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What's up, guys?
Welcome to Overtime Episode two We got a great show for you guys today.
Same sets, same guys.
Same think Mike's gonna be a good day.
Told your twins for behold overtime told guy you're twins for both in our over.
That is a good song.
And this is gonna be a good episode.
I'm particularly excited about it because we've got two brand new segments for you guys.
But I say we jump right in with everybody's favorite.
Not cool.
All right?
So as you guys may remember, Gara absolutely blew us out of the water last time with pancake.
I feel like he's earned the right to go first.
Dare tell us what you got.
What if I told you that I bought each of you guys one acre of land?
Oh, Cory, I Absolutely.
It's an acre of land, location, location, location.
I'm not sold yet.
Well, we're going to the moon way.
Each own collectively five acres.
There's more bite from buzz.
Like I bought you all Ah, 100 acres on the sun.
Where's the Spaceland?
Coming wrong.
We haven't figured out how to colonize the sun yet, but the moon all right.
I mean, you know what?
It's kind of the biggest scam job in the world selling space, Land of people.
Yeah, I got to say that the website was a little scared.
Okay, I'm going there.
It is red.
Kinda like to call the son.
You got Ilan Mosque out there.
That's just gonna help us just colonize all these planets pushing for the sun.
Well, you know, after I buy him 100 acres, you never know.
Not a bad items.
Let's mix it up a little bit.
Coach, How about you?
How about you go now?
You guys didn't cool my thing last time, Intendant.
Cool thing.
You did it.
You didn't give the violin and show.
You mean we not cold?
You're correct.
Okay, right here.
I have a real life pocket.
Oh, my God.
Hair to be amazed.
Is that a post it note?
That's real gun.
Oh, like I'm sitting here for that, I think more gunpowder, the better that you have.
Like, someone could shoot at court.
It's gonna splash zone.
He's smart.
Good table, Booth.
And I'm gonna go ahead and give you guys a virtual button to head home they're all They're all Machin.
Would anyone like to go next?
Okay, go.
We would like to go next.
All right, guys, I'm pretty excited about this.
Oh, my gosh.
What guys?
It's a snuggle pillow.
Okay, let me paint the picture for you.
So let's say you're on an airplane.
You're sitting in the dreaded middle, so you pull that on air point.
I'm getting off.
Stop talking now.
Boat boat.
Gorgo say, Oh, I'm sorry, guys.
I forgot to the green, but anyway, Cory, you're off.
Put this pillow.
We're losing viewers.
Nothing more boring than just handing somebody a greeting card.
Let me show you guys a way to spice it up.
He go, my friend.
Oh, Wounded Butterfly.
If you did that to me and realize not in the stage setting, I might have just punched you.
Scared for my life?
I think the concept is great.
And that's why I will give you a green.
Let's lose it.
But Okay, let's make it something else.
Cory, you seem a little lonely over there if you want.
Oh, just hang on to that.
This is better than the last one.
Tie redeem this segment to the viewers.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I reveal to you chocolate 1% milk chocolate.
Pull that fight.
Oh, this is only dangerous because it's delicious.
I very good.
This is absolutely incredible.
And something that you could take to the moon.
You know what I mean?
Life Booth waiting to clean off the desk because we got a brand new segment for you coming up.
Absurd recurring.
Welcome to absurd records where we attempt to break crazy world records and fill up the wall downstairs.
Because, to be honest, we've got a few blank spots.
Yes, we know.
Absurd record to spelled wrong, Derek.
Tell him on it.
No other reason.
Other than that, it just sounds better.
So we've got our good buddy Michael from Guinness World Records that you may have seen in a couple of our other videos downstairs.
And we're going to head that way and see what he's got in store for.
Let's do it, Michael.
Good to see you again.
Thank you for joining us.
So as many of you know, one of the worst things in the world would be stepping on a Lego barefooted Michael Would you like to tell him what we're gonna be doing today, Tyler?
Today you are attempting the furthest distance walking on Legos.
The mark to beat is 25 meters, which is 82 feet.
Sounds like a long way.
Let's walk on two blankets, is it?
This is the moment we've been waiting, strained his whole life for this moment.
All the other records or hogwash compared to this, it's just gonna be horrible.
It's gonna be the worst five minutes of your life.
Your view here.
It's a long view.
Go ahead, take a look.
Hard to see the other end.
Starting in 321 you gotta fight through it.
Come on, T.
Oh, God.
It was a good one.
Oh, that had to be a saw blade.
I got this.
Go on record.
You got that look like back.
Right on time, Tyler.
You can step off.
The mark to beat was 82 feet.
That tape measurement is 146.94 World Backer title.
Congratulations, Michael.
As always.
Thanks for joining us.
We'll see you next time on the Kurds.
I feel bad records feel good.
I'm gonna be honest.
I caught one right on the heels.
You had one little section where you were stumbling a little bit.
I would put that excitement on hold because this is bound to be someone's least favorite segment.
It's time for real unfortunate.
It is my name in there.
You're definitely still in.
You go back to back.
Dare I have some news?
It's good news because I saw CEO.
Could this be back to back wheel?
Spin it?
Could he hitting the first wheel spin for one of the twins?
That's not what I'm hoping for a time.
We find out in 321 Oh, what a sense of relief.
I look well.
And for me, too.
It's my favorite segment.
You could fly to Wisconsin today.
He could.
I got to say, It's way more fun when it's not your name.
All right, Cory, it's time to head to the wheel.
Just didn't do it.
Watch it!
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the greatest game show Honor.
I'm sure you know who I am, but just engage him.
Pin living under a rock.
I've met Forster.
Golden Boy That was you put by the golden boy Anyways, we've got a special guest joining us today.
I believe his name is Cory Cotton.
Cory, come on down.
All right, Cory, Uh, how's it going today?
How you feel it?
It's not good to be here.
This is not where you wanna be.
You know, don't be bringing any of that trash in here.
I might have tea in the head with an iron.
All right.
I'm sure you know you're gonna be spending the wheel behind this year.
Uh, real plague.
Behold my microphone.
Dead four, sir.
Right back at you.
Spray tan.
Level 10 is off the board.
Code went ahead and took care for the most hand for three weeks.
That's unfortunate, but that's why we play the game.
And, Cory, I think we've got one for you to spend.
Big boy Spit that way.
Oh, there's a There's a spin with some authority.
Haven't seen one of those in a while.
Gets bad cut around anything.
Look at all right.
Wheels coming to a stop.
Looks like you're gonna be safe promoting a cat, but you are gonna have thio car wash in the event of a truck.
Cory, cut.
Well, as we say around here?
That's odd.
Fortunate door.
Why don't you grew up with boys that head out to the car wash?
All right?
This is gonna be a good well, unfortunately, court, we forgot that we all have bed covers show.
Uh, I think right up here in this region is gonna D'oh, wait.
All right, Court will have you warmed up.
Did I'm trying.
Thanks again, guys.
I was just man.
That was an honor.
What a treat to be on the greatest game show of all.
I'm not entirely sure.
Why were you calling that?
Asgeir called it that It says you are welcome.
I will be honest.
I did get a little bit worried when the mainbar came down on the front.
I totally thought it was gonna grab you and then just sweep you up into the machine and just she on top, would have been on 14.
All right, Well, before we head into the next segment, we always get some awesome fan mail from you guys.
Hear DPH que tu and I say it's time that we take a look at it.
We've asked our editors to come up with a creative way to deliver our mail to us each time.
Let's see what they come up with.
All right.
Eyes the mail in the balloon.
The mail is in the balloon.
My, I don't even want to know how long that took.
Unique and unexpected are the words that come to mind.
All right, boys, school.
It's melting.
Oh, okay.
So let's take a look at what we got.
Oh, wow.
Sideline reporter and well, unfortunate.
This is drawn by clearer herself giving up.
Claire, look at this.
Amazing growing from Sadie of time.
Look at this Christmas stereotypes.
I'm impressed.
That's Yeah, baby.
Probie, I would like to nominate that for Male of the Week.
Here, here, here.
Very impressed with the family.
Well, thank you.
Dress down below.
If you guys want to send us some more stuff.
Great job.
I think it's time now to head to the final segment of this show.
And that is things you weren't there.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Where the cheese weasels.
It is so good to be here tonight.
We've got a song for you tonight.
Inspired by our very own Kobe Cotton Who in a recent video launched a rocket completely sideways.
It goes a little something like this.
Kobe launched rock couple videos and go, and it's predicted bag care.
His year has started.
Pretty took a turn for the worst headed straight for the pastor, similar to his other battle.
What a disaster we got way It's open.
We got what we gave him the triangle Because it doesn't take a lot of talent to play that instrument.
Very nice in a clubby Don't leave me out, But I'm going to bring it back.
Wait, wait.
Way Cheese in the past For everybody.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for coming.
Be a weasel.
That's our tagline to use it.
What in the world?
Okay, I'm not gonna say it's the most well written song of all time, but it's certainly a little of my head's Not bad.
Just once Say, thanks to you guys.
We just hit 27 million subscribers.
Thank you for that.
I say it's time for a giveaway.
So if you're a dude perfect subscriber and you share this video, we will be sending five lucky winners.
DP I see white and a hobo.
It's good stuff next week we've got March Madness stereotypes coming out.
Click down here to subscribe so you don't miss out.
Also, if you want to see the last video click right here And if you want some awesome DP merch, click right here.
Signing off for now.
DP Overtime.
The show?
But the mike should pay.
I don't do anything.
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World's Longest LEGO Walk | Overtime 2 | Dude Perfect

72 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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