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to increase production.
Dave wants to upgrade the trauma lt's rollers and to stay on his gold target.
The fix must be finished before tomorrow morning.
You know, we got a lot of gold.
We gotta get the short time period left.
So putting these on up production hope will get the gold in the sluice.
These they're too small.
So what we've done is we've gone to the big ones.
The trauma ll sits on four rollers which dictates how fast the drunken turn on the weight of paydirt it can carry.
The bigger rollers should be able to meet Dave's 120 tons.
And our target.
These will go in much bigger, bigger bearings, bigger shafts and a bigger bushing with the rollers.
Holding trauma can now turn twice as fast.
Your toe hit Dave's targets of 120 tons an hour.
The wash plant needs double the amount of PE death.
The new dawn has come, so hopefully it brings us blessings.
Way Got two excavators, No mountains.
With these two machines, the team can now process an acre of ground every four days.
But the operation only has one rock truck and driver Kasey is under pressure.
Just gonna stand with plants.
And with all day long, it's the whole operation now has to double production.
All right, guys, look, This is how he's cut.
Three acres, 39.6.
That's only 13 ounces per acre.
Way didn't kill it.
Okay, so now we move to Willie Brown's cut.
So we did two acres at Willie Brown's cut 21.2 ounces.
The good news is the first acre, the dredge edge cut.
We're almost 30 ounces you guys.
Now we're turning it around.
The new dread judge cut has added over $45,000 to their gold total.
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Dave's New Piece Of Equipment Will Double Production Of Gold! | Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mines

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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