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I've been measuring freeze sack of time and watching her removed the tailings possible, measuring about speed.
And I'm quite confident that we can turn the boat speed higher up to four to sluice more.
So you think we should be running for yes, at four.
We're running around 200 cubic yards an hour.
I hope this works.
You know that.
We turned out.
Obviously, she needs to keep, um, just have that.
We just turned it up to four thinking, Keep up.
I'll try it.
If you can't, then we'll find someone.
Well, let's see if Jessica knows what she's talking about is worth the money on painter Freeze.
One of our better loader operators, so hopefully we can handle it.
I know how he thinks I'm gonna keep up, but just because you can do it for 10 minutes doesn't mean it's sustainable.
To do it for 12 hours, seventies a week for six months, I don't see everybody lasting.
This is really gonna burn people out.
And I don't think all of us take it.
This is ridiculous.
Down here by myself.
I've got almost no pay fed.
This is insane.
What's going on, Bree team started coming out.
I think we ran it too fast in an overheated Looks like you blowing a lower coolant line.
It happens.
I can't keep up this one person.
I can't do the tailings feed the plant loader.
Can't handle it.
I can handle it.
It's possible we got to run the plant faster.
Do you think it's possible you can get water and show me No, no, no, no.
We don't need to get worked up.
That one's on me.
Like just just trying to do a job that I've given her.
And so are you all right?
Didn't go smoothly, so I'm gonna have to go back Thio the drawing board.
They figure out something else.
Weaken D'oh!
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Parker Hires An Analyst To Get His Plant Running More Efficiently | Season 10 | Gold Rush

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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