B1 Intermediate 3 Folder Collection
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uh, I made the full.
This is a miracle.
This is America.
I'm alive.
Chicken, I'm alive.
I'm so happy.
I've never been so happy to be alive.
Isn't that right?
Oh, my God.
Tastes so good.
There's an it.
Don't get in my way.
What the What?
No, honey, What do you Look there, friend.
You have ears where you come from?
What spent?
Who is this man?
Hey, you can't go in there.
You can't go in there.
That's arrange that.
Well, everything.
Do not let him in.
Okay, Good.
Spend what sets when there's been a new Minecraft update.
The upgraded and then, mother, that means I have more stuff to explore.
I should bring your what I call him.
I should bring your forbidden child with me on the adventure.
Okay, I will.
Where you going?
Stop Damn it up.
Oh, yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You stay here.
You stay there.
They don't want to die.
Okay, let me just check out what the damage is.
Last episode we got rid of Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
We got rid of council.
Of what?
Their sheep.
We killed God!
Oh, God!
The meatball!
No damage.
No, I can't believe a meatball.
Those no meatballs.
She's so you're free.
Council of Water.
Sheep is dead.
Tell the king you're free to live.
Can I eat while?
Oh, yeah, That's about us.
Okay, here we are.
All right.
Our land is vast and explored.
We've seen everything in this game, but we have not checked out the nether update.
I'm actually excited.
It's been a while since we've seen something here in this game.
I think I have everything I need.
I just need to say bye to spend some.
I usually take you with me on all my adventures.
But this time I need to go without you.
I love you.
I love you too.
I love you more and love.
Where the hell are you?
Oh, my God!
You're your name.
Less disgusting.
Can I thought you were a Loretta.
I only kissed a lot of time.
Sorry, Les Moola for last Mulla bulla Bulla in the world is happening here.
All right, you better be good.
You better be getting while I go another.
I don't want anyone escaping from here.
Getting much pot.
Locked, then spent.
What are they?
I love you.
I'm going.
I'll I'll say hi to your child.
Oh, my God.
Various Alabama on this throne.
It's their different sounds.
And another It does sound different, isn't it?
I can't tell any difference so far.
Let's up the render distance so I can see more.
Alabama, ruler of the underworld.
Oh, it's writing a chicken.
Oh, my God.
It's so cute.
Your kingdom now or chicken will die.
Chicken will die!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Obama Joke!
I have to do something.
It was my mistake.
It was my mistake.
Oh, God, They don't follow me through.
You do think we're cool, right?
Hates going back.
Uh, yeah, that was quicker than shirt.
Don't worry about it.
So I think they like gold.
How about that?
Trade in gold.
You want gold?
You like this recall?
All right, spent.
That was quick, Pop back in to see.
All right.
Don't hurt me, All right?
Don't hurt.
All right?
They're hurting me.
Yes, yes!
Follow me.
Yes, yes!
Follow me, Idiots!
A decoy!
Ds, you're a bunch of idiots.
Oh, God, I don't see any of the Oh, God!
Oh, my God.
Good thing I put safety.
I don't see any of the new stuff except the pigs.
Don't hurt me.
I'm sweet Asian.
I'm nice.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
It's right there.
Oh, Obama.
What did you go?
Alabama sign is that you should thank me for protecting your kingdom.
Oh, God.
My whole place is on fire.
No, no, Alabama.
You know how much these carpet costs?
It's Gucci.
My God is useful as a useless thing.
Yeah, that's right.
Got him.
All right, let's check out the west or the eats.
Whatever it is, I'm going this way.
My eagle eyes.
I got 2020 vision in Minecraft.
So we're looking for There's two new by owns, as far as I know.
God, stop it.
Stop like a bird.
Kia Burt.
Yeah, and once that one get like a bird.
Look at that.
You see?
There it is like a bird to is my main dish.
Okay to buy items.
One of them, It's a forest.
And the other one I don't know what it is, I think at least Oh, God, I have not been here in a long time.
E e.
I don't like this.
They're not like this.
I can't really see either.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Calm down.
Hi, Don.
Sorry, gamers.
I know there's gonna freak up the green screen, but I can't.
Why is it so dark?
Okay, that helps.
I think there's new materials and stuff Would be smarter to just fly around, you know, with the feel like that's a sure way to die a death.
And I don't like dying deaths.
I'm not gonna lie to you guys.
I'm not gonna sit here and lie to you guys.
I don't like dying deaths.
I said it.
Oh, God.
My pick ax is too strong.
Look at it.
It's just demolishing demolitions, Okay.
Oh, this is not Oh, Well, I do not like this.
I do not like this at all.
How All right I gotta be Oh, my God.
I almost died.
I got chicken.
Give me strength chicken.
I worship the Temple of second and I get rewarded for such bravery.
Konichiwa, Tara.
She by omodaka me Take me to your leader.
I can offer your chicken and gold That's all I have.
Swedish cold.
Very fine quality.
Excuse me.
Guarded the was golden Japanese.
Okay, we're setting out again.
This is very, very nerve wrecking, by the way.
And I do not like it.
Ah, okay.
Uh, if you sing a nice song while you fly, it makes it okay.
Uh, I don't want to die in the nether, but I want to find a new bio.
Whole new God.
Do not go there, Felix g.
Believe it's me by my titties.
Get free design.
Where is it?
Where's the new bio?
Have I been Ben battled?
I will not get bamboozled.
Where is it?
But I found that.
What is that?
Do not hurt me.
I come in peace.
I come in.
Peace is many pieces.
So Okay, thank you.
If only Alabama was here, he would love it.
Looks pretty.
Can I have your number coming?
Way to weep.
I'm trying to speak in them.
Or they were learning Cracker.
This is a different material.
What is it?
It's it's sand.
What is this Nether wart?
Oh, that's a tree.
Oh my God.
Who can I grab these?
Yes, Shrew m'lee way having some shrooms tonight, boys.
Sit back.
So do any of the acts for these?
No, they're old.
What I used because there's no material.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Hey, are you peaceful because I'm peaceful?
I'm peaceful.
Us freak.
Boy, I don't trust this.
I wish someone was here.
Not gonna lie.
Pretty recovery day.
It is pretty cool, though.
Un ironically, I think this is dope.
When was the last time we saw a new bio in mind Cry?
I say as if I've been playing it forever.
Like I've been waiting so long.
Okay, we got grass.
Crimson roots.
Uh, do I need a hole for these?
Because I read something about hose in the new update.
Well, I don't like the sound they make.
Like strangling a toad or something.
Yes, I will harvest their materials.
I come from distant land and I take your materials in Nothing personal kid who knew mushrooms knew mushrooms?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Mine, mine, mine.
It's all mine.
Everything cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.
So the acts you know they act makes it faster.
Ok, nice.
Who should not do that Never dig straight down.
Felix, You should know this by now.
There are the Villagers.
How are you, Konishi?
Warming us on?
How do you say I come in peace?
They must be Japanese.
Oh, I don't think they like me.
I don't think they like me.
I'm gonna go on a limb and say they do not like me.
Hey, I got gold.
You want gold?
You're welcome.
You want gold?
I got gold for everyone.
I'm rich, I'm rich!
Take it!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Take the goal!
Take the golden Be pleased!
Oh, they fight for me now, huh?
Kill the pigs!
All right, Wait all day They give a sense.
Don't back!
Do not shoot me dough, not shoot me!
I will have to murder you if you shoot me.
All right, You're dead, You're dead and you're dead and you're dead.
You're all dead.
Isn't this ironic?
You burn up in the nether This is so sad.
I'm crying Oh, not the not the baby Don't run away in fear Oh, God!
He ran in front of my arrow That's so sad Ooh ooh ooh crying obsidian.
Uh, that's kind of lame.
Crying, crying, Pathetic.
I would never cry in my life.
Crying is for crying People who cry a lot, not me.
This is so dope though I wish we could be friends though I need to look up more I don't really know what I can do.
I'll do it once I grab the materials Hey, hey ey ey!
I recall I'm cool.
You always gotta check people's vibes.
I very much like this.
This is amazing.
All they glow inside the trees.
Did you get here this on other new monsters?
I come in peace.
Do not hurt me.
I'm a friendly.
I'm a friendly question and I will I will inflict damage.
There must be something I'm doing wrong.
Why do they not love me?
I'm so likable and nice.
Maybe there's something about the gold.
Maybe I need to wear golden armor and they won't hurt me.
I am just like you guys.
All right, so the pigs don't like me there like a dumb ass.
Listen, you're weak.
We're gonna have a problem here.
Look, they don't have a problem with me anymore.
I'm wearing gold.
We're cool, right?
Oh, I Oh, I help you against the biggest bed.
We're best friends now, eh?
Eh, We're friends.
Hey, hey, hey.
Once, um, I buy your friendship here, I buy your friendship here, give me back something, And I know it's pretty, isn't it?
You can see your ugly face in it.
Well, he dropped.
He dropped something.
Fire Charge.
What do you guys live where you sleep?
You're You're a little child, aren't you?
Did I just hit a re?
They make a re sounds all right.
You want gold?
Relax, relax.
There's enough for everyone.
All right, Give me something back.
So greedy.
All right.
Give me something back.
Give me something back.
You got to give me something back.
Give me something.
What did give me?
I don't know what he gave me.
All right, Have another one.
Trade me.
What do you tell your greedy little child?
Do you have two of them?
Snake your snake.
So legit.
All I did was put on some pants and they're like, Oh, yeah, we're cool.
Now listen, listen.
You're dead.
You're pathetic.
You're pathetic.
Oh, sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm not gonna die like this?
No, I don't think so.
I will kill your ancestors.
And you don't know.
Oh, no.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
Time for Felix to bounce.
That was great.
That was fun, wasn't it?
That was fun.
Hey, look More gold.
Hi, guys.
Are they drop nuggets?
I said nuggets.
Yeah, I did.
I could say that.
Okay, let's glide back and I shoot them while I glide.
Bish lives on yet?
Oh, God.
I recall I recall because I will shoot you for not cool.
We better be cool.
A one goal.
I'll be your best friend forever.
Here, Give me something good.
Give it a good push in a fiery system.
That's actually pretty good.
Thanks, man.
How long does that last?
I don't want to hurt you.
I don't want to hurt you.
We're friends.
He's trying to escape.
He's coming right for me.
Are you one train?
I got gold.
I come from the far west.
Take this and trade me.
You have what you offer.
Look at that pathetic low beta, But it gave me you.
Could they keep giving me fire charges.
I don't know what they do.
All right, All right.
You look rich.
Look at their greedy little I don't need soul sand.
What do you think?
I'm poor?
I may be poor, but I'm not pork.
All right, so the other bio Issa Forest crimson.
I think it's called.
That's alright.
I remember my coordinates.
I know how to get home.
Alabama will will howl and I'll follow his howling directions.
This is really nerve racking.
Oh, God!
Found it.
Yes, There's n German here.
There's end their Slenderman.
Hey, I I'm innocent!
I'm innocent of the Swedish crimes.
I'm in the center of the switches.
War crimes!
I'm innocent!
Oh, God!
Do not push me off!
I didn't bring my shield.
This one is so pretty though.
Flutes Trump, Finally, the real shifts.
Warped roots.
Okay, let's get these is one.
So they're fairly similar.
It seems like what can I possibly dropped the vial?
So cool.
I love this update.
Well done, Mo Jang.
Spooky Sounds very spooky.
Sounds it Sounds like there's a dragon here.
Are there, like any treasures or chests or anything?
That's all.
Uh, no, honey.
What was that sound?
It sounds like I'm eating an apple when I welcome.
I'm sure they're gonna ADM Or because I'm just playing the snapshot right now.
Whoa, So big.
That means they're gonna work on the sky.
Bio next, aren't they?
Would be so dope.
I kind of want to go home.
I'm so far away from home.
Used to be a problem.
If you want to beat the game to get all the ender pearls I want to have, this is gonna change speed running, maybe nothing.
I have no idea.
I don't even know how you speed run this game anyway.
I'm not a nerd, Dude.
Look how totally goes.
Whoa, do this.
Matt said, Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
All right, I got to make it back home.
Somehow there's anyone know which direction back to Bro Town.
Does anyone have the directions?
I am scared, but I'll make it back in one.
Please, please be Pete legit.
You couldn't do this if you had a bad computer.
All right, We're getting there.
We're getting there.
I made it back Alabama.
I'm rich.
I traded gold.
Yes, for another rack and crimson roots.
Yes, yes, yes.
Your throne will look even prettier, My lord.
Your throne will look even better than before.
Yes, my lord.
My dark Lord.
All right, I gotta bounce.
See you later, Alabama later.
Skater Alabama Gator.
I don't All right.
I made it back.
Said to Rich Did were flipping rich.
So what can I do?
Warped planks says a whole new set of textures.
Oh, look at that.
You are getting I made it.
You don't talk to him.
Tp poo poo.
What happened?
People poop at the house.
I didn't know you could make that Bree Spawn anchor.
What is that?
You can set your spawn points now, huh?
I can make the tree back.
There's a new armor.
When I got this another by, um, we didn't find yet as well.
The sole sin.
Oh, my God.
All right.
Gamer's next episode We're going to get the nether right.
I'll get to get your normal year again that you're gonna frickin dick in love.
Spend my boy.
We made it back home, and we made it safe.
But for now.
And that episode smashed.
Like if you enjoyed And if you want more episodes and I'll be sure to make see you guys hey, go Hey, you know what big peoples do they play?
Beauty pie.
Ice picks a wings off course picks A Lynx is a creature collecting game.
I'm the primary sheriff over a Brazilian.
Players have downloaded, and it's got a perfect score.
It's safe to say it's the most popular game of old time.
Sweetie pie pick Slings is awesome.
Deal with it, Bill with it.
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I Found A New Biome in Minecraft!

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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