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safe in their command module 1/4 of a 1,000,000 miles from Earth.
Apollo 11 is closing in on the move.
The trip to the moon is rather strange and that you're not allowed to look at the moon.
The reason has to do with the thermal conditions.
To keep the heat evenly distributed, you have to turn broadside to the sun and rotate the machine like a chicken on a rotisserie.
But that's about to change.
Apollo 11 must fire its rocket engine and be captured by the moon's gravity, a maneuver called lunar orbit insertion.
A mistake at this stage could prove fatal.
Lunar orbit insertion was one of the more challenging aspects of the Flight.
This is Houston.
Your goal for Alli over right maneuver had to be essentially perfect.
Capture happens behind the moon out of sight of Mission Control.
If anything goes wrong, the astronauts are on their own.
We'll be on the other side.
Three days into their historic journey, Apollo 11 is behind the moon, cut off from Mission Control.
But film footage and onboard voice recordings capture the astronauts first reactions to their close up view of the alien world, a month.
That big mother over here.
Come on, now.
But I don't.
It was a bulbous and three dimensional huge sphere.
Bellies duck out toward us, filled the whole window so close that you're almost worried about hitting it.
But one down there, Neil Hell of a but didn't offer me any particular warm invitation to go further.
Okay, We're a minute and 1/2 away from acquisition time.
After around 35 anxious minutes, Mission Control are waiting to hear from the astronauts.
There it is.
Coming up.
Wait here.
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Apollo 11 Astronauts Share Their First Impressions Of The Moon | Apollo: The Forgotten Films

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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