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Six hours after leaving base camp, we arrive at the top of the earth shall pass ahead of us is country number two.
Over the next 100 miles, the Himalayas will lead us through the lush Hunza Valley.
We'll track the only road to cross these mountains, the mighty Carrick or Um highway, and then head to the outskirts of Gilgit, where Islamic extremists are known to have a strong presence.
You know, going into this new country with kind of sense of trepidation, I've heard stories about this area that it was one of the routes that you know.
The Taliban came to try to recruit new people from Pakistan to take them back over the high passes into Afghanistan.
There's also a rumor that a song of bin Laden himself came over one of these passes when he was escape in Afghanistan.
But it's such a spectacular place.
The contrast between the barren landscapes of Afghanistan and these fertile valleys is striking.
This whole area is just absolutely stunning has lush green fields.
You could smell the herbs drawing the wild onions and Golic the jasmine and roses.
It's just like this beautiful green, lush paradise.
Really, he's the first ladies, the Huns are, has been described by writers and explorers as the most beautiful valley honor.
If the wok on corridor was the roof of the world, then this must be its window into heaven, something like the people here or it's mainly Muslims.
A liberal sect of Islam who's spiritually leader is the British millionaire, the Aga Khan.
In these rich valleys, life expectancy is remarkably high, creating a geriatric oasis already.
What is the secret to the happiness of the people with that little tiny?
How old are you?
It departs 84 you're still climbing mountains.
That's impressive.
The water this gentleman is alluding to isn't your normal H 20 That's the secret.
I understand.
It's a potent moonshine, they tell me, is the key to a long life?
I sold it.
There's a couple booth.
Despite the rumors, this couldn't feel further from the jihadi badlands we were warned about.
The biggest dangers seemed to be the bridges.
Oh my God, I think it's gone.
That's a bit wonky, to say the least.
You know this one, This one, that for one, this is unbelievably terrifying.
These pieces of wood are just so thin on.
Uh, no case came up with this idea guy.
After that, I'm in need of a drink with tents pitched.
My Lang and I venture into the village of Hyderabad thing.
This is incredibly looks at the whole villages.
Come out to Sarah in the booth crew driver Bashir tells us that a mysterious shaymen is due to appear.
This is not very common on John's room.
Normally is a very few time on special agents.
So this salmon is the real deal.
Marsh Roof is a bit of a hero in these parts.
He's gained a reputation for telling the future by entering a hypnotic state and talking to the fairies.
Been inhaling juniper.
Lost it.
No, let's go.
He's really good somewhere.
Goats Head has been given to the shame and is now drinking the blood straight from the coast.
I think he's done.
I don't think he's got anything more to give.
I've never seen anything like that.
How you feeling?
You okay, e?
I have connections.
I finally I was connected.
Ladies, do you have any predictions for my journey with no inhabitants of the news I got from failure that he said that every step you are going to pick will be successful and you have good news from the Freddy direction and you make.
And he knew your journey.
Thank you very much.
And then officers a drink.
Thunder swath, Secret toe happiness and a long life theme Infamous hums a moonshine.
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Shaman Drinks Blood From Goats Head While Speaking To Fairies | Levison Wood: Walking The Himalayas

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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