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discretion you don't know.
Already seeking is a ticket act that makes buying person.
They put all the tickets in one place so you can focus on what matters most.
The life experience.
You can find all these events on seek, like Ariana Grande, a Travis Scott panic at the disco, literally, any show again.
You can think of problems in the last series I did that.
They sponsored a lot because he's a formal code and saved a lot of money.
So they're doing the same thing again.
If you use the permanently Shane, you're gonna get $20 off your first purchase.
So there's a link in the description below.
Click it down with the bank of $20 off their tickets when you see a fur coat.
Wait, I think so.
What if there's something going on way be anyone that talks about this, But what about showing like this way you like it?
The best.
The best thing for you would be killer's face way.
These are not people reaching every you and Rio.
Um, it is 4 30 in the morning, and I can't sleep something that's been on my mind.
That was like my first introduction to the sound that you hear in the casino.
I recently went to a Chuck E cheese eyes.
This what?
We're teaching our Children.
Is this what we're teaching room?
I don't even know where to start with this because it's so sick.
So if you've been watching videos of you probably know that we've known each other for 11 years.
Britney and Shane, that fried besties.
You've known each other for a long, long time.
I mean, she was the first to do your laugh.
Wait, my love.
Oh, yeah, All of my first couple of years now we're filming a video right now and bring these dancing and question me about dark stuff.
She was playing friend.
I love interest.
Were characters.
We were doing short films.
Some of my favorite things way kind of lost touch when she got into this relationship with this guy and it happened really fast.
Got president right away and engaged.
And then a family blogger like this.
Love is crazy.
I got the cues photo of him.
Can you see 20 days?
Hey, friends.
And then one day I got a tweet saying, Hey, we're having a baby and I went to all those and all the pictures on her and her boyfriend all gone like so I texted her and I said, Hey, what's going on?
Are you okay?
What happened?
And she said, I can't say anything yet because the FBI told me not to.
That's right.
Oh, this is that girl that you're talking about?
And she goes, I could tell you about a person, but even then I don't know.
What does that mean?
I don't know.
She was like, you know, But one day I want to tell you about this.
I need I need to tell people about this.
I just can't yet.
So then she called me and she was like, talking to you.
I can't see anything.
I'm so scared that they're listening.
I was like, Okay, this is an alien day.
What is going on?
Sense that I kind of found out it's in pieces, but not so I saw supposed video saying that she was finally talk about everything.
She wrote a book about it.
Having to be silent has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.
But so she's coming over I haven't seen her in, like, five years because she moved.
Yeah, when she met this guy, he really quickly was like, way have a better child.
But she had a child.
And also, I don't know why she was afraid to talk to him in the phone and who was listening.
You ever it sounds interesting.
And if you're even thinking of online dating, you read my book before you.
So sorry way.
I jumped on the bed and and I kissed my dogs and my wife in that order.
So I just load this all do piece into vocal Wait a second way Have this.
And I kissed my dogs and my wife.
Okay, so how about we mess with whom he actually kissed after you type something that's not here.
So let's remove the ward in my here and just a type.
The word Jordan on.
Here we go.
And, uh, I kissed Jordan and my dogs.
I can't believe that's possible.
You just type it in and it interprets the person's voice.
Yeah, this if this technology gets into the wrong hands, don't worry.
Don't worry.
Okay, there's a service.
Cold lie abode thes guys.
They're doing something amazing and frightening.
They're using a I to clone your voice.
Okay, so right now it's asking me to record 30 sentences and two the APP.
Give us a voice generator and we'll go ask the question.
Can artificial intelligence really mimic your voice in just a few minutes?
So let's get started with the lesson this is Is it picking up all your life syllables and all?
Like you're different like rhythms and everything like that, supposedly.
So you'll need to record yourself for a few minutes a podium that it will process that and you can basically replicate anybody's voice and we're going to click.
Start recording and it will go.
So we could, like, played me doing a couple of them and then maybe, like just true.
Martha and may just have been married for years.
Their days always follow the same routine.
Andres placed shell against his ear so he could hear the ocean each morning.
Mingas, because your time, even if he didn't have thousands of letters, danced across the amateur authors screen.
Must have been.
That jump really ought to be easy, except that right now there's an outstanding creating your digital voice takes at least one minute.
One minute.
My God, he is a genius of stolen.
Sounds interesting.
I just got an idea how to make Chuck E Cheese is fatter than ABBA brand new pizza genius.
If I do say so myself.
So I have a that I wanted to talk about for a long time, but I don't know if anybody's gonna character for me.
I think it's crazy.
I also don't know just give me a suit.
So I'm gonna say once again, like just a theory, not a fact.
Don't sue me.
Could just be a joke.
Now, this is something that I actually thought about when I was a kid and I noticed something whenever I gotta check inches and mine as a kid was about Do you really?
Not literally?
There's a theory that if somebody at refugees doesn't finish their whole pizza and there's like a few pieces left, the employees will take that to the back, take those pieces off the trip and form a new pizza with all the other leftovers on.
Then reheat it and serve it, customer.
Now I know what you're thinking shape.
That's crazy.
Well, here is a picture.
Every piece is a different size that peace is longer than that piece, which is shorter than that piece.
These pieces in the back are shorter than those pieces.
And none of the pepperoni is Oh, man lineup.
It's not just this picture.
It's almost every picture you find Check cheese pizza and nobody's talking about.
So I noticed this when I was, like, eight years older.
How come all the pieces are different And I remember specifically being like, Okay, we get half cheese and half pepperoni, that half cheese side.
I was so fucking different than half pepperoni side like crazy, right?
I mean, if that's true, Yeah, be probably illegal.
FDA, probably with actually cancel them.
I mean, like, it looks like that I'm Indiana today.
That actually, Peter cheese.
I want a lot.
And it was always like, this place.
That's disgusting.
Like, every time.
You what?
It was just like a collection of random pieces of pizza.
Oh, yeah, one time there was, like, one veggie 11 slice and my mom's like for me.
Is it a vise?
It They're They're So they're claiming to make these pizzas on the man for you.
There is a theory I knew in high school.
I asked her about this because she was working at cheese and she told me that she couldn't say whether or not that's true, but that that was a thing like that was something that actually was going on a while ago when they stopped it.
But she also had been lying.
Who knows, Right?
So I've never actually fully looked into this because, you know, I thought one who cares.
Nobody really care about this.
So I just I felt like a four.
And other people have noticed this too.
Uh, somebody's going to see, Really?
Just like I spoke with.
Like, she's seen us along with your Oh, my God.
My friend and her baby, Who's like, already walking?
This is way 30 yeah.
I know what to think like this.
I haven't seen you for I miss you.
This place is beautiful.
You know, we're coming.
We're like Detroit Airbnb.
Check on the human first.
You want me?
Oh, my son.
I'm your scary uncle.
Like at that age where he's really awkward, But he keeps growing.
I'm sorry.
What a beautiful placing gradient.
We were joking.
We're sort of a pack of killers.
Don't be like Shane.
We're staying here tonight.
We're here.
I know you living.
They read books and listened to the radio basis of all shapes and sizes, Stacks of magazines and big box of old.
He put his glasses on study.
It was full.
They were in a mess, all jumbled up.
They sat in the living room.
Red booth.
Oh, okay.
Says that I have enough valid recordings.
They're right here.
Create my digital voice.
So let's do this.
This person said pizza that is not eaten for.
So if bird goes back into a dough grinder, glacier pizzas onto the conveyor belt.
This is my favorite, the bud, and eventually gets reserved as part of a new pizza.
It's re cooked, so you don't have to worry about germs.
Somebody just tastes like it.
You smell that garlic?
Is this even interesting?
It is to me I FBI all those pictures of pieces that don't fit together.
That's crazy.
Come on, lines up.
If you pushed this pizza together, there's no fucking way that circle I mean right.
It almost looks like they glued it together to show like No, it's the same.
Just, like, put a bunch of cheese right here.
Then they put it.
Don't you put that pizza out of the oven early.
If you dough the cheese, a warning, finish math thing.
You know what I mean?
She is so like I way should order 1/2 cheese, half pepperoni, and then one with the specific instruction like, Oh, just a minute.
Just a certain vegetable, because he'd have to make that wait.
Wait, I e not a lot.
Oh, God.
So say so.
Oh, it's It's happening.
Your voice is being trained.
Yeah, this works.
This would be actually, I would never have to be thinking if wasted you to make your life easier with it.
But you don't wanna talk to family E I type up cans.
Apology for today's video is going to be the hardest video.
Well, what do you say we have to put in a sentence that reaches back to my voice?
Is it really gonna do that?
Do you think?
Morgan's here.
We should not.
We didn't like to do something to set off the system.
I e i o males in a second.
Wait, What it generated?
Oh my God!
Wait, I'm scared.
What if it works?
I take in elevation.
Hello Way.
It kind of did the shame.
Let me try.
What's up, guys?
Yes, Pretty close.
And what's with you guys?
Yes, there is an element.
Hey, what's up, you guys?
Oh yeah.
Hey, what's up, you guys?
Hey, what's up, guys?
Hey, what's up?
You guys reenter my voice?
Here's what I think.
I think you have to do it much slower Way Couldn't you objectively find this out by looking at the cut marks?
If you're proud of the pizza masterpiece, go ahead and cut it.
Cut the pizza like this.
And then it goes to different direction.
If they were cutting the pizza, it would go right down the middle.
Where literally Where does this?
Where's this?
I told you, the more you look at their pizza, the more you're like Wait, where does that go?
Okay, Ready?
Yeah, it starts here.
Okay, then what?
Where is it going?
Wear to go.
So clearly there's some people, right?
You could see the cheese right here.
You could see the glow.
You could see that they threw some cheese Record melt mission together.
Oh, yeah?
Where's the other half?
No way.
The other half is right here.
Where is it?
This I think this was to pieces.
Yeah, maybe draw a circle around that.
That this job thing ran the first piece.
I finally another pizza bypass.
Squali with a lot of help from you.
Of course, if I was like an investigative reporter, right, I feel like I'm allowed to say all this.
I'll send it like that's just the fax, right?
No, it's not.
It's just wait, we gotta be this.
But during my trial record in public, so I could talk about me much anything.
So you moved in with your mom, did.
And you're like, Where we're at is a tiny little town.
All our neighbors know what happened.
My mom has, like, a six foot one calling funds and the security cameras don't go anywhere alone.
Things change yourself, do you?
Is that Wait?
I have pepper spray like my mom knows how to handle a gun.
So you have to be Oh, right now is my place in a completely Because it's like we'll get into it when you you'll understand why we can't ever like.
I'll never have someone else to come up from school or always be early.
So he's not waiting around, but I'll never get a passport.
I'll never wear notice.
But like when you have a kid, you love them so much, you're willing to do anything.
And it's like no longer just me.
So I could think about what's best for Rex, right?
Thank you.
Can't have a passport.
Like what?
This is, like, way more serious.
I mean, it was serious.
This is like, Yeah, actually, me too.
I know she was like, Look over her shoulder.
Is that it?
Look, security.
Let's do it.
Well, that was iconic moment there.
Marca pulled the box of newspapers close to her.
He rummaged around in the box, taking for you.
Looked very exciting.
No places you might see.
He wondered how she had questions about.
Obviously, I have answers.
We'll get to that.
They showed exclamation points in schools.
Then Jack saw something that I need to sit up straight.
There's a chapter that says so.
So most of her face all except for one girl who was looking right at the camera.
Quick of a camera.
That's a little touchy.
Uh, okay, let's go upstairs and talk about everything.
Jack imagined train delivering supplies to a super villain.
Maybe she's going to soothe, too.
Maybe she was.
She sat with her legs dangling over.
Jack excitedly told his appearance what he had seen.
They didn't believe.
Okay, so let's start beginning that just for a little background.
How did you meet her?
Can you say is, Yeah, I mean, the one I want to do the book, the like, all the lawyers, everyone consulted, said the best thing is to stick to his real name.
Everyone else's identities have been changed, but because there's a legal records on things, the safest thing is to say his name.
Oh, my God, I know Tonight.
What about showing like his face way used me to blur that.
Yeah, yeah, Just to be safe.
Even though she's like the best of the best thing for you would be to floor space, I would board.
Should I be scared about talking with this on my chin.
You know, the amount of meat.
I know.
If I think he's I don't know.
I mean, I think that he's gonna be mad at anyone that took us about this, but Okay.
Here we go.
Try my digital voice.
Hello again.
She better.
That sounded like you.
That Dawson.
Oh, my God.
This'll is freaking.
My name is Louis.
This is freaky.
My name is loose.
Oh, my God.
How did you meet?
And then I remember when Milos was July of 2015 when his like gender like profile popped up and said from Europe Doctor, tennis player.
And if even then his photos were kind of self involved, like he had a one of him, like shirtless.
It was like a professional photo.
Yeah, it just seemed like something out of, like, kind of a magazine or what not?
And then he had another one of him, like on a lake, like or on his shoulders.
And like him with his dog.
The moment I swiped right, he'd already liked me.
So we instantly matched.
And then within minutes, he was messaging me like that and one of my number, They want to stop.
What do you think?
When I was like Som, he was honestly, really attractive and in shape and tall blond hair and blue eyes and get a cute accent which most girls are like a sucker for someone in the common past for you to be Serbian in the next booth.
But on the day he started talking about money pretty quickly, like about how his family, like, you know, I had all these businesses.
He was a doctor.
He basically had come with, like, you know, all this money in his bank account because he just finished medical school and he just wanted, like, kind of sow his oats and spent time in L.
A before buckling down and being a doctor like it sounds like the perfect, like the perfect.
But for me, it kind of turned me off a little because I felt like he was trying to impress me with his money, and I didn't really like him on a date.
But then he walked me back to my car and he asked me out, like on a second date, right then and there it kind of caught me off guard and then us on the next day.
And then every couple of days after that, he wouldn't want to see me like it was really no normal.
Yeah, And then I remember we went on a date where we just hung out in the park, and then he, like, changed, opened up.
But he was more sweet.
And it was then that I started to fall for him.
And then, like within a month, he told me he was gonna have to go back to Serbia.
Said the businesses were falling apart without maybe a month into dating his business partner and his mom Just call him up and scream at my house and yelling, They cut him off financially once he decided to stay and be around me.
So when I met him like a really nice Lexus has, like, money in the bank, nice designer things.
And then within months, he was getting rid of his apartment's.
The car was going back.
I ended up taking out a car loan for him to get a car.
Do you think over?
So look at the pizza on TV.
Is there anything you knows that seems slices are small, but I kind of like that.
Looks like this life from a different way.
Theory is that when people buy pizzas there, they don't finish employees taking trade back you No way.
Honestly, I wouldn't be if it's like chunky cheese TV's.
I'm saying, like I mean, like friend And she said that that was a real thing I used to do, but also like she could have been lying in Wait, go there.
There's a cheese t o What if we go really undercover and I get a job?
Management here isn't talking.
They referred us to corporate, who released a statement.
Action News, which reads in part.
Maintaining a safe experience for our guests is a primary concern for us.
They added that maintaining a safe experience for Children and their families is a quote.
Most important, Chuck E.
Cheese fucking talking Red.
Oh, didn't I purposely set up that way?
I was never claimed here possessive, and he was going out of his other leg.
Serbian friends and they would go with steakhouses whenever and I knew that there was like other women there don't care like it's their friends.
He told me that his call girl at an obsession with him and that he didn't want to date her.
And it's this girl contacts.
You don't talk to her.
That girl did end up sending me like text messages.
Good job.
I'm proud of you.
But he showed me how you could manufacture them.
Was like, this is how she is doing it.
So I believed him, even though I I just I believed it because he was so charismatic.
And and that s o.
Milos left me with the dog.
We're gonna have some fun today.
So, um, basically, I am financially supporting him.
I'm paying all the bills.
I got to a point in, like, march of 2016 where I was ready to leave them.
It wouldn't take much for him before.
He was, like, screaming and yelling at me, and it started out like being anyone go for hours at first, when he did it, you just happened, like once a week like, but then it got to be where I used to count the days in between reality and when you didn't yell at me for a week, I was like, really excited.
You got really bad.
The sanest thing.
I was ready to break up with him, but that's when my period was late.
So you it was It was really hard, but it was like like I always wanted a family.
But I didn't want to be with Milos at that point.
This is even stupider.
Don't be like me, girls.
Because he was a doctor.
He told me that if he pulled out, I could get pregnant.
And trust me, no one was more shocked than I was pregnant than me.
And I have accident.
Shouldn't be on something.
Shouldn't we be using something?
Because I was not ready to have kids yet.
But so do you think his goal was percent?
Yeah, because he wanted I think he knew at that point that I wanted to get out.
He probably wanted hang on to me.
So we should test this out around just watching you wait.
Close your eyes, Wade.
Light in here is a closer or something.
Close, right?
I love you.
Do you know where I want sex with you?
Do I?
And you take me to talk Hope now I e I like.
I wouldn't be like Shane's.
But like, that computer probably sounds like shame.
Now, to really put my computer voice to the test, I am going to call my dear sweet mother.
And if it's on the phone, it's, you know, I just think that's what I was thinking.
It sounded like you were just kind of like going through a tunnel.
Hey, uh, I think I'm coming down with a virus.
Oh, wow.
You feel bad?
I was messing around with you.
You were talking to a computer.
Oh, that's all that's on you or what are you guys doing?
Oh, give me the tea with your community.
That sounds pretty good.
I'm just going to seem like Chuck E.
Cheese is history of lawsuits, just in case.
And I found people suing that this was a $5 million lawsuit.
Basically, this one was from parents who were claiming that it's technically gambling.
Something that's been on my mind.
I recently went to a Chuck E cheese.
You know, the place where a kid could be a kid and what I saw.
Kids gambling.
Lucky right now, handler, that was like my first introduction to the sound booth gambling on.
They play right here.
It promotes gambling to gamble.
All right, Shawn, go ahead.
Have your spin.
Is this what we're teaching our Children?
Parents giving these fucking cup full points.
It's a big number.
Is this what we're teaching them?
What do you want to go with all your money?
Chuck E cheese is, I think, the biggest form of gambling I've ever seen in my life.
No one seems to care.
You know the place where a kid could be a kid.
I think that's what gets me most.
Because let's face it, money matters.
Just think about it.
What if that's why games you always get one ticket.
So then it's like, I know you didn't lose your ticket, right?
Get it.
Is you always win at least one.
Take it just for playing.
At least wanted what, like that job trying?
Maybe that's literally just a way to get around the gambling.
Because if you didn't want it to get you just lost your point.
Oh, yeah, technically, loss, which is like still, I love gambling so much.
Is that because I want to check the cheese every other weekend and learned how to gambles.
Well, let's check the possibilities and eat.
And that's why I love eating.
I love gambling.
I'm doing a YouTube video to show you that I have a gambling problem.
Yes, I said this My gambling problem right there.
I'm just showing you that I am a pork or gambling problem.
It's a conspiracy of time.
But I hated Milos at that point.
You need I even like I'm kind of ashamed of it.
But I I even thought about not keeping racks because I knew it would forever tie me to him.
And I didn't I didn't want that.
There will be a door there.
You give them money for a strip club, Goto.
But when it came time for it, I couldn't go through with it.
Yeah, I was thinking about keeping Rex.
I had an appointment and I just couldn't go.
Yeah, I have.
Someone's looks mean to you every day.
Would you want to have a kid?
I don't know why I put up with it, but and then I remember one day this is the first time he was physically abusive.
God, I hate this.
I'm sorry.
Okay, guy brought to shoot you, But But I know I don't want anyone to go through what I went through.
Okay, so I got, like, I wanted to find get him out.
And I was so pissed at him and the bills were piling up.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, we got a traveling big black trash bags from the kitchen.
I started gathering up this stuff and I'm like, you need to get out.
At that point, I was like, I don't care.
I'm gonna be a single mom.
Get out and be, like, just changed like that.
You went out.
So I ran into the bathroom.
I was, like, screaming like you told me, because I like my neighbors.
The kids always played in the yard, so I thought we were gonna be home when they're gonna see me, Right?
And those one day that they weren't home was that day on the number.
My phone was in the other room, so I ran to get my phone call 911 and he wrenched it out of my hand, Hurt my pinky.
I was like, two feet from the door.
When Milos, like crab me, I was trying to get him off.
I was pushing the space needle in my eye, my eye.
And then also that was like, Wait a minute.
I just heard his all right.
And so I just froze.
Like my I'm never gonna be able to practice medicine like doctors need their sites or whatever you like.
Ran out the door, got this car and then, like testing me from a car like I need to go see an eye.
Doctor Lee hurt My eye meal isn't coming back with, like, an eyepatch like drops and whatever and give him $200.
Let me come to the doctor's appointment.
So I want to go and see if anything was wrong with, like, you know, it's I I thought I heard him Even though he hurt me first.
I like to this day.
I wish I would have just called police that day.
But I didn't.
That was weird.
He's telling me he's facetime audio.
Feed him Morning.
Give me the Teke.
Oh, I wait.
Are you transcribing?
What I'm saying?
Are you hungry?
What are you guys doing?
What are you guys?
Are you hungry?
You got to give me the tea you want.
Did you want that?
You, Morgan, Do you want to know?
I didn't have a good experience.
Wait for the first.
When I said, Hey, Morgan, did you think it was me in the very beginning?
The 1st 12 sentences.
I think not.
You way.
We wouldn't have been on facetime.
It was just my voice.
She might have thought that was me.
Oh, yeah.
Shame through the phone.
Sounds like even I believe way person.
When you when you hear back my reporting, it's crazy.
Like it sounds like you to a t Wait, What's happening?
What t work, Morgan.
Now, that's creepy.
Yeah, I want sex with you.
Yeah, that way.
That was crazy.
Yeah, well, yeah, it makes sense to you because it kind of digitizes it.
But if you are listening through a phone in your brain, kind of cancels that out, something you're just left with What actually sound like you.
But I could totally imagine a scenario where if you had less than stellar audio quality and you were in a different room from the speaker, you could absolutely fake someone saying something reelected.
I mean, let's try.
I am Quinn Nelson and I assassinated Abraham Lincoln.
I am Queen Nelson and I assassinated Abraham Lincoln.
That one is really good.
I'm sorry.
I honestly don't think I've ever been.
I don't think I've ever been here to be on E.
I mean Oh, it's not to be trusted.
What a perfect pizza.
But Squali would be proud all of a sudden.
He told me that because he had money.
He said in a fund in Russia.
When I first met her, he told me about this.
He's like the sanctions.
We gotta get money out.
He told me he was getting $10 billion.
And he showed me the forms of 11,000,000,000.
And he said that without class, he showed me forms.
Leider sees for con artist.
Oh, yeah.
I see many hops in his cast.
Um, comes out there now.
He's got his filthy fucking rat claws all over your kid way.
I feel back, actually really loved her.
You've been doing that so hard this over.
I really do love it, But I'm just curious you'll be able to look at the houses in Malibu.
You have to have.
So I had a sheet that had 34 million euros in the fund so we could go look at these places.
I have videos of me that he was talking about Today is real estate today.
So we're gonna go get some breakfast and then look at houses.
Yeah, Yeah, yeah, because you can offer on place is like was an $8 million home.
I started buying like this fantasy, right?
Cool is actually my favorite bar.
What's your favorite part?
Did honest agent, Honestly, making a little bit uncomfortable because I felt like that kind of money he would own me.
And he was being really nice, but he could change back in a moment, right?
It's like, you know, you should sell your house, and then right as we're showing it, came into the living room one day.
If they said, like such and such, ran away with the banker, ran away with the money that was coming in, we're gonna put down on the house.
So I find out what kind of a house for sale that that means we're not.
I'm going to be getting the house down there like my house I loved on dhe nightstand with Shane's book.
Everyone get it.
It's so good.
From what I remember, that was like I was shocked when you were selling it and he insisted to It's like, Britney, I know you really love This house is But get down.
Tell the tests, Andy ago.
All pass four exams before our son is born.
I'll have a job.
It's like least residency.
He'll get beginning like, $15,000 a month.
We could easily buy another house right away.
And like I needed help.
I was seven months pregnant, right?
Also, don't point was like 30,000 dead because it wasn't working because mulish didn't have a job and I was sick.
You know, I start Mike has been so sore that I just like, randomly started crying.
Sorry, Bill.
Oh, so I didn't really have a choice like I couldn't keep like I thought about canceling and not selling it.
But then I could afford it.
I think I was just I was really vulnerable.
So I was pregnant.
Don't you don't make excuses for you.
Especially if he is like he's charismatic.
Of course, everyone did.
But everyone had a crush on him like guys.
Girls like, if you're around for two seconds like that would be like, let's play basketball or whatever.
Like the instantly wanted to be his friend or talk to him for hours like he just had that kind of personality.
And it's, uh what?
It's a boy.
It's a boy.
You believe we're having to pull a She should try, because I feel like a girl's voice might work better.
Yeah, you, like, generates your voice, and then you take whatever you want.
I told you I was that scary.
I actually think there's a rule where you need a kid to go in.
I think so we're gonna d'oh hire a kid.
Wait, is it weird walking in there with a camera?
Oh, maybe.
Yeah, I'm proud of this.
It's not like 15 year olds.
It's like shoulder.
Uh, that's why that's how they get away with it.
Right, Chucky?
Cheese excuses.
We're teaching fetish.
You let somebody else have your pizza, you get somebody else happy.
What should I put the camera would be like having Jiminy it had it rolling.
Just wait.
Can't close this thing when it's so report.
If anybody finds this footage, we're filming a conspiracy video aboutthe, and then my mom comes into town for the birth weight her before.
I always thought she was kind of possessive but not mean.
But the moment she got there, like everything switch, she kept saying, like, Where's the words?
And then the moment my son was born, that's when things got really crazy.
Because at the hospital his mom was just like staring at me during my birth, my entire burger.
She sat in that chair and Mueller slept, by the way, during pretty much my entire birth and watch angry birds.
My mom 15 hours in.
I know it's true.
So his mom's sat there on the contract this the entire time, just like staring at me on.
Then, when my son was born, she started calling.
His mom started calling my son her baby.
When he was crying, she would take him out of my arms, and he was only like a day old.
You don't do that to a new mom, and that's when it became like, really obvious that something was wrong.
My voice is ready.
I need to put this time.
Drop go Recordings.
How are you?
Yeah, that sounded exactly like you.
Let me get it.
It's a very convincing impersonation.
First thing you see when you walk in and it looks like they're clearing the air right out of the gate.
Don't even think about the way things is the loudest place.
Can we go to the movie store?
Wait, There's something really bad happened last night at the Alicia Marie party.
Because then she'll be like, Oh, shit.
Like you to wait.
Maybe something crazy, Not something bad.
I can't wait.
I think she'll like this.
I think you'd agree.
Hates me.
Oh, that way.
Like people think I was really me?
She drugged me.
She says my channels.
She, uh, Charles him in there.
Chamber personalities.
You look like a sexy women way.
Got home after the hospital.
They started talking about getting him bossy and Serbian citizenship.
06 months old, her to go.
But that's what he could be off breast milk and he wouldn't need me.
So things you started a really strange from the start.
She keeps saying like, Oh, he has no flaws in his perfect skin thinking.
What would it matter?
Also, they all just wanted pictures of him.
She didn't want the photos of me with the baby meals with.
Maybe they just wanted photos of rats.
She wanted Thio buying this hips and, like put multiple divers on just the way they want to buy.
It helps to say that the form and have healthier hips at every doctor Pediatricians that we went to said no, that's barbaric rocks and a downy belly button.
And we need to use a coin right away and, um, gauze interested in.
We wrap it in gauze and then, you know, then you won't have an outie belly.
But I'm thinking, you know what?
I even said e need you to back off.
I need you to just support me and like, you know, And she said What?
She wants to leave.
This escalated really quickly.
And then she was my baby.
No, no.
You know my mom, she was there and I thought, No, my son to my mom.
I said, No, he is my son.
And then she went, grabbed all our clothes and start throwing up her suitcase, and Milos left with his mom like I didn't know English was leaving.
He went with Mom.
Why was she trying to make the perfect baby?
I like him.
Because I can't look like I hate him.
But I d'oh because like, I just Okay, so literally no phones and no microwaves.
Your fresh made pizza will be ready soon.
Fresh ingredients.
I've never been where they said in so many different locations, Subway like pizza is on their way.
This is one thing that I started to figure things out he had struck through one night.
He was They would take him to the hospital, him in his mom, and they ran a test because this truck wasn't going away.
And he said that they had cancer.
He told me that he had a property like apartment in Russia, had showed me pictures of before.
And he said if he died, he wanted to make sure that Rex and I were taken care of and he kept on breathing.
And I need your passport.
My lawyers dropped off all the documents like No, I need Rex is like you get a security guard, your passport for them.
Drop these documents to put in your name.
So if something happened to me that you would have let stuff, right?
So I was lying awake one night and I was looking up like Thompson.
And I was like, probably these drugs and minister, like how they do it.
Like, I'm just curious what Milos was going through every day by me.
You have oddities anywhere in your body.
You get bruising.
There wasn't a mark on a malicious body.
And that's when I realized he was faking cancer.
Yeah, he was faking having cancer.
We're in the kitchen making the best pizza in town.
Chuck E.
Cheese is It's better than ever.
The employees will take that to the back, take those pieces off the tray and form a new pizza.
I mean, that's like crazy, right?
I mean, if that's true yet, I wouldn't be like cheese cheese.
Look a little like a suspect.
And nobody is talking about the inflation.
So we only have 143 tickets, which is basically nothing.
And I got 15 tickets, which is a lot.
And what did I get?
But this thing, this is all I got, it spins around.
Please just have fun for all the tickets they got like fucking 9000 tickets.
They get a stuffed animal.
This big cost, like 200 peace can brew $50.
Just that your child can walk out with a plastic spider that breaks as soon as you get in the goddamn car.
That's highway robbery perfectly.
Machine owner can specify how often they want a jackpot to be.
One weighs almost gets the booth so close, but yet so far away, and it should be investigated at a number of restaurants.
Fun Kitty parties have turned into chaos.
Broke out with people as Children run.
Why does it happen in these places?
Many Chucky cheese is alcohol is served two adults imaginary kid friendly establishment, serving beer that can't go together.
Well, I have to say, it's insane right now with the alcohol.
I think that that just adds to the capacity to act out.
Now what struck you doing it back before he puts on his costume?
Is he taking a couple nips off the bottle?
You're chugging a few beers here.
You have this attitude maintaining a safe experience for Children and their families for hair getting caught in the machine, yanking her towards it.
I really thought that was gonna take her spell.
Tha is of utmost importance.
What about that ball pit?
Their filthy There could be anything in there.
You don't know what's in there.
They could be fucking dead animals in their toddler and her 11 year old son.
Found this.
The birthday girl came upon a composing.
Now we are here to expose Chuckie.
Choose another mother Shared video.
The briny conditions inside the play structure discussing states all over the place.
There's another mar
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Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson

23 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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