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I've had the pleasure of getting to talk to him and worked with him.
A time or two is Alec Baldwin and I.
I just I know that you live across the street from Alec in New York.
He is such a personality, a larger than life personality.
What's it like living across the street from Alec Bo?
He's definitely the mayor of the Central East Village.
Uh, you, you know, there are people in the trade who you know, like toe put on a baseball cap and sunglasses and kind of move quietly.
Alec is Alec is on the street, shaking hands, currying votes for who knows what.
Yeah, I don't know.
Yeah, um, but he is, you know, Alec joking aside, you know that.
You know, the old the symbol of drama was the comedy mask in the Tragedy Mask.
And Alec is obviously he's this incredibly gifted comedic actor and satirical actor.
And but people for I never forget he is really one of the great dramatic actors of his generation.
When I came up in New York, he was doing Streetcar named Desire on Broadway and just owning it, and I I wanted him in that gear that Glengarry Glen Ross?
Yes, say obvious for closers only opening of Glengarry Glen Ross is where I think of him always.
And I think there are very few actors that have that kind of ballast that can come down to a scene like that, like and a lethal capacity to intimidate in a way.
And he he brings that gear.
In this film, it's it is one of his career best dramatic performances, and he is.
He is just jaw droppingly great in it.
But people and people have been really slammed in the back of their seat by this almost Shakespearean right.
Is he like on the set, too?
I would imagine he commands a lot of attention when he's on the SAT in a scene.
I would think he's just one of these actors that quietly comes in, does his scene and then quietly slipped out needs yogurt, you know, No, Alec Alec holds a lot of space.
He holds a lot of space.
He and he is very interesting.
He's like he's the he's the opposite of a method actor.
He likes to sustain the energy and if you know if you're he doesn't like to cut Hill Hills.
Don't you got a camera like he'll?
You know he'll kill him.
He will have a lot of fun to direct.
I know.
You know, like like like hell he will.
Sort of like hell do these things to pump himself up between takes.
He'll go boom, like, you know, And is he Is he saying boom and zip and Powell to himself, like right?
But he really does it.
And it does.
You do feel it like the next take.
You're like, Whoa, you know, But he he woman power, find zip.
Wouldn't know Don't get me your hand doesn't get me anywhere Here we go, zit, But on the on the flip, he's, um he's he's tough and needy, right?
Because he'll he'll say another time.
He was giving a terrific speech and I kept telling the extras who were off camera, you know, be quiet.
Be quiet.
Like Like we need his sound cleaning on this speech and he kind of was doing it.
Then he stops and goes, Can't they applaud now?
Edward, Hey wants it?
What wants?
It will not be denied it.
He is.
He is.
Ah, we're joking.
because he's an animal of the trade.
He loves the work, but he's got an incredible command of language and he's terrific.
But he he is great to everybody.
He is.
He is in your corner.
He's kind of everybody.
I loved working with him.
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Edward Norton On Directing & Living Next To Alec Baldwin - CONAN on TBS

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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