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pretty sure I have the worst common section of all time.
It's not like all there so toxic.
Oh, they're so hateful.
Oh, they're so mean.
No, they're just terrible is basically people trying to get a voted by making the same comment as everyone else.
The game is blocked in your country.
Me side noises me side noises me sad noises me sad noises me inside noises me sad noises Stop slip that sweet that made it at that time to review Louay, Leave your injuries in the crow's way.
Let's see What if it means you guys have posted this week the redesign.
Sonic looks so much better.
I'm the one person that is going to be very happy.
Everyone say thank you to the nice artist that listen to criticism and fix summer steaks.
I still can't believe you all cyber pulled in an entire studio, you know.
Now I'm kind of like I wish it and change it.
Imagine all the epic means.
Imagine the whole this still images we could have gotten.
It would have been awesome.
Felix down voting.
My mean with over 60 I'll do whatever it takes.
I don't care just get out of an abusive marriage and had to go through two surgeries.
Thank you for giving me a reason to smile in these hard times.
All that's nice.
Are you trying to Fandor, snap me?
What's happening here?
What are you doing?
Don't do that.
Don't that is that I'm glad me, obviously making fart noises is Jerry.
You uh Here's one for you, bro.
Moving on your super hits 100 K subscribers, honey, Skill share nor VPN on that was to introduce ourself.
Hey, Skill share.
What are you doing?
Where's my sponsor?
Come on, come on, Skin emojis bad.
Will you press the button?
You make $1 million per month.
But you can't use Emojis ever again.
I need to make another one of these because I have the best morals of all time.
And it's so painfully obvious.
You guys are a bunch of fools.
It's your opportunity, Felix Terrariums getting its final update after eight years of success.
You know, I've been getting a lot of comments to play Terada.
Maybe I will, because that my crowd episodes it's becoming very ungrateful.
Okay, I spent so much time and I run it says, God, nobody's waiting to host me movie.
Okay, cool.
So no one epic team behind the viral.
Okay, Boomer merch rejects 1.7 million offer by replying.
Okay, Boomer, that is the cringes thing I have ever heard.
Is that the person?
What is this team behind a viral merge?
So you put okay, Boomer as a text viral march, everyone.
I never heard of it, but viral merch, Cool ethic cranes.
That's a boomer from from Zoomer.
I'll cringe in that.
Oh, God.
I need to personally stop him.
How many's that?
That's more than I have.
Oh, God, stop it.
Imagine being this freaky shitty.
I've seen this dog thrilled to see owners that shelter, but they're there to adopt different duck fans.
Critique Sonics design.
That's good.
Good mean, Well done.
Well done, Jake.
Paul Christ.
Backstage after Logan Opelousas to chaos.
I I know it's okay if I upload a micro video and the Boo Hoo award goes to Jake Ball, everybody, I'm so confused.
Was Justin Bieber action at the fight?
I thought it was like a look at like that was actually just I'm so confused.
I guess I forget He's like a kid.
He probably watches you to Justin Bieber, part of Low gang Epic.
All hail Lord Zoinks.
Scoob can't wait to see their origin story behind Shaggy's power.
Oh, I get it.
That's funny.
A friend pointed out to me that Scooby Doo clearly are a bunch of stoners.
They always stay back when everyone else goes to find the whatever they have to find in the creepy area and they get the munchies.
And that's when they go in the house.
My brain just like exploded when I found that out.
Paramount fixes Sonic Caskey.
Anna Reeves.
Olive Read it.
I think we're gonna be French special friends.
What about me, huh?
Where's my movie part, huh?
I connect, plus me being sad.
I got a whole wide range of emotions.
Six scuba divers to remove removed, I think is what you're trying to type your dumb ass or your writer.
You can't get the title right?
4000 kilo plastic from sea in Andhra Pradesh.
That's awesome.
Good job.
You could also use that water gun name against the sun to that, but it's still a good effort.
Okay, Shadow through my boy Steve who stood in front of a green screen for years, running in place and talking to invisible objects and animals So kids like me could have entertaining educational television.
I didn't wash is what is this?
Get this away from me.
God damn it!
Food starters 30.
Also pure.
It's like people legit word about my eyesight.
Who is gonna go flowed?
I've always had bad visit there.
Three designs.
Sonic, Chiana Reeves in sponge.
Chiana Reese is in the SpongeBob Bombay.
That's awesome.
I will watch SpongeBob movie now.
First guy that paid 3 99 for a chair must have been like, I guess.
All right, You know I'm not gonna fight this anymore.
This mean gets a pass.
All right, you get to pack.
There's a full scale Peter Pie figurine.
Render that it's sick.
I love the jacket.
That's so cool.
That insane!
Well done.
I love that.
You can also buy this figuring with detachable headphones.
Like description.
I think is the last chance to order.
This mean?
I think I forgot something.
Me If you forgot that it wasn't important.
This mean?
Yeah, you're right.
Oh, God.
What was it?
What What's it?
What if we kissed at the Pitti heist?
Get may good May when you see a funny mim and notice that it has 68 up close.
This is me after No November.
Am I right?
Chiana Reeves in the SpongeBob movie Sonic Having a redesign Scooby Doo Reference E I Oh, yeah, they reference I ke a after all, how dare they, by the way, have their they steal my culture like that?
We don't have any culture in Sweden except I Kia and Meatballs.
And if anyone touches those, I can't believe Target already has created his decorations.
And I'm so glad that this mean got so popular when my photo shop mean it's coming up in a net another.
So I didn't get any traction.
It's a future mean You will understand later.
Oh, my God, Nate Terex Taggart.
Insanely good artist.
It's always so sweet to see what they come up with.
Go adorable Swedish weapon.
Be like rubber band man again.
What bank?
I want it all the effort to reload that thing.
My God, Logan Paul!
After sneezing three times, half my respiratory organs were destroyed.
Heads me losing the fight?
Or was it because I lost two points?
I can't remember.
There was many reasons where Get that thing out of my face.
Petey Pie.
George's bizarre adventure.
Jump jump, Ted.
Uh, what girls Watching YouTube.
Simple glam makeup tutorial.
But boys watch on YouTube.
Cheon The Reeves versus Werder The End Word.
My God, can you imagine if they all said it?
The amount of destruction power in such a small entity?
At least at least you can respect that.
All right, Whatever you think about it, at least respect the power, the power that comes with it.
Just like Woody in toy, sir, is said with great power.
Great sources of response.
I think not.
I'll stop wearing the glasses.
I don't care.
They put Chiana Reeves and SpongeBob movie kids calling him John Wick from Fortnight.
Oh, my God, it's John Wick from Fortnight.
I can't believe they put John Wick in fortnight, though, like it's such a violent filth.
It's like they put John Wick in and sponsored by like it doesn't I don't think it works like that, but Hey, dog.
Oh, yes.
I'm in Felix video and You're mean.
Got uploaded A new frame too.
Me rotates my phone by one degree.
My phone.
Oh, that took me a while.
Oh my God, That's a skin!
Oh, God!
There's Maur busy photoshopping them.
That's illegal.
You can't photoshopped them.
It's not my garbage, but it is my planning.
Oh, yeah, There's like this Instagram hashtag I don't know what it's called.
It's like hashtag trash clean up or something where you posed before and after what you clean that.
But unless you're planning to eat that garbage, I mean, you're not really I'm just kidding.
All right, That's great.
That's a good That's good movement.
Everyone should do something.
He just sat there while someone was cleaning the beach.
Original content idea.
Okay, great feelings back in Canada to challenge themselves to post five names anonymously in the sub reddit and the one with the most up boat, Vince.
Okay, I like that.
That's a good idea.
That's a good idea.
I might try that or may not.
I only posted if I went speech.
Pathologists, teachers, their dog to use sound board.
And now it communicates in sentences where are my testicles.
That's That's a good episode where all the recon Morty episodes is so good I don't care if it became cringe.
It's still a good show.
It's the legless, pretty pie joke.
Still a thing.
I finally made it.
I guide our tester treasure.
I cannot percent uh, there's been so much time on that video and it did so.
The guy from the meth problem isn't really he can't hurt you.
The guy from math problem.
Oh, God.
Where does he get them from?
Does he live in the factory or something?
Everyone is talking about how sonic epically redesigned, but these are unforgettable.
I really hope they make, uh, in the movie like an end credits scene or something.
You know, Marsh to these legends.
You know, son, what are you watching, son?
A man who raped my name by calling my people Biggers.
Mom, why is he talking about their baby?
You wouldn't get it.
Don't even ask Mom.
Corange people large.
By the way, people large Felix nightmares be like Jesus.
Oh, God!
What would you do that?
I told my teenage needs to get me a newspaper.
She laughed at me and said, Oh, Uncle, you're so old.
Just use my phone.
So I slammed her foot against the world to kill a spider boomer Uh uh Challenging petey pie to a boxing fight that you did it, huh?
Hey, won't feed you because he reached back Lamb.
And that's true.
I do.
I'll still beat them up, though.
This comet is completely irrelevant.
Netflix and chill Hula and woo hoo!
Watch Mickey and break.
Okay, Okay.
All right.
Side effects include that nausea, heartburn, skin irritation.
People in the commercial.
Oh, my God!
This is the best brother ever.
It's always weird.
I don't think it's were allowed.
Thio market Those kind of medicine ads in UK So whenever we goto American, you watch TV.
How many there are?
It's crazy.
Oh, my God!
I feel so good And three g fool, It's so good.
I my heart explode And their code Pete by.
By the way, if you don't enter the computer pie, I don't get paid as much.
Okay, just end through the coat.
Oh, my God!
There it is again.
Up boat.
That is brilliant.
Well played.
What a great maid!
That's so clever.
because that's what here is.
Do me.
So I used ready for the first time in an upcoming video, and I never understood like how nice it is to get up votes.
Now I get it like I get it.
I get your Normie struggle.
You know, you're trying to get up boat since that.
And like, why are people down voting my stuff too, Like that's just mean.
Why would you do they?
I can see, like, down votes on my stuff.
I don't like it Stopped downloading me.
I worked at McDonald's for two and 1/2 years, and I put 11 nuggets in almost every 10 piece of May.
Careful, he's a hero.
Cody Bondarchuk.
If I got 11 Nuggets, I know it's something would be wrong with it.
This post has a tiny pee pee.
Nothing gets through this armor.
And what about our oxygen?
Listen here, you little shit.
Tiny pee pee boomers when they watch TV for five hours straight boomers, when they see someone on their phone for five minutes What?
Look up.
Look up.
I'm here.
That's all I wanted to do.
Boomers invented phones and video games.
Boomers confuse screaming Oh my God, yeah, you're right.
New research says Short People are angry and more violent than tall.
People delete this.
Small people don't vote with your current account balance.
Which Apple product can you buy?
I mean oh yeah, well played.
There's still come on, guys, check out team treats.
There's still 4,500,000 treats.
If it costs $1 to plant one tree, Shirley's cheaper.
If we manage to raise a lot of money, right?
Or do they count that if they planned 20 million trees, it will cost $1 right?
You understand what I'm saying?
Supply chain management.
Do you understand?
I just want to know how it works, okay?
Or just its scale backwards where it's more expensive.
I just want to know, because maybe technically, we already raised enough to plant 20 million trees.
That's what I'm saying.
In 2015 a Canadian man was arrested after tying more than 100 balloons, a garden chair and flying over the city over Cal Curry.
That is such a Mr Beast video waiting to happen.
Good job.
Don't give up, etcetera.
Subtitles 100 Wow!
Fan subset of the best.
The silver snipers are a competitive gaming team from Sweden between ages of 62 81.
Damn, that's awesome!
Can you imagine in the future retirements gonna be the best periods?
I didn't have many friends when I was younger.
Those appears.
And this is the garbage.
Let us read.
It wasn't even my friend.
It was my sister's friend.
Oh, God, I had no friends.
Millennials are killing the doorbell industry by texting here.
Okay, Boomer, how about just knocking on the door?
Is that harder?
Here, Bryant, The most strongest entity in Minecraft Felix thinking he could beat him in a fight here.
Brian, I'll challenge you in boxing Fight.
All right?
I think it could be cool.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I'll kill him.
These knuckles destruction anyone?
Anyone that challenges me.
The earth is flat.
So if we just flip it over, it will be like the cool side of the pillow and boom number.
Global warming.
My God, these are the young minds of our generation that will save all our future problems.
Thank you.
How do I buy a house?
How do I get a job How do I pay taxes?
Isn't it weird?
Like the government who is in charge of schools doesn't have anything about paying taxes?
Surely that it would want that.
It's almost like the government wants you to not pay taxes so they can find you and pay you more taxes.
All right, gamers.
Well, Mart employees trying to stop me after I buy a 65 finch for K Ultra HD TV for 108 at self checkout.
You can't stop me.
What does this mean?
It's not even funny.
Thank you guys for watching another smash like he enjoyed.
Check out the merch and Patrice Millet leeks links if you enjoy that game.
And by hey, hey!
And hearted Norman.
And we're all excited about the new game that's coming out, and I can't wait to play it.
It starts with the letter P.
Can you guess what it is here?
The pi pick Selling off course what you thought it was hokum on dumb ass, you stinky brainer.
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My comment section is the worst on YouTube LWIAY #0099

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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