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have you guys welcome back to the were inside of the Internet Now today.
Today is going to be life changing for me, but we'll get to that later.
First, let me introduce something that I'm obsessed with.
I want to introduce you to the world masking now.
We saw some of these videos in my very first weird side of YouTube video.
But basically it's a community of people who enjoy putting on very realistic human masks and living as another person for fun.
Now, a lot of times when I do, these videos have to interview somebody to like understand it a little bit more.
Open my mind with this one.
I get it.
Like if I could fucking put on somebody else, bitch, Here's my paper I need So let's watch a few of these masking videos and then we will get to the big surprise.
Ah, that's a teacher.
I would fantasize about boo.
She teaches home.
She baked up high for me afterward.
Is that her house, which I want to be a master?
Does each one of her masks have a room removed?
Machines that is so riel.
Also the highway he's going walking It takes too much physical activity to be master.
But can I just put on a mask and sit on my couch and each pole?
Maybe my animals would love me if I was another person ordering my mask.
Now, yeah.
Cooking in her heels.
Me when I see Twitter drama who I know that is so riel.
Once again if I saw this girl at Starbucks You gabby show you, Dad, you're here, Kitty.
This one looks less like this one.
Looks like she was like, Phoebe.
Why did they all my friends, What kind of pill used for Brian thing?
This is glued to their head.
That makes it very hard to snatch a mask.
Everything can change everything.
Two hours.
That's a lot of work.
This is like a dedication.
Like this is this takes effort.
I don't think I could be a master.
No bonus.
That's a mask.
This girl hasn't opted the game.
That's a dead person.
You took that person and you put it on your skin because I should look so real.
Wendy Williams is skinless.
What do this over that took it too far.
She just ripped her skin off.
So I, um So who is this divine Jor?
Where can we meet?
Please be my friend.
I'm not tired whatsoever.
I was actually right.
So not me.
Do this for the art.
The arm I get it like this is a fucking skill to turn yourself into another person with a mask and make it look fucking really like that bitch.
I can't even make this look real.
And it's on my face.
Oh, fish.
I think I just started my soulmate divine.
We both love scream.
We both like being other people.
We both make videos online that make people uncomfortable.
Divine you are.
Oh, my Oh, my God.
She's taking it off.
Who do you think it's gonna be?
Oh, my God.
I'm excited.
Good hope.
Oh, my God.
You can't stop looking, but it's not cheese.
Wow, seeing it like that, that's like when the drama is so good, it doesn't just snatch your we pitch, it snatches your face.
Okay, so I think we got enough videos for you to now understand.
What I'm asking is, but I wanted to take it a step further.
Originally, I really wanted to interview one of the most popular masters on YouTube.
Carrie Johnson.
Now we watched a bunch of Carrie's videos, and they've done so many different types of masses and clearly is very talented.
But I reached out, and Carrie was not interested in was nervous that people would come and hate on Channel.
And I tried to tell Carrie like that wouldn't happen and that you guys are very open minded, But I understand that not wanting to do it and get it.
But then I e mailed back and I was like, Okay, queen, I know you don't wanna be in the video, but can I buy one of your fucking masks?
And Harry was like Mitch.
So then I went to Curious website and I looked around and I'm looking at photos and they were all so insane.
Fucking real, like Kerry is in readily.
Some of them are so detailed, and there's even videos on the Web site explaining how to put it on.
Take it off.
I don't care.
I was like, Listen, I will buy one, and I will try my best to be a master in my video and not make fun of it.
like I genuinely want this.
So, Carrie, if you're watching, probably I'll let me in the community.
Guys, please.
If you want your carries channel going down there, leave lots of love.
Don't leave any fucking Kate, because that's not what we're about Here.
All right, here we go.
I have just came.
I have not looked inside yet.
I am so fucking excited.
Way I knew what to expect, but I didn't know what to expect.
There is a person in this.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
So I don't even Okay, hold on.
Let me take this out.
Oh, you're real.
Who is heavy?
Oh, hey, look at me.
Oh, my God.
I need you guys to really see this.
Can you see that?
You see?
Like it literally fuels and looks like real skin.
You see that?
Who was it?
I Okay, so I guess the next step is to try it on first.
You have to kiss it.
Is that weird?
It's just like I see a fake person.
I wanna make out with it.
That was weird.
When you get close to it, it's like it's a person like it makes you feel like nervous.
Oh, my God.
We're We're you wait for me.
That feels so riel.
If I had this housing kid, it would be destroyed.
All right, I'm gonna put it on.
I guess I should have you guys watch me try to put it on so we could see just how hard it is to be a master.
First, I'm gonna take off my clothes, ignored this God who really heavy.
I'm kind of scared.
I feel like I'm claustrophobic, so I feel like this is actually gonna, like, give me a panic attack, but makes for a good video.
Here we go home.
This is, like, so way out.
Dropping him off.
I don't think I could do this, I think.
Oh, I didn't watch how to video.
This is like, this is next level.
You sit back there.
I love my new friend.
Okay, I found a tutorial.
I love that.
This is my life now.
He did that, so that was, like, Okay.
All right.
We're just gonna try this again, because maybe I just need to, like, harder.
I think one thing I need to do is figure out my hair.
So I'm thinking in my life but my hair in this they can't get, like, stuck in the way tense.
Okay, here we go.
What is that?
Oh, my God.
I did it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
This is fucking insane.
Oh, look good.
Could you see my eyes?
Look, a little, like, fucked up right?
Like this, I I think that my eyes are corrected.
Hold on.
Let me put on some clothes.
I'm just gonna put that normal sharp.
I mean, the Beeb's air definitely like an adjustment.
Look at the booth.
Robin, what's wrong?
Maybe just workin.
I'll be down in a minute.
Who so awesome Props.
First I feel I need a wing is really cute.
Jeffery Starr Way this'll persona is definitely a guru.
Is it on?
I don't even know.
Oh, my God.
When you're so sure.
Just adjusting me after I lost all my weight.
Have extra scared.
I'm just adjusting my met.
I don't think I want you Fuck the wig.
It's not working.
No, I think this is funny.
I feel like she's I don't know her name.
I'm gonna say it's something subtle wrong.
Oh, my God.
You really see how I look?
Do I look good?
Was so round and get a little anxious.
Yeah, I didn't do shit.
Today's as if it was like, a real face.
So I'm thinking I'm going to out some of my Carly collaborator because I feel when you heard this.
Look, you just really want a pop.
So let's just take our fingers increase.
You want people to notice you when you want with me?
I feel like I need to, like, walk around a little bit for long, for long or something.
Let's go experience the world.
Welcome to my ball, Tracy.
Nonstop is shook.
Let's see what my animals don't judge me.
You know I don't know that.
It's not really Oh, What is this?
My boobs?
Oh, my.
You highlighted yourself.
You conceal?
Haven't you gotta wear the wig?
Was it stolen home?
It was constantly smart.
Already got the check.
Let me know.
That's me.
You have to say this.
I don't know.
The Oh, you think the animals to recognize it.
I think the animals will like me about this one.
Get Starbucks the Morning star bees.
Oh, no!
I cannot take you serious.
What are you not claustrophobic?
Instead of having a full on?
It's so scary.
Star's gonna eat.
I love chips!
No, he's not running away and screaming.
Who slaps me?
You should be more like Cheeto.
Do you want to see me?
Take it off!
I am soaked!
Oh, my God!
I'm gonna need a minute.
That sweat to go.
How doesn't it look so fucking Rio?
The highlight is everything?
Yes, bitch!
What do you think her name is?
I fucking love that.
All right, we'll let this dry off.
You could try.
Oh, my God.
You got this, baby.
Do it for Cary.
Shut up!
It's hard out there for a massacre.
That's crazy!
You look so good.
You look like a big baby.
Wait, Can I kiss you?
That was a wonderful, weird world of masking.
Now, after experiencing that, I just want to say I have so much respect for masters and people that could do that.
I was having a full on panic attack.
I was sweating my ass off and all I kept thinking was like, What if there's an earthquake and I have to run outside with half a mascot?
My boobs out?
It was a lot, but I completely understand it.
I mean, if I could put on another person, not only what I feel better about myself, and we're confident, but like, I wouldn't have to shower.
I would have to get ready in the morning.
Bitch, I would just go.
That's everything.
I go to enjoy that video.
And Carrie, I hope you watch and hope you liked it.
And I hope that nobody send you any hate because we all over things and we're all weird in a certain way.
And I'm really excited about this series.
I feel like I've been able to learn a lot more about different types of people in communities, and I feel like you guys have to.
So if you want me to keep doing this and keep exploring the weird side of the Internet, give me a thumbs up.
So I know also leave some comments down below, letting me know what I should explore next.
I really want to interview next, So if there's any bronies out, there are two guys I'm gonna go make sure subscribe and hit the notification belt because I make videos every date.
And if you want to see my other weird side of the Internet videos I interviewed a furry.
I also talked to an adult who loves dressing up like a baby out on a link to a playlist of top inscription.
All right, you guys, we are gonna go Make sure to keep embracing your weirdness.
I know I will.
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15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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