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Yes, Your lips A little different term Over here in the motherland is exciting.
Is getting a pair of boots back home.
It's name tag.
It has a C on it.
Is that for Captain, my captain of the team?
Take it fast.
I'm saying take it when you said in the times in the middle of two, we're gonna knock that out of it Way pitch, panel football in a way that he is going to sound like your warm up kind of thing.
You D'oh!
Wait, wait, wait.
If I got drafted into the hunger games, you volunteered his tribute.
Everybody rushes him to, like, grab their weapon of choice.
Get one weapon.
What is your weapon of choice?
A sword, A sword?
Our phone era.
You comfortable with bone marrow?
I'm one of the guys in the corner.
You've been in a booth, but ended up shot faces a little segment.
We like to call language bearing and I've got a list of pictures here.
We're gonna eat.
Say we see in these photos.
What sport is this correct way, little one.
Here we go.
Way, Crossbar Challenge Way!
Little segment.
We like to call How many guys does it take to stop peeking?
Remaining started started.
All right.
The idea is to look bigger than you appear, so I'm gonna put hands out, flex all the muscle, please.
Look, I'm wearing right now.
No boots.
When we were in Texas, cowboy here.
What do you put your groceries in?
Is what you ride in downtown?
That's a shopping cart.
No way.
No way.
Chambers in this four block smooth when the roll, all you need is 40 perfect members.
I didn't come.
It may be that, ladies and gentlemen, the only thing we've learned today is we don't have enough food.
Perfect members to stop that number.
Oh, yeah?
You got it.
Had a little thing with Ty.
Trust you.
Trust me.
I trust you.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
I mean, if you're gonna be a football player, you gotta have a hairdo that goes with your banker.
Kind of much more your style of play.
Okay, So why don't we bring Cody in here?
We've got a trimmer.
Why don't you give him a little haircut?
We figured we should look like you guys.
I'm gonna let you guys give me a cup.
You got all this real estate I'm telling you.
What is it?
You watch my ears.
Are you sure you don't want to guard star basketball?
Yeah, like you want you.
Who's your favorite player after?
This is for you, staff.
This is a way steady.
Oh, I like that.
You got significantly colder out here.
Is that my dream?
That was your dream.
To cut someone tear off.
Let's go to the O.
Oh, my.
That dream was for taking my numbers.
That's really cool.
My wife's gonna like, Turn around for the reveal, Mackey.
Thank you.
I think I haven't seen it yet.
For me, you know, this is gonna go on the way.
Nick was like, What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching a huge thanks to man City and ourself for hanging out with us for a little bit.
We had a blast.
Makes you check out our other video.
We did with soccer am on their channel.
Well versed football with Lem, Ella and Oscar Bryan Year.
You want to see our last video click right here and for a lot more awesome videos coming out soon on the dude perfect channel.
Click right here to subscribe.
Court him with pounds again.
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Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

22 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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