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Oh, man.
I've just realised I have 2.3 million friend requests on roadblocks.
So if you have ever asked me why I haven't accepted your friend request, this is why that's that's too many.
Hey, welcome back into robots.
Yes, Roadblocks.
I know I've drifted away from the game for a while, but it just keeps look, really me Back in on this time, all it took was a dog looking live.
It's a cute Yeah, Mad city.
We played this once or twice before, but this time we're going police.
I've never actually bean the police.
But you know what?
I look pretty good in a cop suit.
Is that a Taser?
Oh, that's a Taser.
What's I need to use this on someone.
Hold on a second.
Oh, this is much better.
Watch out.
I got a Taser boy.
How do we get a dog?
He's got one.
He's going.
Look how cute that is.
You've got one too.
I want to talk.
I want to talk.
I want a dog.
Where do I get a dog?
Wait, That's it, buddy.
Adopt a dog.
We can I get I get more than one.
I want three.
I want three.
I can't get three.
Hey, buddy, he's low.
What do these take treat Take bone.
I could give him treats and stuff.
So whenever he takes down a criminal, he's gonna get one of these.
A buddy looking through it.
Here we go.
Go get.
That was the worst show ever.
Let me try the bone instead.
He's got to be better.
Way got.
Go get it, boy.
Oh, he's well, cute.
Could we use the boy?
Brings it back to our hearts.
It's right, Buster.
That's your name, Buster.
Let's go get some criminals desperate when you use my taser.
How did this man get a quart bike in my life?
Would you like to fight for 25 grand?
I don't have that.
Know what?
It doesn't matter.
I got myself one of these bad boys.
I don't know if you're gonna fit in here, Buster.
Let's see.
Looks like he fits.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Did you guys know I had this?
I might have unlocked this in a video that ended up not coming out because it was corrupted by God.
This for free.
The flying Banshee.
It's pretty awesome.
Where did we want to go?
So the pyramid is where I tried to record last time on my recording died.
We go into the bank.
Let's go.
Is that done?
That's done right?
Let's go.
Buster, Are you with me?
Buddy is right around there somewhere.
Let's go.
I must taste someone.
I want to see if it's easy to earn money as a cop, then is a prisoner I'm not too sure are No.
Look, there's a dog stuck in the door.
You saved them.
Good job, right?
Where the criminals are they here?
They here.
I want to taste you.
Yeah, that's right.
You're looking at my taser right now.
Come here.
Come here.
Right now.
Where are you?
Oh, that was close.
They both got in helicopters.
This isn't goods.
You can't even shoot down the helicopters, man.
Normally, dog stuck in the bank door.
Buster, let's go fight a real criminal.
That was embarrassing.
Is this one?
Who's this guy?
He's going for us to do it for us to go around the corner.
You took it down.
Let's go.
All these really hard to aim.
I got him.
Square that.
Let's go.
You're arrested, buddy.
Busta took it out and made him go into some kind of weird panic attack.
Oh, what a shame.
What a shame He ran straight into us.
Oh, good boy.
Good boy.
Have your bone.
There you go.
Well done.
What was eventful?
Let's go take down some more punks.
That was a pretty decent amount of money, you know, Buster Me, you and the Taser.
We're gonna do big things here.
Where's the next heist?
At the casino.
I see the helicopters going already.
Why am I running?
Let's go, Buster.
Let's do this.
Oh, Crushed into their base.
That's not very ovary.
Stealthy, is it?
They see one of their helicopters.
Weight must have weight.
In the bush.
That's right.
I see him.
I see him.
Well, So what is going on here?
Why does he have a dog?
What is happening to my taste?
A dog?
I don't want to take the dog.
That's Oh, it's his dog.
Dude, you go absolutely owned.
What is happening?
You good spots.
So you're gonna do anything?
No, You look so happy.
Let's see if we could just hide in this Bush Because when the raid is active, we should build to catch the bus to get down.
They're going to see you.
It's his ultimate stealth right now.
The jewelry store I didn't even see that.
We gotta go.
This thing's 1/4 of a 1,000,000.
How are these criminals affording these insane rides?
This'd Dunham Buster reporting for duty.
No one saw that old up suspicious vehicle.
How much is this one?
Four million.
Dude, how would we get that much money?
You have to spend way too much time when this game's get that much.
Surely wait.
Not a criminal criminal.
That's a criminal.
That's a superhero.
What is going on here?
All my goodness.
I don't know what's going on.
I need to save this guy.
He's getting a shot from outside the prison.
Get him!
He's a criminal superhero.
What is a little 50 robusta?
Watch out!
Oh, my goodness.
No, I can't even stop him out.
This guy get him?
Oh, I didn't know you could get that.
He's a level 50.
Is my dog okay?
Did he die?
I need my pink outfit of ways.
It just don't feel right.
I think I lost my dog.
Buster's dead.
Hey, You run away, buddy.
You know who's the boss around here?
There's only one person could have blue hair.
I'm taking you for a card.
Even this guy's a professional.
Yeah, it's just a warning shot, buddy.
He's calm down.
Just calm down.
It's not that it's not that big of a deal going to go get dog.
Hold on a second.
This guy's trying to escape.
I see you.
Yeah, I got you square with that then heart.
You try to escape?
I don't think so.
She was squaring the but I don't need a dog that I say you could eat.
Look at that guy's face.
You so aggressive, Right, Buster V two, You're coming with me.
I'm taking the bone as well.
Let's get out of here.
Pyramid is open.
Let's go.
I think someone's in here.
I'm pretty sure someone's in here.
What's the V two?
We're gonna wait behind his car.
I'm going to zap him as soon as he comes out.
Just hide yourself.
The raid is gonna end soon, and then we'll be good.
Ready to trap our first victim.
There's only two criminals on the server.
His goggles are wearing a stab vest.
That's pretty extreme.
I don't even have one of those.
I think we should go in really slow.
Really careful.
But you got my back, buddy.
Anyone in here anyone want to show themselves or Mike is gonna die here alone?
No zapping zapping in the head.
I got in, but it's no working Buster attack!
Why's he shooting my dog?
Nothing is working, but this is the Woz.
Come if I ever arrow, he's shooting me.
But I can't shoot him.
What is happening?
Go get him!
Go get him!
Oh, yes, Buster!
Let's go, Huh?
This is not a good day.
I don't know what happened there.
I was shooting him, But then away, Fully dyed thing.
That's funny, dear.
So far I've killed two dogs.
Right, Buster?
Come on, buddy.
That was like I was ready to go with that one.
I don't know what happens, and I don't know what you're doing either.
Stop that!
Hey, I don't know what I did, but I got a rank up.
I'm gonna see if I can cut this guy off again.
Next, little punk.
I see you.
What's going on in here?
This guy is a hardened criminal because these cost 1/4 of a $1,000,000.
He's gonna come back up here at some point, right?
Or is in here.
Come on, dude.
Let's go.
He's right there.
He's right there.
I missed.
No, he just went out the exit.
I'm going after him.
I'm in hot pursuit.
I missed his head while he's not affecting him.
Watched him die.
No, Buster!
Buster, you're too late.
You tried, buddy.
You tried.
Hey, we're gonna look like the guys who robbed this place.
We need to get out of here.
For goodness sake, Buster, you need to come out.
What do you doing?
He's gonna catch criminals, not get stuck indoors.
What has happened?
I think this is a criminal.
It is.
We don't blow up that car somehow.
Come on, superhero.
Do something.
Lift up that car or something.
Do it!
You got this A perfect idea.
One of our dogs under the car.
Guys, stop!
We're literally the worst police force ever.
This is bad.
I'm staying in.
I'm staying right here, you mad bro.
I don't think he could drive properly.
Get out!
Someone's inside.
Whoa, whoa!
Where this happens?
Oh, no.
Um Oh, dear.
I'm underneath the map.
This is new.
I don't think this was supposed to happen.
Can I sworn anything down here?
Camaro, maybe.
Know everything just falls to a a watery death.
This isn't goods.
This is probably a good place to end it.
Dogs, police dogs in roadblocks are actually pretty cool.
I'm glad to see this game gets amore love because it's a lot of fun.
I'm sorry I couldn't be a better policeman for U.
Turns out I'm born to be a criminal.
We arrested one person and then Buster got someone else.
Then I felt often died.
It was a bad day.
Guys don't enjoy this better.
If you didn't even like to be greatly appreciated.
Your brand's new to join team TM today for daily beos and I'll see you in the next one.
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I Have 2.3 Million Roblox Friend Requests.. and a Police Dog.

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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