B2 High-Intermediate 12 Folder Collection
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Yeah, we owe you.
Yeah, Yeah!
Meaning Theo.
I didn't have to be the one.
Is she got that mean?
Face it, Booth.
We owe way.
Theo Milking that thing t after me.
Oh, no, No present day trouble.
I mean, we know we can begin to see what you mean.
Reindeer in the Wyndham and win.
But I'm gonna get on a mule that change.
Can they?
My personal name.
I did you find Tony Bolin are calling the CIA Ebola?
He got along with my t t.
Tell me.
Problem Grant s Oh, my So cheap Masa Senior way Veena E T o.
Come job, vaginal Not tell you she was a pretty good job.
That guy.
He's couldn't Ludo.
She made your meaning.
Our input day, as I am in new shampoo.
Genomic, eh?
They think they are thinking now.
Okay, yes, Course about me there So that the Dominion five major power stays We are after me.
I only want with the sea we just both the crescent mine Tha t o just know Theo.
Theo, I you know job See Syrian Theo.
Theo, the way you think No going.
Thank you much.
We owe bullshit, Baker.
It was a number.
I think you know Theo.
Marty Parks T o my God, you They think they think so.
You could sell books, books on my gig.
Don't bully in school, Milner.
You know?
So, like committing sake?
My gosh, they don't think like that vision.
Yeah, crushing you cash.
So what I want traveling over?
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12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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