.
It's so fun.
Alright, ppd.
Paice Tuber Simulator It's been really our minds have been working on this game for a long time.
We wanted to make a game that was more competitive.
This time we haven't launched ranking yet.
It's coming very soon.
I will do a couple ranked matches later, but basically the gist of the game is turned based.
Real time strategy.
Olive Pokemon beauty pie.
It's really weird, but it's super fun and it really works.
And I think what I really like about it is that you can play it single player and multiplayer.
Whatever way you like to play, I'll do an easier level just to demonstrate.
Okay, let's do a map.
I'm older.
We need a seen fit for my bro.
Awesome idea.
The best there is a building, anything, E.
It's so how are you hipster?
Me the greatest game of all time.
This story is really funny and really cute.
And obviously this is a very old school, Petey, Pirate friends is but It's very wholesome.
I really like it.
So I deploy my picks.
I have Edgar, who does a lot of range damage.
I am.
I I was just good for feeling.
Uh, when the orange bar fills up, they're ready to attack.
And when the yellow dots are ready, that means the special attack which charges up you can obviously change in and switch positions show you that in a second wedding.
I tend to just focus on trying to get down.
One one might have to take more damaged.
I've switched her in the middle, do some tanking as well that Farrell is gonna die soon.
But I also really want the other one to die.
So I'll do my special attack.
It does that one run of the speaking way too much.
You haven't played this game before?
More, more generically, uh, old animations are hand drawn, which I think is so cool.
I think that's a really, really cool thing that I'm really proud of.
You so pretty.
This game this'll bro town, which is the first area, is literally just scratching the surface of the game.
There's so many more pretty and cool pics slings and areas and things in general that are just, I don't know.
It's just so impressive to have a mobile game that actually just took a lot lot ofwork.
T Get this.
Hey, my special attack.
Sarah, that's that's what I like to see you.
You level up your pick slings.
You could find food and feed them to level them up.
And if you find more of extra, you can levels a month.
You'll find your favorite ones and then you'll keep levelling those up.
So here are my picks things right now this is my rooster.
There's different types.
My heels randomly, dusky hued, heavy attack and so good.
They're so cute basically, is random which pick ceilings you will get.
I'll open some now just for the sake of it.
Hey, I got burned.
Elder got birds and Edgar.
Okay, I got some bucks.
This is the first time I spent anything in the game.
You really don't have to.
It's just to show off more stuff.
I stayed up all night yesterday to play.
I've lived it a legit addicted to my own game.
Okay, I know I'm just talking too much.
All right.
Let's open that chest.
See what?
All right.
A foods.
God, I think that means I can level up utes now because I have many of him.
That's right.
Rank up.
What is that?
We got a rare nice Hey, we're Shannon.
Eyes cool.
I never used these.
God damn, I knowwho I'm replacing, huh?
Sorry, you're sexy.
But Shannon is better.
Yeah, this is broton.
It'll go all the way to 75 then there will be more and more and more.
We have a ton of stuff planned, and yeah, the point is to collect them all.
This is obviously let's to find out.
And that's Marzia.
Those are all the ones you can get in bro Town on.
Then there's, uh, flow topia.
There's many different ones that's gonna come up if you get stuck in the game.
A really great way.
And really, the point of the game is to play ranks.
I played a couple before and I won.
Let's see if I can do that again.
It will be embarrassing by sucking little game, All right.
Playing against Mick que que ele make you Carol, you're about to get schooled against the p man.
Imagine playing against period pi and not even knowing about it.
Go, Shannon.
All right, He's Eagle is about.
He's got sponsoring ago.
Say it's probably pretty good.
Level 40 to sponsor Eagle.
How am I gonna beat that?
Oh, you play dirty.
Okay, That's a lot of damage nights.
I feel like I should just try and prevent sponsor ego from attacking.
Honestly, he's the one that's gonna be a lot of damage.
Okay, so I'm gonna stun sponsor Eagle.
It's gonna be my strategy.
Wait for him to attack.
Nice thes.
Oh, he's not this.
Well, cheeky.
It's possible he didn't attack that way.
Prevented a lot of damage.
Oh, you're making moves, huh?
You're making moves?
So do I.
I make moves, too.
I moved things.
Sponsor Eagle, son.
His stuff is a lot higher level than me.
This is not fair.
Let's move him before the attack.
Oh, I need sponsor able to die.
I forgot to move.
Damn it.
All right, do another Stunning.
Oh, that's a lot of damage.
That's a lot of damage, but can we finish him?
That's fine.
If you want to do that move.
I don't mind This is Barry.
Even I think he's done more damage than I have.
Yes, that was awesome.
Okay, there's hope.
Oh, God.
Now it's double damage thing.
This could end anyway.
I don't know.
Oh, hey, Scot Shields.
I need to What do I do?
What do I do?
What I do?
I'm freaking out.
Oh, my God!
That damage!
I'm nervous.
That's a big thing is so close.
Come on, guys, get shields!
Oh, that's bad.
Stupid shields.
Yeah, but I got this.
Doesn't do nearly No.
Come on, Come on, Come on.
This is some intense.
Yes, my ass alive!
Come on, Double damage.
Triple divers gonna start soon.
Yes, yes!
You're going down.
Embarrass ae, take your higher levels.
Get out of here.
My game, My game.
Very nice.
That was legit Side.
It's like it was a game is obviously but this is what we wanted.
Like competitive game play.
I think that's super phone on mobile games because it's casual.
It's live.
But it's still like intense, which I really, really like.
I think they nailed it every time me and our minds play against each other was so fun.
Hopefully soon we'll be able to You can battle against your friends and stuff like that.
But yeah, I'm just super proud of out of mines for making such a cool game.
Uh, old, the feedback that I've seen, it's been really, really positive.
It seemed like you guys really like the game as well, which makes me really got.
Obviously, the game is freeze obviously comes with packs and stuff like that.
So whatever your opinion is on that I don't know.
But I'm glad we're able to have it free.
I think it's school.
Considering how much we spent Mike in this, I think it's pretty fair.
Um, right.
It's so funny watching Mars, his reaction to the game and all the creatures.
And yes, we did releases game at the same data.
Come on.
Because you know what?
We were confident that this was gonna be the greatest game of all time.
That's how we knew.
Hey, kids, You want to not pay for Bo?
Come on, this game it's free.
It's out.
It creates.
Damn, That's a lot of damage.
All right.
Sweet Shannon.
Shannon, you needed Thank you.
Parodies whom?
It up.
Ah, Shannon, You suck So if any character dies, you don't get zero deaths.
Which is you obviously want three stars on everyone's.
I already messed up, but it's still worth continuing to get the ex beyond the point.
I always finish up anyway.
God, you're damaged.
You call that damage?
I think we notice this while while they told me at least when testing is that if you're good at the game, if you are actually good at it, you should be able to win every time.
No, I'm not good against other people.
I mean on the same sort of rooster.
And there you have it.
Double damage.
Perfect time.
Very nice.
I don't want very nice.
I want zero Debs.
You can have Rainbow naming Minecraft.
Oh, nice Christ is a great way to level up yourself as well.
Do quests forgot we had that.
You can boost if you want.
If you feel like it, Shannon, it's gonna destroy.
She'll have a lot myself.
Well, it's such a weird thing to say.
Do I need to grow out my beard now to play this game properly?
I feel like Why is no one talking to my guild?
Everyone was talking before.
I was so cute working.
Get Jennifer.
I didn't realise.
Nice, good old Jenny's money.
You only have two rare Sze.
Uh, that makes sense.
So you can just get all the overpower ones.
Let's do one more way.
Go seven.
Hey, I guess I go first.
All right.
What was that?
Damage eyes is actually closed.
Oh, my God.
Am I doing it?
To more.
Oh, come on.
Come on, Jennifer.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
More damage.
Jennifer, your babe Triple that I way e trash talk.
Okay with that?
Oh, yes.
Level a ticket.
Oh, medium chest.
Good into that chair's opened that chair's way.
Best game of all time.
We're almost there.
Come on.
A guy now It's not the time to eat random trying.
Just wait until you see what else we haven't started.
So he gets a delayed.
This got Jennifer versus Jennifer.
Primers is getting away.
I love that.
A tiger which Peter Pie is the strongest.
Fine, That damage.
So hi.
Switch these.
Come on.
Come on.
Dang it way.
Missed the Quran on.
We throw it back.
That's right?
Jennifer, my babe.
I love her so much.
She's so beautiful in this game with you.
Some nice side.
My God, the mechanics are simple, but it's still so competitive with keeping track on your bars.
Keeping track our enemies bar, trying to take them out, trying to understand what they're doing.
I think it's gate.
All right, Jennifer, you tanked enough.
Come on.
That's it.
Look at that.
Wait has more pies.
That's illegal much.
This siren, our beauty.
I can't believe how lucky I was that last game.
Nice Three stars, baby.
Zero, Dad.
Thank you.
I'm so glad to finally be able to play the game because I've been playing it.
But every time they update them to a new version, it always resets the game for me.
I think that's good for now.
Obviously, you guys have fun with it.
Download it.
It's out on Android and IOS.
Check it out.
Thanks for watching.
Bye bye.
We're all excited about the new game that's coming out, and I can't wait to play it.
It starts with the letter P.
Can you guess what it is here?
The pi pick selling off course.
What, you thought it was hokum on dumb ass, you stinky brainer.
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I DESTROY people at MY OWN Game

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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