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if the shaft isn't abandoned in the 1st 20 feet.
Tony believes that means the old timers found rich pay on the ground.
Kevin wants to mine.
Well, they get over the next three way that we're gonna wait by the look that way.
Mike brings in the 700 to investigate.
Clean it up to its hole like that.
And then there's Let's take it down right beside it.
Well, look at that.
Oh, good.
Let's go see the hole.
Hey, that's a job that went down a ways party in the hole.
I saw my life flash before my eyes.
Oh, wow.
I was wondering about that pipe, Mike.
Steam pipe.
Looks like a bus.
A big one.
The pipe was used a pumping steam on four out frozen ground.
It looks like these old timers knew what Dig, huh?
Yeah, but what?
We should do it.
We should go deliver.
Let's poke a hole in.
You guys here in the winter cabin digging that hole.
That's pretty ballsy.
You see that?
Pretty cool.
You see the back wall?
That's nice.
That's look at that.
It's taken Mike just 30 minutes to dig to the same depth.
It would have taken the pioneers months to excavate by hand.
I mean, there's old timers didn't dig a shaft that deep to come up with nothing.
That is definitely has got to be gold down there.
The old mine shaft goes down over 40 feet.
It's a sure sign there's gold rich pay running deep into cabins grounds with modern mining equipment.
He'll be able to recover the gold the old timers could never reach.
Ladies and gentlemen, that Israel Yukon history That should be a lot of gold on the need.
That defeat.
They didn't take these shots this deep, not have some gold on the meter.
The sooner you get started, the happier I am.
We have all three claims up running.
I mean, this season we started it didn't have water.
Lies is in the Indian.
This keeps the company alive.
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Is This Abandoned Mine Shaft A Sign Of Gold-Rich Ground? | SEASON 10 | Gold Rush

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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