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48 hours from now.
This won't be a soccer stadium.
It will be an NFL state with a completely different pitch on Blair.
They have practiced this process, breaking the pitch up, sliding out of the South stand and making other transformations here.
But they've never done it for real.
This is their first live event.
There are thousands of task to be completed.
The atmosphere is already tense, but it's okay because they told me I could help.
You thought.
I'm not just helping.
Nick has told me that I'm about to drive the football pitch.
You're all right, operator on you.
You have never crashing.
It's easy.
Hold on.
And then you push that.
That's what This will be the biggest thing I've ever heard in your life.
This is the first.
It's also a football.
Just is it not definitely first football picture?
Yes, there it is.
My first job is to move the pitch one and 1/2 meters sideways, tearing apart the three seconds of fear that is a football picture.
There's just split along its lead on purpose with a flick of my 68 electric motors begin to drive the pitch out of the stadium along the rails at a sedate seven meters per minute.
So what we're doing now, you're doing 3000 tons.
By the end of today, you'd move 9000 tons, which is more than the way to the Eiffel Tower.
All right, when you think about it, look at it without saying it.
It's immensely complicated, but seeing it all happened, it's simple.
There's a kind of simplicity.
This type of engineering hasn't really changed in decades.
It's just big moving stuff, boys in the car and a lot of toys.
The first section is in the car park without a hitch, but I'm feeling a bit overconfident driving boat at the same time.
My move.
Now that's moved.
That's moving because it's Swiss from that one to that one.
I got complete, very new, fell over right so that one's name just like being a mole, popping your head up in the middle of a little just standing here.
Watching is the other pitch reveals quite deceptive is not just a pitch, either.
It's another whole sort of culture.
It's another world.
NFL is a different world from what they play on here hold the whole stadium, isn't it?
When your doubts which field it feels completely different, really domesticated and the reason this has done it, so you could look into an NFL pitch that's a totally different place.
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Richard Moves The 9000 TONNE Tottenham Stadium Pitch! | Richard Hammond's Big

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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