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We just had a podcast way.
Talked about everything we talked about.
Love, relationship, sex, vibrators and vibrator with your hands.
That's right.
With your hands.
Us making out my net worth.
You just look in my mouth.
Hey, would you guys?
Welcome back to another creepy video.
Now, I don't know about you, but there is nothing scarier to me than a hospital with sounds of people crying and being in pain as you're walking down the halls of smell, blood and sometimes even death.
The awful food don't get me started.
All in all, hospitals are probably my least favorite place in the world.
But there's something that we need.
I mean, if there's something wrong with us, we go to the hospital and they fix it, right?
Well, that's not supposed to work.
But sometimes they miss up and they must up now.
I can't believe I'm even saying this.
I can't believe this is true.
But medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in America.
That's right.
Number one, heart disease number two, cancer number three medical errors over 250,000 people year die because of some Fuck up that happened to the hospital.
Stunning medical news tonight about how many Americans had something go wrong when they go to the hospital, The astronomical new number one in three patients will face a mistake during a hospital.
Yeah, one in three.
Which means it's probably gonna happen to 1/3 of the people that watch.
Well, today we're gonna be looking at some of the craziest medical mistakes ever happened.
And some of these are incredibly disturbing.
So if you are scared of hospitals already, this is only gonna make it worse.
Okay, I'm going to start with something that is one of my biggest fears, and it is not gonna make it any better.
First, we're gonna talk about death from an M R.
I'm sure you've all seen them.
M r I machines are massive, scary tubes that are in the dark.
You go into them and you can't move.
Now the m an m r I stands for magnet.
Now imagine a magnet the size of an M r I machine, because that's what it is.
Yeah, that huge machine is literally a big, powerful magnet, and obviously there's anything metal around this magnet.
I remember going into these machines when I was a kid and even recently and hyperventilating because all I could think of was like, Oh my God, there's a wire about my teeth.
What if the wire do my teeth and it's the fucking magnet?
We forgot to take my keys out of my pocket and it rips my pants off.
Or what if the metal in my leg from when I broke my ankle just rips out of my leg?
Like literally the scariest thing now?
Obviously, they take us many precautions, as they can sometimes mistakes, too.
So obviously metal objects should be no, we're nearer in m r I machine when it's in use.
But in 2001 in a New York hospital, there was a young man named Michael Colombini, and he was getting a scan.
The nurse walked into the room with a large metal oxygen tank.
As you can imagine, it did not go well.
The big metal oxygen tank flew to the M.
R I machine and struck Michael in the head as it went.
Now this killed him.
Take a look at this video researchers make after Michael's death.
It shows just how fast that metal oxygen tank kills him.
Okay, that was really dark.
So I'm gonna move to something a little lighter, but honestly, very scary to me.
This is the medical mistake of the Accidental Wrists.
And we've all heard the crazy plastic surgery.
Stories of people who go in tow look like somebody, and they come out looking very different.
I mean, some patients go under the knife so often that sometimes they literally can't even open their eyes.
Maryland Lease wants to look a little younger, but after eyelid surgery, she's unable to fully close her eyes.
I mean, people are changing themselves beyond recognition.
They want the perfect teeth, perfect cheeks, perfect body.
And then sometimes you might think they go too far.
And then sometimes it gets really dark.
For example, what happened?
A former beauty queen salon JJ no.
Now, salons went in to get her butt injected because she wanted to make it a little bit bigger.
Well, a few days later, she died.
Some kind of foreign matter, traveled from the injection material through her bloodstream, all the way to her buns and stopped her from breathing.
All because of a butt implant that got fucked up.
Now that story is awful, but this one is Alexander.
Bias was a model, an actor and former Mr Mexico and Mister Universe.
Right now, Alexander had a small tumor removed from his chest, and he wanted to fix it while he went to the office, a man named Dr Ronaldo, who's also known as the Butcher of South Beach.
Yeah, the Butch, by as his desire to revive his career brought him here to this office in Miami Beach.
The man inside told him he was a doctor who could literally turn back the clock, restoring by as his chest to the rugged perfection that had brought him so much attention.
Now, after Alexander's peck surgery from literally con artists who are not surgeons, Alexander wasn't given the two male pecs that he asked for.
He was given two female breasts after implant surgery to boost his chest muscles.
Even Maur Alexander Baez wound up like this.
Just listen to how the South Beach Police Department described it.
It literally sounds like a horror.
Bias, who had been given ketamine, an anaesthetic used on animals, kept waking up in tears as Mr Renaldo tried to force the two large implants into his chest.
This is the craziest part.
This insane surgery was filled.
The captain of the police department said it was a butcher job.
You wouldn't want to have happen to your dog, not doctor.
And all those skip town after this happened because a bunch of other people hey, had given bullshit surgeries to that.
He was trying to run away from two, But luckily, they found Manning put him in jail only for seven and 1/2 years, but Oh, And by the way, in case you were wondering, he literally used cake spatulas to shove the breast implants into Alexander's chest.
Uh, wait.
Got okay.
Now, this next thing we're gonna talk about something I talked about six months ago.
So if you've already heard about this, you can skip this part, the video.
But if you haven't Oh, my God.
This is going to ruin going to the hospital for you.
If you haven't heard of something called anesthesia awareness.
I'm sorry.
Patients who remain wide awake and paralyzed while doctors cut them open.
It is excruciatingly painful, as you'd imagine.
It's also more common than you might think that's right.
You're literally being put under to go into surgery.
Can't move.
You can't talk.
You can't open your eyes, but you can feel every single everything every scalpel.
If you're getting heart surgery, you'll feel them crack your ribs open.
If you're getting stomach surgery, you'll feel them burning in your stomach.
Uh, and you can't do anything.
You literally have to leave there and be in your head and not be able to get out now.
Like I said before, this is something that happens a lot.
One in 700 people will have this happen to them.
Put in 700.
You know what that means?
I'm really bad at math.
But if two million people watch this video one in 700 I'm really I don't know, a shit ton of you guys might have this happen to you.
And you too.
Now, the amount of pain that you're going through during the surgery and you're not able to get out or move or tell somebody to stop is so insane that some people think killing themselves.
There was a pain that you can not deal with.
It just goes on and on and you're screaming and find your head.
Well, in 2006 a man, actually, Sherman Sizemore took his own life after having an experience with anesthesia awareness.
His family says that he was conscious through 16 minutes off his stomach surgery.
Well, if you didn't see this video, I did a while ago, I interviewed a girl who actually had this happen to her, and she was having awareness during an insane surgery and oh, my God.
Just just But while you're burning, you can sell it, which is something that I happen in surgery, something you just never think about, what a surgery smile like.
But while you're smelling it, also kind of tasting it and you're wondering flesh smells.
Oh, yeah, it is very, very real.
So, please, if you're going to get surgery, make sure they have a brain monitor.
Make sure you ask about anesthesia awareness because some hospitals do have ways of making sure it doesn't happen.
But I don't Oh, it's just it's too much.
All right.
The last thing I'm gonna talk about is I'm sure what you've all been waiting for, things that have been accidentally left inside of a person's body.
That's right.
This happens once again a lot.
Just from 2005 to 12 2772 incidences of foreign objects left in patients occurred.
What now?
This happens so often in the medical world that they have a phrase for retained surgical items or, you know, she we fucking left him five peppers him Now.
Obviously, there's been scissors, scalpels and other very, very scary things left inside of people's bodies.
But sometimes they're little, but they cause even more.
There was a woman in Sofia in Kentucky who had a small sponge left inside of her for four years.
Now the sponge rotted into her body and caused permanent battle damage.
Now, because of this huge mistake, she got $2.5 million yeah, that's a lot of money, But her body's permanently hurt from that situation.
This one is worse.
In 2000 there was a man named Donald Church.
You went in for surgery because of what looked like a beer gut in this photo.
Now it was not a beer gut at all.
It was a huge tumor in his abdomen the size of bowling.
Now Luckily, they removed it with no complications.
So they thought 74 days later he had to go back to the hospital because he felt awful and he kept collapsing.
Now I'm gonna warn you.
This is going to make you kind of sick.
Sit down if you're not.
When he went back to the hospital, they found out that they had left a 13 inch stainless steel tool is side off his stomach.
Oh, my God.
When I heard this one, I literally got diarrhea.
Now he's okay.
They removed it, and he's fine.
I mean, I don't know how, but he is, but 13 inches.
I can't even like that's just imagine having this inside of you.
That was a weird visual.
But now, if you've ever had any kind of surgery of any kind, I want to feel around your body, see if there's anything that feels off because there is a huge chance you have something that the doctor might have left side, and that random metal object might be slowly killing you.
All right.
You probably thought that was gonna be it, but I'm gonna give you a bonus round now.
You've probably never heard of this?
I hadn't either until I started looking at it.
There is something called internal surgical fires.
That's right, a spontaneous fire that could erupt in your body during surgery.
Now, surgical fires sound crazy, but they happen and they have been 600 times a year.
That's like twice a day I'm bad at math, but I think that's almost twice a day.
Uh, all right, here is one of the stories, and it comes from a girl named Lauren Is I kind of asked her, however, I was still there and she said that that was gonna be the least of my problems.
Both eyes swollen shut with large blisters hanging from her skin, Lauren was rushed to Metro Health Medical Centers Burn Unit.
Now, Lauren was told because of the problems that happened during surgery, she would have a sunburn effect on her face.
When her parents unwrapped her facial bandages, They were Lauren Waas, the victim of a surgical fire.
This fire occurred during surgery, either on the outside or the inside my body.
Now inside of a hospital room.
There are tons of different items that could cause a fire.
I mean, you have lasers, gas tanks, plastic wires, so many different ingredients that could be used to start and think about it this way, with all the alcohol that they use to clean you and swab on your body and how flammable human fat is, that's asking for fire Now.
Luckily, hospitals are getting a lot smarter about how to prevent this and how to deal with it.
But it is a real thing, and it is scary.
Well, there you guys go.
Hopefully you enjoy all of these scary medical mistakes.
Now, this video in particular, was really hard for me to make.
It was hard for me to think about.
It was just all of it is literally my worst nightmare.
So I hope it gives you nightmares, too, because I don't want you guys if you want more videos like this.
I was thinking about doing a video of the scariest things that have ever happened in an emergency room.
If you want that thumbs up, also make sure to subscribe to my channel down below the notification belt because I make videos every day.
And if you want to see the full video, I did about anesthesia awareness it is nuts.
So you might pass out.
I literally almost passed out when I was filming it.
Put a link to it.
Right on top of description.
Do right, you guys, I'm gonna go if you have to go to the hospital.
So good luck.
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19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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