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it was 9 15 in the morning.
It was a Friday.
Schools below the mountain were on their last day.
Before half term, the school were just about to go to assembly.
The dinner lady was collecting money.
The Children were in their classrooms.
It was misty above the valley, clear on the mountainside.
Nobody in the valley could see what was happening.
The tipping going saw that begin to slide.
Then it started moving down the mountain.
One of the tip gang ran down to try to warn people, but the tip was running faster than he could.
This is a wall off calorie waist, 20 feet high in volume.
It's 100,000 cubic meters, and it's coming down the mountain at about 20 miles an hour.
The waves that were coming down where were nine meters high and they simply engulfed the school rain destabilized tip, contributing to its collapse.
A wall of mining waste float towards the town of Abba van, burying a row of houses on the glass junior school before coming to a stop.
People life changed forever.
It's difficult to say at the moment.
All I can say is that most of my Sunday school under that rubble Sunday school with that 50.
So almost 40 of my Children are under there.
Emergency Service's and volunteers from the village ran to the school in a desperate effort to save the Children's lives.
It was one of the first disasters when the TV cameras were on the scene, so it was easy to see the full horror off it straightaway.
Today's tragedy exceeded any other in its horror because it's Children who have been massacred have been wiped out.
144 people died in the ABA van tragedy, 116 of them students from the pants glass school.
Half of the villages.
Children died that horrific day.
Obviously, for the small community of ABBA fun, it was absolutely devastating.
But the ripples went out throughout the whole country.
It was seen as being a national disaster.
Hundreds of men, Minor's parents, Villagers search the rubble.
Among the dead was a teacher found holding the bodies of five Children in his arms.
Local community came down trying to save lives of people that had been buried under the landslide, and the big thing about that was the psychological impact that their disaster ahead on their community.
Parents and teachers joined police, fireman, civil defense workers and mine rescue teams at the school.
Some of the helpers tour of the rubber with bare hands in their desperate efforts to get after Children.
Eyewitness reports described the scene as resembling an earthquake or the aftermath of a high explosive bomb.
So it wasn't that there was a huge amount off infrastructure or economic assets that were damaged.
It was a small community, but it had a huge effect on people.
You're the noise like a thunder.
Oh my God.
Yet that ever played really loud noise.
Just looked doing those sent in those days in the tip.
Did you see like a black like a black mass?
Look closely, just a must Coming into the classroom.
Andi was buried up to my chest in market slurry desks.
Roof come in most of my friends in like last time.
Basically, we were happy go Lucky Children looking forward to the half 10 holidays At 9 15 our child would start.
I looked, didn't friend Paul, is it?
Greg is on my shoulder still next to me on Duh.
I could see that it was a pure blood on, uh, coming from and also in the corner of his mouth.
But I like school.
He didn't he didn't answer me.
And he was like You sleeping four up on is living now.
With a generation gone, it's a terrible burden.
12 to live with.
This is what people have always got to be prepared to watch out for, isn't it that industrialists do not take advantage of people you know that name may make a fortune?
One of the most moving personal accounts is somebody who was trapped under a piece of corrugated iron, he said.
Everything fell silent and he says in that silence, you couldn't hear a bird or a child.
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Survivors Of The Aberfan Disaster Recall The Horrific Day | Disasters Engineered

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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