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Now Dustin's plan is for a whole line.
Weather touches to the cable crawler to position the dredge directly above the dive sites were doing things you've never done before.
A lot of room to mess up.
Hopefully this worked out.
It's all clear, amigo.
Man, send the crawler.
Send the car older, please.
All right, We're about to send it, man.
It makes it.
Dustin uses a zip tie to keep the drill running and power the crawler across the ravine.
Way across.
It's cruising, man.
It's really moving.
Dustin needs his caller invention toe work.
If he's going to get back in the hunt for gold things, hold on.
Ass moving.
Dude, that's a red neck right there.
That's off the man.
No, it's not catching a great catching man.
That's too heavy.
Crawl out there and go get the damn thing.
I gotta go out there.
Are you You may.
Oh, the cable crawler is stuck on it's uphill climb.
With the drills still running, Carlos has no choice but to climb along the cable above a 400 foot drop to rescue it.
Heavenly Father, please protect me.
Bring me back.
Bring it back.
Bring it back.
Bring it back!
You have it.
You got it.
Oh, James Top.
We've got it.
You're safe, man.
I had you.
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Carlos Climbs Along A Cable Above A 400 FT Drop | Gold Rush: White Water

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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