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picture this if you will Me home all alone in the dark, scouring the lands of steam looking for video games to play baron as far as the eye can see when suddenly there it waas game known as Walking Zombie to its generic name.
Kind of based on the walking dead.
It's confusing.
Never have I heard of this game before.
Never have even seen across my dashboard.
But today we give it a shot We're right into the game.
Oh, God, If you need my help, just say the word I'm not sticking around and watch this.
She's infected.
We need to kill her immediately.
She could turn any time.
I know, but we need to save the child.
It's her last wish, But never mind.
He's lining house.
Should we name him?
Toss boy?
Is it a fully formed man?
Baby, it's got a full head of hair.
I had to hear that better than mine.
Let's wait.
Garbage boy man.
And how is his mother?
She didn't look well.
She disappeared.
Watch out!
Oh, frickin man, baby.
Okay, on my go straight into it.
Oh, hell yes.
So I said this game on steam and it had really good reviews.
And I have never seen anything about this game before, so I'm very excited to play.
Switch weapons Action button.
Okay, I'll figure it out as we go along.
Nice Zumbi Hoody!
Man, this is intense.
Oh, you'll never get me.
I'm, like personal Infinite ammo, baby Okada.
Okay, I got this.
Oh, yeah?
Why don't you just put them all down?
I do have infinite.
And I was just making a joke.
It never stopped me.
Wait, Where's the baby weight?
There he is.
There's a zombie left!
Oh, hi, Mildred.
Oh, right in.
Your thinker holds this cool.
Don't worry, little child.
I've got you.
Come here, baby.
All right.
Into the back of the fine.
You go.
Yes, Yes!
Oh, yes.
Thing is what heaven looks like.
This is where it is satisfying.
I wish your head like that kind of feel to it.
Come on.
Fuck about Fucking Buck!
You damn be Demons took to the head.
Fly off the sauce.
Take your shots nicely.
You go.
You have a meeting going, But let's not go crazy.
So from together with this game It's like an RPG like wave defense Zombie game Young hero group with wanderers who found a refuge in towards me.
Ah so patch, they search for equipment, food and meds in the ruins of old cities Patricia Dammit, Members of the Woodlands avoided Idol lifestyle There is Hershel.
Unfortunately, he is an elder.
What a great name They knew very well that stain means dying or worse, Not time Rooster.
Ok, you got me game.
I mean, I get it sleeping.
That's me.
I'm the chosen one.
Hell, yeah.
All right, folks, Where do you need me?
This is really cool looking.
It was really nice.
Hey, what's up?
I already forgot, Leela.
I remember.
I forgot.
But I remember my friend.
I'm hungry.
Good to see you again.
What's up, elder?
Happy 20th birthday.
So how do you feel?
What's the action already?
You'll begin to go on expeditions now we can use every hand.
No problem, Elder Frank, Here's away before I'm on it.
Thanks, Dad.
I'm gonna go find a weapon and kill people.
Frank, his wishes.
Here, take one of these girls is available.
Do I want an M one grand or s T G 44.
I know I have such really old timey guns.
I don't think the STD, even though they were grand, has a really nice clean When you emptied the clip, go to the shooting range where you can learn how to shoot.
Yeah, thanks.
This'll be handy.
Or how about I just are shooting you guys That'll teach you how to shoot his way.
Okay, How do I get my backpack?
Oh, tapped.
My thinking was covering was streamed back in front of me and it's covering some of my screen.
Okay, Shooting range.
I'm going there right now.
So this is the second game in a series I haven't even heard about the first game before.
Take pen, Take baseball bat, take basic shovel.
I would take a basic shuffle.
It's a lot more useful, you know, I But it's fine, but can you dig a hole with a bat to put your poop in?
Now you can.
Okay, put that equipped.
This equip there, got it.
Who wants some?
Okay, Taste my shovel.
Dang Dirty demons.
Thought him a fucking thing or two.
Oh, yeah.
Just like Elder taught me When do we start shooting some exams?
I'm real excited.
They're shooting some zombies.
Who are your name's Amanda, Not I'm hungry.
Got it.
Oh, are you okay?
I have a secret.
Don't tell anything to Mom.
Speech level 21.
Hell is my speech level.
I don't know.
Skills speech.
Ah, some 20.
Damn it.
We need to talk to people more.
Hi, Lina.
Unlocked on level four.
It's up to you trying to give you a little help.
I don't have time, Leela.
I can't even speak booties.
Glad you're here.
Why are you covered in shit?
Well, it was sitting on the toilet, and he was winding my watches.
They fell right down into it.
Okay, Continue is the only thing I have left from my parents.
Would you pull them out for me?
And one guy wants me to fix offense.
One month's meeting my hand and shit grows.
Oh, nasty way.
Dana wrote your onion ring.
Here you go.
Did you find me watches in the three.
His escape wasn't so much a piece of cake, though.
What about a reward by some food here?
But those are my left the place.
OK, I won't take your food.
I need one more favor.
I left the photo of my wife in our previous shelter.
It's not covered in shit as well as Could you go there and bring it to me?
I'll give you a part of my equipment that I don't use.
I'm on it.
Boris, Don't door.
We'll leave it to me.
No, I have to fix the fence.
There's arms everywhere.
Oh, no.
What am I going to do?
Kill him?
Because I'm the chosen one.
Okay, fix the fence.
I just have to stand here by magic.
Oh, geez.
You scared the crap out of me.
Damn zombie bitches.
I'm the chosen one.
I know how to kill the melee.
It actually really handy.
My comments, every shot.
But this is cool.
I like this.
There's something about the style of it that's really charming because we'll get there looking at the graphics.
It was really easy to, like, blow it off to be like, Well, thing isn't gonna be good.
It's over.
It's fucking awesome.
Okay, wait.
Hold on.
Hold on.
It really reminds me of the game on turned they kind of daisy game.
Those made by a 16 year old?
Apparently, I don't think it's made with the same people.
I have to head to the old house.
I go there, they go all the way back down to save me some few, Maybe.
I don't know.
I want to go fight a picture in a hat.
Or maybe that was my reward.
Sambo's nice Daryl Dixon.
Eat your ass.
Oh, Okay.
Everybody line up.
Everybody lined up for death.
You guys were already dead when I say okay.
Thank you for dying, though.
Appreciate it.
This is a lovely part of town who find a photo of Tanya.
Sit here running through that.
Open up the tents.
I got to get spooky ghosts.
There's nothing here.
Look somewhere else, Okay?
You got it.
The zombies aren't easy.
Anyone afraid of zombies?
Nice way.
I'm not even supposed to be in here.
Is around the back through the garbage there.
Oh, What is he doing in the garbage?
He doesn't deserve this picture of he thrown in the garbage.
You do have a male attacker.
Got a frickin shovel?
Good morning, sir.
Breakfast time I take the tree is my craft.
Now we're gonna build a house.
Okay, everyone, I back.
I have old thing.
What did you want?
How does it look?
It was a piece of cake.
I saw you my tears and visiting the trader just gave a damn.
I don't even have a look at this.
I'll give you some money.
Thanks, Frank.
Breaks my best friend.
Hello, Rooster.
Get back here!
Oh, yeah, Boris booties.
How does it look?
Piece of cake.
I appreciate your help.
I have a great deal for.
Moisten my gears, Morris.
I wanted some ever supplies in a certain area.
You just need to get there and fight them and find them all.
I'm honored, Frank.
Your name's Forrest, not Frank.
Oh, dude, I got a hat.
I want my speech to go up.
I e thing to go up.
These weapons, mainly weapons.
I get Malay to go up critical hit to go up on my health to go up.
I'm a smart I know what I should be doing this.
Yes, yes.
I got a frickin hat now wearing the cool stuff.
It's making my defense, Coop, you gotta put it on.
You'll be safe out there.
Zombies gonna shoot you bite your ankles.
All right.
Amanda, what do you want?
Don't worry.
I won't say a word to your mother.
I found a good outside.
You wanted.
Oh, yes.
Mom, She brought a fucking good to carry your child.
Yeah, I shouldn't use this yet.
All right, Frank, What's up?
Getting destroyed.
Factory to your zombies, Frank.
Don't even worry about Jack's on the case.
All right?
Trader Joe.
What you got, Wu?
I want this.
I can has I mean, I can, but everything else seems a lot more useful.
Just blow my load.
And really cool.
Gordon's first aid manual.
Skill in curing.
Let's buy that basic lock pick clicks by that.
Oh, beans, spices, armor.
Have 7 85 Okay, um what else?
What else?
Can't buy these.
A grenade.
Fucking beats.
Give me them beats.
All right, Where are we going?
To destroy factor.
Let's go.
Whoa, whoa.
These environments are so pretty.
I wanna hold open world version of this.
Okay, maybe just take out my gun.
Did I just get stick grenades through eight.
Quick read.
Oh, He just throws it.
Oh, Sally, that's what it's all about.
Yeah, So satisfying Means i'ma steal your bigs.
Watch out!
It was a bad toss by me.
Locally, baseball is not a thing anymore through the area of zombies.
Don't know what my mission was noise.
Okay, let's go.
Just make sure I need to be aware of my surroundings.
I need fucking manikins.
I ain't afraid of you bastards!
My interrupting something.
I'll leave you guys at it.
Are you?
You're exam?
And I think he is.
You guys could have helped him.
I don't know if I trust this.
I'm not any sort of scientists at all.
Pretty sure.
Using green barrels are pretty bad, though.
Sam's well, that works anyway.
But just by sheer look, all right, they all hurt me.
Are you clear?
The area of zombies.
Okay, My name is Jack on.
I come to kill.
Okay, you guys too many.
Too scary.
Nice head shots of the mission of the day.
I don't return to the city, though.
It seems like there should be stuff around here to get.
She seems to be abandoned, lads.
And it's in around a tall a tall weighs anywhere else.
I needed to go while I'm out here.
All right, head on home.
That's a belter.
What do you need?
Can you shoot yet?
Have a job for you, but version need to gain some experience.
I need a volunteer who will explore the old house in the western area.
Well dug in the evening.
Everyone gives him sleep.
Okay, I'll meet you at the fireplace tonight.
Bye Bye.
Bye, Dad.
That evening.
Were you looking for Mei?
Yeah, Sit down.
We have quite a serious problem.
Way ran out of supplies last week.
We're doing great.
Look at that.
Goolaj, you don't want to know what it is made of, but I think we're all going to have a good sleep tomorrow.
Winter's coming, and we need to prepare as best as possible.
So I have to bring supplies from your old house or be eaten as punishment, right?
Well, when I was discussing it with Frank, he proposed to you first.
What a jerk.
Is there someone else who would like to eat me?
Hard to say, but I heard Leader saying that you are sweet Airs Oniy Getting sweet on me.
Scaly way.
Morning time.
Born in time is killing ultimate PC edition only.
And steam.
No, I don't want micro transactions.
I just want to play the game the way it's meant to be played.
I'm gonna take the gamer experience, please.
What we got up here?
What we got to do their loudest Sandy's here.
Don't even try to fire weapons or throw grenades.
This requires a silent approach, lad.
Is Abby's.
Here, take this.
Go get those rockets.
You said silent entrance to the mine Said silence.
It'll help the woodlands from the Saudi attacks.
I'm a guy.
You cover me.
I will cover you from the car.
I will cover you from the car trying to shoot him and it's not working.
All right, I will dig the bat.
Maybe I should get my speech up and talk to the zombies.
I'm gonna get my speech pretty high because I think that high speech is what you need for all the missions from people.
And I just like talking to people.
I'm a d escalator.
I'll go up and just talk the pence off the zombies.
Your city skills are compared to other survivors above average For each level.
You get one more skill point.
Oh, that's pretty good.
Let's do that.
There's my swinging stick.
I got you.
This is scary, but this is very scary.
Oh, there are a lot of sobs.
Oh, there are a lot of Jim Bo's.
See me todo I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Just keep going.
Keep rolling.
You're fine.
Let's vote on a Sunday Mass.
Are we exit?
I can't wait to use the rocket cannon.
That is something that is exciting.
My life right now.
Nipples to carrots for the price of 10!
Oh, you heard that.
Luckily you guys are Eddie.
I see you, buddy.
I see a power.
I actually took damage.
The sight of God damn it.
I'm not a type of guy to be taken damage.
I'm the one who does the damage.
Oh, I don't think discretion is needed right now.
Who needs to sneak?
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
Oh, baby.
Fun smells like gunpowder.
Come back to the care way.
Would have run back to the care would have a super awesome going that can kill absolutely everything right now.
Find a rumored liquor.
I was having a great time and you're ruining it.
Where we going?
Out were turned to the city.
Know you returned to the city.
Stinky man, I'm going to the old house.
Half naked, wounded woman, Random encounter.
Avoid encounter 100 cent face t encounter.
Oh, I thought I had to kill her.
So that is wrong with my leg.
Can you have a look?
Why would you do that?
I just wanted to help you.
I thought we could be friends.
You had a nice name.
Okay, Okay.
A lot of bullets to take care of these guys.
A lot of bullets.
Howdy, G sir.
Certainly hurts.
Oh, headshot.
Headshot at like headshot.
That's what I get for trying to help strangers.
I should have just chopped off her leg and been done with it.
We got both examples around here.
So much for me, baby.
I am the zombie killer.
That's fun.
I'm a walking fortress.
Steps is my name Zombie Skinny zombie schoolgirl.
That is definitely something people look up is a fetish.
Just moved to this house.
This is a nice old hold on.
Maybe not so nice after all.
I saw you guys.
You're too loud for that.
Looking into college cleaning.
Oh, hi, ladies.
There's tents and stuff here, though.
Does that mean people live here?
Jake, who scares the shit out of me?
Don't know that Zombies driver's supposed have no brains.
But you guys have a terrific timing over this way.
Zombie skinny.
I'll do it myself.
Oh, yes.
Please tell me I could blow this up.
No, I'm just siphoning it.
That's boring.
24 when things explode like this sea epic.
Oh, God.
Okay, scaring me mad.
Hey, Hitting every shot, baby, Who should just use the bat from now on?
No bullets watching heads explode.
Okay, Experts, space man, I am an expert hacker.
Don't even let me near your Oh, God.
Well, baby, Nice.
So super fun.
Lots of ammo.
Nice return to the city.
Yes, my day is complete.
Go away and don't want your micro transactions.
I just wanna play the game.
I'm back, Elder.
I got it.
So what about the house.
Have you found any supplies?
There's a lot of supplies, Dad.
In fact, we should probably just go there.
Winner is good, because we need as much food as we could get.
Take Frank with you.
Bring over the usual.
I'm on it, Dad.
You can count on me bodies.
I got whatever you needed to kind of forget already.
Skilled points.
What should I get?
I guess Just firearms.
When I level it up fully, I get two arms made a fire.
Who I can sell stuff.
So, old scraps.
Ah, dude.
Okay, let's, uh, by some new pants has by some new boots Like how you bought them last time and I didn't even equipped them was wrong with me.
Quick, quick.
58 power Jealous.
The bigger the better.
Work around.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Comes every now and then.
Triple coins.
Don't give me 4 50 Triple coins wait Ways.
The reward for 200 for hard.
Do me a zombie haunt.
Interested more.
Do you have something else?
I could do both.
All right, Frank, What do you need to hear?
My waist up is contaminating our water.
And you, the water tasted like shit is necessary to go there.
But the contaminated water to the second ways Reservoir.
I wanted Frank.
Okay, Aces home is first.
Kill L at all enemy waves.
Oh, Ace, this is gonna be a piece of cake with this thing.
You kidding me?
I have a man on a mission waves.
Wait, five.
I got there fast.
Oh, God.
Oh, that's not cool.
Also knew about the barrels already, And I probably should have waited for a harder way for that.
Sweet for the harder waves to blow up all the way.
You're okay.
Zombie Wave three.
Okay, reloading already.
I could hold a fucking bullets.
Easy, easy.
Izombie Season, boys.
The's a piss.
Don't even worry about it, Ace.
I got you covered.
I have to do here.
Kill all enemy waits.
Same thing again.
Oh, wait.
What did you do that I don't I think these air harder because they don't have a big gun.
Fuck you.
Zombie dogs is gonna soon as powerful as the last one.
I really wish I had that one back.
I was a much better going for this.
It's okay.
You're just getting headshots and throwing grenades at.
Um Damn, that was a waste of a barrel.
Okay, this'll is Wave one.
That's fine.
I can manage.
Okay, second wave.
You got it.
Weighs on Make life a little easier for yourself.
Know if these things up, then you might as well do it.
Wait, But dogs never get infected in a zombie.
Apocalypse credits.
Sadistic game is this?
I'm sorry, Rex.
I didn't mean it this way.
It doesn't tell me how many enemies, Aaron.
Oh, does 14.
I'm too lazy.
There we go.
All right?
He last wave.
We could do it.
How about everyone comes over here tomorrow?
God, Yes.
Everyone like barrel barrel.
Good idiots.
Are you kidding me?
That was what was supposed to happen.
Wasted a grenade for no reason.
It's okay.
I'm the best zombie hunter.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Turnoff to Karen.
Now it's annoying.
Final Dwight, the areas radioactive.
Probably because of radiation around.
I mean, just guess.
Can I do anything?
Find the welder.
I need this.
A weld some faces.
Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
This is not ideal, guys.
You were not invited into this place, man.
You should have what you want me to do.
I'm going that way.
Well, dwell, dwelled.
There we go.
You don't need to kill everything.
You come across.
Life is a gift.
Death is a burden, but an inevitability as well.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Okay, I'm going.
I'm going.
I'm going away.
By God, why do I have to do here?
Oh, Cappie.
Radioactive going back.
That's true.
Very nice.
Very lovely.
Three barrels a complete.
You guys up next to Oh, yes.
I want to see these numbers soar.
Want to kill like 30 zombies at once?
Come on.
Come on, Come on.
Oh, that was really satisfying.
I got a nice little energy drink.
Is that yes.
Powered up with power of monster.
Urge sneaky.
Find the underground entrance transfer of the radioactive waste.
Everyone I knew going I want to shock on.
Awesome against Tommy's zombie games were designed just so you could use a shotgun against the face.
Everybody line up single file roll or going to the disco.
Who was gonna make a let's play?
That's nice lighting.
No, these are boring.
Well, there's a whole underground base here.
Are we not capped out in here?
Like I know zombies, but I'm clearing those out.
We're living in a camper van in the middle of the woods.
What is the whole radioactive bunker down here?
So what do I gotta do?
Press the button.
Find the canister.
My God, You guys are just everywhere, aren't you?
Just everywhere.
So annoying.
Our dear zombies.
Crazy of evil.
Okay, let's head up.
Was this canister look like, huh?
It's gonna be people in here.
Don't go on fucking out.
Legitimately Jump scares me.
You don't know that.
You know I keep doing it.
It's fine.
It's actually kind of fun.
We're gonna be more zombies down here.
How and where and why I Where'd you come from?
Where'd you come from?
I was already, Don't you?
I killed everything down here.
Yeah, fakers.
He's blended in the walls.
I don't think so.
Fill her up there, buttercup.
Transfer the radioactive waste.
Got it, Did it?
I'm pretty dang good last mission.
Take the food, take gasoline.
Get resources of the character, can do.
I got so many.
All right, everybody out.
Everybody out of the building.
I don't care who lives in here.
I don't care how much rent you're paying.
Get out!
I need to get in here.
I need to take the food.
Hold on.
Don't take about, you know, to me yet.
Take the canister.
That that's what you get.
If you want to eat me, you're going to get hit by explosions every now and then.
It's pretty damn cool.
Pretty damn phone.
Oh, hi.
You want a fucking help?
Place the matter.
Jeez, sorry.
It's nothing personal.
It's just needs to happen.
I'm taking the solar panels.
Okay, Okay.
Time to get in.
Yeah, I don't, but don't bother helping or anything.
It's It's fucking fine.
It's just a lot of zombies.
Who cares, right.
This fucking guy.
They were smart to my plan.
Oh, man.
Am I gonna have to kill you all?
I don't want to.
What does that say?
Make, make, make, make, make, make, make, make make make bank.
Oh, look, we did it so proud of us.
Don't drive off without me.
No, I'm just giving you some sass.
I think that's all the missions I had me a boy back to the town.
We go where we stop.
Nobody knows.
I know it's the town.
So much exp a Oh, you want me to do another mission?
God damn it, pops, You learned the healing skill curing Plus to curing pos t on ace.
I got your missions.
No problemo.
Gimme all of them goods.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
1212 100 kids.
I don't even have legs.
You can't even play football even if I wanted to hang it anyway.
Okay, well, I killed every zombie that I came across today.
Look at these.
They're adorable.
But even an expert zombie killer needs to take a break and stop every now and then.
So that's going to do it before this episode.
Really cool game.
It's a little repetitive, but it is a free to play a game.
So that's why the micro transactions keep coming up all the time.
But I really like it.
I like that.
The art style of it.
I like how the game feels and controls.
I like the way the zombies all fall apart.
It's a lot higher end than I thought it wa ce looking at the game in the trailers, Everything I was like, I don't know.
But it had really positive reviews, and now I can see why.
It's really, really fun to play.
What, thank you guys so much for watching this video.
If you liked it, Please don't forget to leave a light on the video and subscribe if you're new here to see games or other types of self every single day on the Jack Septic, a variety channel.
But until then, I'm going to say Farewell, my love, he said.
We're running out of food, but there's chickens everywhere.
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The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun...

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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