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  • Star Wars is known for its complex an imaginative oil building.

  • But we often learn more from its meticulous costumes and immersive production design than what is explained in the script.

  • In George Lucas's initial trilogy of films, World of a Galaxy, Far Far Away is gritty and weathered, showing the wear and tear of everyday life.

  • What a piece of junk very different from the glossy futurism of early SciFi hits like Star Trek or 2000 and One.

  • This is because Star Wars is and always has bean more fairy tale than science fiction, a struggle between good and evil between light and dark, told with crystal clarity in its visual story talent.

  • This is perhaps best seen in the sagas costume design, which George Lucas wanted to be familiar, yet not distinctive yet inconspicuous.

  • In Star Wars, villains are shrouded in darkness and flames, heralding destruction.

  • Inspired by brutalised architecture and fascist uniforms, the empire on the first order have a chili militaristic look with no sense of individuality.

  • The storm troopers air faceless, robotic and perfectly symmetrical, aside from the odd detail of a single knee pad, each allowing them to kneel down and shoot their rifles in formation.

  • Meanwhile, our heroes are closer to the natural world, living in swamps and forests and discovering the force by connecting with nature, often wear natural colors and soft fabrics.

  • Unlike the harsh uniformity of the empire, they display a wide range of personal tastes.

  • Dashing rogue Han Solo's Get Up is a mishmash of costume pieces you'd expect to find in spaghetti westerns, from his low slung gun holster to the long duster coat he wears in Return of the Jedi.

  • And who might you be, Hans Old Smuggling?

  • Powell Landau, on the other hand, has an undeniable fondness for capes.

  • When we first meet him, his ostentatious blue cape hints at his wealth and flair for fashion, an image conscious figure compared to the scruffy Han Solo Queen Amidala.

  • Elaborate wardrobe was inspired by traditional Mongolian guns, Chinese imperial robes and a headdress worn by 1/19 century Russian aristocrat.

  • Her hair styles may call back to her daughter, Princess Leah, but unlike the simpler costumes of the original trilogy, a model is luxury clothing suggests a life of privilege.

  • By comparison, Leia favorites practicality over glamour, never shy about making it subtext clear Star Wars features villains who look like demons, robotic skeletons and decay in corpses.

  • But by far the most iconic is Darth Vader.

  • I find your lack of faith disturbing.

  • Designed by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie and costume designer John Molo, Darth Vader is enigmatic and medicine, hiding Grissom injuries and keeping him alive with a respirator.

  • Feeders Armor disguises his human frailty while projecting an intimidating, inhuman exterior.

  • Like several other characters in the franchise.

  • Vader, please end some problematic troops linking disfigurement with darkness.

  • As George Lucas explored Vader's backstory in the Star Wars prequels, costuming played a key role.

  • Anakin Skywalker began as an innocent child wearing a sand colored tunic like look.

  • After he becomes a Jedi knight, Anakin enters his angry golf face.

  • His dark Brian rules are the darkest of all.

  • The Jedi with black leather tops suggest his inevitable slide towards the dark side.

  • You under us to make my power.

  • Bi Episode three.

  • He's scarred and disfigured.

  • Anakin's final transformation sees a team of sinister droids cover his injured body with Vader's armor on outfit that becomes a living prison.

  • In these scenes, we witnessed the death of Anakin Skywalker on the birth of Darth Vader on iconic screen villain whose legacy defines the Star Wars saga.

  • We're not done yet, even for the next generation.

  • When it comes to embodying evil Darth Vader, look still invoke.

Star Wars is known for its complex an imaginative oil building.

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