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My name is Jackson Guy.
And welcome back to Hayden.
Tried to tell me that I couldn't punch a hole in maps.
What I'm going to do right now is punch a hole in marriage way.
Am I going to Maris?
I just really What?
This is an Eric broadcast.
Personnel have reported that the Slayer made his way to Dr Hayden's Tower on has retrieved his remains.
We do not know why.
Unnamed sources inside the organization claimed that Dr Hayden anticipated two slayers arrival.
We can only hope that this is true and that the resistance can continue.
So since I didn't finish doing 2016 people were updating me on what actually went on.
And then Mr Haydon over here, the good doctor.
Uh, what is he, a doctor?
Samuel, send me away at the end of that.
And I am the dooms layer from that game, and he just teleported me somewhere I know.
Ended up somewhere else on earth fighting the same thing.
So he probably sent me to areas that really needed attention.
The mayor's core theme.
The final held priest has been located on Sentinel Prime a city from your past your own path to this?
A curse places through the dimensional gateway hidden on the four.
Kill you.
Holy Four.
This is awesome.
My God, What's up?
Hey, how you doing?
Hey, Good to see you.
USC scientist number three a Jerry.
How's it going?
Good to see you.
It's me.
The what?
I'm gonna need that badge.
I don't give a fuck about nothing, man.
I killed demons for a living.
Here's a piece of shit compared to them.
You can't.
I have one of those guns.
I don't need another one across from this facility.
Oh, my God.
Won't be G 10,005.
Holy fuck.
For any of you don't know doom the B F G 10,000 should be the B F G stands for Big fucking gold.
I just picked up his version of that going.
I don't need a second version off.
Well, nice.
I did 50,000 total damage with fried brains off, so let me do it more.
Or shall I?
What's up?
What's up?
Who wants to go?
What's up?
Your little bitches push this back in.
Get in there.
I need you to be in a slot.
Oh, God.
Video games are fun.
Oh, I don't need you back in there.
Actually need you right where you are.
Thank you.
What's up?
What's up?
You want to go?
Who was that way with Doom?
Okay, I may have a bit of a list going on right now.
That's perfectly normal.
All right.
I'm taking care of my teeth.
That's just the way it is.
If you want to make fun of that, You guys really are demons.
Shit hits shit bites dirty.
I'm taking all of my aggression on you.
It's unfair.
Not really.
You guys air Hellspawn.
What was that area back there?
Is that an area I just came from?
Because I kind of feel like I wanna want Explorer.
Only lucky key.
Big bada boom.
Those are my challenges.
Oh, that's just right.
Uh, are these killed 40 demons using with a very big golden with a V B G?
I don't have a V B G destroyed three arm cannon.
Weak points on man Q by easy.
Find the Cherokee.
This one I might miss just for me flying through.
How many do we have?
to deal with this 40.
I don't know if this counts as a B B g a v b d.
It's very confusing.
You know, if I want a waste Advil on this though, you know, is that is that counting?
You're gonna get later does.
This town is a very big gun.
It is very big.
Honestly, though away I'm going to do spare is going through the kill things.
Morning level.
What is that?
Your new What are you, Byron?
Off Hill.
The James Shingen can quickly fall.
So this demon I figured it out already.
I used a very big going to kill a very big thing.
The fire born barons have evolved.
Descendant clown of the Baron hell breed there on our indigenous to the caustic from apex legends scorched hell scapes bordering the burning abyss.
Jesus Christ.
Somebody really likes writing in this game, a landscape of crag inspires Ford from, um breakable.
Blackstone, tempered by the crashing ways of magmatic tied thes sulfuric plains of hell have long served as vanishing grounds a place of exodus to which the damned are sentenced as their final destination.
The have evolved in this environment sustaining themselves on the remnants of the damned growing obsidian Kirk current passes on in the becoming infused in time, becoming infused with the very incendiary matter of hell Theo.
But I die.
Then somebody write obituary for me like that.
Like Ford's in the fiery Help, It's off Ireland's own craggy island's off death and carnage.
It should be something like that.
Not like O beloved by money like that.
I want to be feared by money that didn't count, either.
Maybe have to give 40 demons of B F G 10,000.
Can I have my own B f d?
Maybe that's what I get made.
That's powering to be F T 10,000 is just a B f g one.
Um, I don't know what I want out of these.
Know who?
That's good.
Yeah, Let's Let's reevaluate here for a second.
Wait, let's do the animation.
I'm too excited.
I want to kill things.
All right, um, my ruins.
Okay, so I have great increase movements.
Beach, temporary slowdown time.
Maybe this one, because this doesn't really come into effect either.
Um, yeah, because under killed by equipment or while under the influence of alcohol decrease the recharge time.
So could you start spewing grenade?
That's trade out.
Wait in room.
Um, sure.
But I have a feeling I'm gonna get a B f G soon, so I'm gonna hold off my points.
You wasting ammo?
But she's just so annoying.
How sorry.
I don't care.
I'm gonna stay here all day listening to this.
Holy fuck.
This game is fucking awesome.
Oh, I get goose bumps, man.
Okay, I need six more of those.
Oh, what about my B f d?
Wow, bitch.
What's up?
What sound playing around?
I got a big ass.
Course you are.
I have a little help.
Don't ask.
Oh, my gods!
Game's awesome.
Who would win the demon spawn of hell Or one angry boy I know who would fucking win in a heartbeat.
I miss that.
It's like all my aim is so on point for most of this.
And then I missed one of the easier shots in the whole thing.
I want ammo.
I want health.
I want you to die.
I need a blood points for him.
Are we getting close to a bloody pulp?
I would really like one What?
There we go.
Yes, because now wait.
I can't shoot off his guns, though.
What's up?
Come here, you big green bitch.
I can't shoot off guns when he's like this.
You are firing.
That's going a lot.
I didn't have any.
That's good.
I like that.
Thank you very much, Lee.
What's up?
Give me them toes.
I thought you can down a lot there.
What's up?
Run away all you like, pretty little boy.
But I will follow you into the depths of your darkest mind.
Insufficient fuel.
I wanted to saw you in half for much.
The bits come out.
I don't know.
I'm too angry to die.
Too angry.
Too angry.
My God, haven't been this pumped playing a video game in such a long time.
This is what we need it in this time of in this time of self isolation and corona viruses and social distancing do will bring us together in a fiery hell Scape off death and destruction.
It's amazing.
Holy fuck.
These environments are top tier.
See, This is why it's fine if games get delayed.
So I can't shoot things in your fucking mouth.
its line of games get delayed because it just means that an even greater game gets made.
Like this is one of the greatest games I've ever played.
Everybody wants the fucking go today.
Everybody thinks that they're the fucking bell.
It'll bore.
Well, I got something to tell yet I got use for you.
You're nothing but a little Yeah, Maybe you should use that, huh?
Oh, super shocker.
Gotta had you.
It's been so long talking about it in one of the episodes and they used it.
Whoa, downtown.
What's up?
I was having a bitch.
That face.
You don't need it anymore.
Oh, God.
He's gonna throw one of those that needs a regular enemy.
Now I'm all for it.
Fuck him up.
Hey, I'm in the middle of sawing someone in half.
You're gonna have to excuse my business.
Look at you.
Oh, help!
Hold on!
Well, that I'm gonna die like a fucking idiot.
Do busy being mad at things.
I want time to check for fucking health.
Oh, sticky right in the gob.
Oh, strike you right in the gut.
Hey, get outta here, man.
Oh, give me this because I think some health comes out with that or not like, That's good.
Good to know.
Thank you for constantly updating me.
Oh, yes.
You crush his fucking face weird.
Hell, yeah.
A dramatic show on me.
It's hatch on the bridge.
Let's go.
Uh, hey, that's epic.
Be energy 10,000.
Is it fucking death Star?
They just fall in.
Sure can.
Did I break?
It is to be f g.
Not good news now.
Could not work.
I felt like someone hits more landing there, bucko.
You don't do that to the do, man.
You think you are.
Okay, You tried.
You tried your best, and you didn't even nearly succeed.
Too bad.
So sad.
I cry.
There, apparently, Um what do we got?
What we got, huh?
What's going on?
What do we got?
What we got?
Okay, so I miss just a battery over there.
I don't care about that.
Um, many of one point here, whatever weight, what the But trees actually do.
No, I'm just realizing now that I've been collecting batteries and I don't know if I'm actually using them on my way.
Uh, we're Are there batteries here?
Little batteries in certain boundaries into sockets within the fortunes of doing to unlock items and power of parts of the forces I have been doing have known that even a little bit.
How many fucking batteries have nine batteries?
I have been doing that and I'm still kicking out, So I'm not even playing the game properly.
Get out.
Don't get up there.
I see.
Can you come back there?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Know lovely.
A lovely day for a swell boy.
Get up there.
Oh, wait.
Okay, I got it.
I got it.
I'ma do it.
I'ma do it, gang.
That's gonna go up.
Then I'm gonna go up then that's gonna go down and then I shoot shrewish across.
It's simple math.
See, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
What a pancake.
Appreciate it.
Nice already connects.
We gotta wait for to show up Firefighters.
The B f G 10,000.
Look at that bad boy.
I knew the other thing in space Looked like a gun before.
This one literally is originally established as a mining and communication relay.
The USA Outpost on Phobos began immediate expansion following the destruction of the urgent facility on Mars USC Board of Directors Intendant retaining their monopoly of the Red Planet and its surrounding airspace issued the construction often expansive defense platform using technology derived for the B f.
G 9000.
The design plan called for a massive particle cannon to be built on the orbiting moon to be if he 10,000 The largest man made weapon platform ever conceived wheels.
Enough firepower to defend against even the most sophisticated of capital grade F T l cruisers in existence or against the eventual potentiality off a space bound demonic threat.
Is that a word?
Are you making up words for this game?
I got him.
Oh, I know him.
Even just hitting it with the grenade damage.
She didn't even need to explode.
Wait, that's part of my charges.
Yeah, I did.
Two already 40 demons with a very big gun.
Okay, I'm gonna have to wait to see, but Booker.
All right?
We're good.
I'm serious.
Scare me.
I'd like to see him try.
Brooke bruh.
I loathe energy sources.
It's a Space corps.
Get off my fucking No.
Hell, yeah.
Oh, let me do it this time.
You're not gonna let you do it literally punching a hole in marriage.
I am so angry that I've hijacked going toe punch a hole in a planet Surface safety protocols.
Why equals?
Oh, my God!
Holy bug!
You should move ahead.
Wait, wait!
I literally just rip out the source off that giant cannon.
And I'm no wielding it.
Hand held as the B f G 10,000 Holy tits on toast.
3 59 thousands capable of killing most demons with a single shot Pris mouse.
Want to launch colossal ball of energy?
Oh, I know.
I tried it out in their early access that I got no more.
Okay, that counts is a big gun.
Look at this.
This game's amazing.
Holy fuck.
Jesus Christ, You can't do this.
Leave some video game for anybody else.
Oh, God, yes.
Am I right next to it?
Now we're a Marie Exploded.
You could use the facility escape pods to get down to the Mars core, But we have no way of reaching it from here.
This is so unbelievably cool.
Holy shit!
This game is awesome.
I'm sorry.
I'm gushing all over it, but it deserves it.
It's fucking incredible.
There you go.
That a boy?
Atta boy!
Drive him!
Thes environments are the best.
Janey, Mac leads.
You're not worth wasting my fucking big friendly gone.
That's what it is.
It's not a big fucking It's a big, friendly guy.
Brings people together in tiny, tiny pieces.
Oh, yea, And extra life.
We lose it like an idiot.
Now, in the middle of an easy battle.
Give me that.
This save Europe?
My God.
Oh, I don't have an upgrade for I was going to say I got a thing after getting a B f G.
But, oh, that history is just to be f g got it.
Um, It doesn't seem like I can actually do anything with it.
Nothing dashing into heavy demons will cause him to fold.
Or do I have to go out for that?
Or do we just get that Most curious?
Florida motor cover speeds increased by 50%.
Full auto mode transforms fees increased by 50% movement speed, while in full auto mode, increased 20% is a pretty good, But I never use the full auto mode.
I probably should, but fuck you, uh, precision Bolt movements because increased by 15%.
Then a headshot killed will set off a powerful secondary blast.
Get 75 precision.
Bold head shot kills.
That's really easy to do.
This one I've been working on.
I need six more of those.
All right.
Buff told him nearby.
There's a bull fee bastard nearby.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Where is it?
Where's the need to claim that?
First you Oh, I fought him off.
Oh, my God.
I'm so dumb.
I have the wrong thing equipped.
I didn't go in your mouth.
I wanted you use Put up some shield so I can shoot them down or I'll just kill the dude who's producing them.
You know what?
Let's make things easy on ourselves.
Let's make things even easier.
Okay, That didn't really work out.
Charge up.
Charge up.
Charge up on fuck.
Okay, there's a lot of them showing up.
I need to be careful.
I need to not be sucking dicks right now.
Do it.
It was a fucking rocket launcher that I'm not using.
I need to do a thing on you.
Get out.
No ammo.
Get over here.
I can I can I could burn a U.
I told you, I told you I'd fucking loser like an idiot.
Fueled Need ammo for this because I need to start doing my challenges or this will do pretty good.
Herded Big Bubba go big bubble over crazy day.
Okay, Challenge complete needs new headshots.
God, Yeah, because it's 75 head shots.
That's a lot of head shots, You know that?
It's just a heck and lot, OK, I am being a disaster in this fight.
Do busy focusing on all the minutia.
I mean, I still did it.
Can I lost my life because I was in the middle of being, like, What do we need?
That's fine.
Ah, Okay.
Really No, Don't claim what?
Over here.
Authorize me dead Space secrets.
What you hiding away?
Clever level design.
Hey, come my punking.
Thank you.
Lots of stuff When a secret encounter.
Okay, what we got?
Fuck you!
I got it.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit.
Oh, baby!
My nip eased a twisty hell, yeah, literally.
That was awesome.
Fully pumped up.
Ready to go?
I love a tour.
Probably going island visiting you.
My teeth are killing me, by the way, because they're starting to actually twist and pull.
So this to here is like, Oh, please don't bite anything.
Surface gun bridge.
Granted, that is a weapon.
No telephone.
Um, I'm just gonna jump on a good Oh, cute Prowler.
Gonna just jump on a gun and launch myself to the planet.
Are we seriously doing that?
Shut up.
I'm not listening.
Um, yeah, sure.
I'm not gonna use these ones, so But it's nice to have you meet my collection.
Being generous.
Get off.
Easy for you to say.
You're a hologram bitch.
Oh, my God.
0 10 out of 10.
This looks incredible.
There are some levels in, like, dead space two and three that look like this.
Like you go out and you float around in space and those giant wreckage everywhere.
But this just looks so cool.
I hope it's designed to use only approved Lacey ammunition.
I'm shooting myself at a planet.
All right.
Living sequence.
Oh, my God.
I, um human bullet.
Not a fucking scratch.
How is anything in this game killing ever?
You are so fucking strong and overpowered.
Jesus Christ.
It just gets better and better.
You need to remember now that actually have to be f g.
Uh, We're going.
Okay, that's the way forward.
I don't wanna go that way.
Yeah, Yeah.
That makes sense.
But the booth.
Oh, it's you, Pete.
Exploding everywhere.
Couple Babu Babu Chico.
Power mode.
Power up mode.
Onslaught me now.
God, this place is so winding.
Can I turn it off?
Come back here again.
Got it.
Really fools upon itself.
You okay?
Look, everything book you wait.
Can I saw them?
All right.
How do we get up there?
This way.
All right.
All right.
Hey, my mom.
Oh, God, Yes.
Oh, no.
Oh, where?
Um I know I wanna go back in, but it just What's happening?
What's going on?
Okay, what we're up against, Okay, that took way too fucking long.
Just do that, okay?
Come on.
Come on.
No, You won.
Left over.
Son of a bitch.
Wait, Have a B f g.
What am I doing?
What am I doing?
Just wait Reverend to show up.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh, yeah.
So over the top and so confused as to where I am.
No, though they just, like, put me back into a place that's actually very beneficial for secrets on bonuses.
So confused.
See this face of confusion?
Wait, let's check.
God, let's just back down to where I was jumping.
Wasn't working more secrets.
That's what I was trying to go.
Ah, Got it.
No, you don't worry him.
Okay, Cool.
I didn't Just in a very, very, very roundabout way, which I'm okay with, dudes Look, an insult to injury.
That was awesome.
It already exploded, though.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, just what I was looking for.
Spider doomed Spider Doom Does whatever a spider do.
Okay, I'm overhearing us.
I assume I'm going that way.
Fuck you!
You God!
I almost had it.
It was almost perfect.
Wait area.
I thought I was gonna do it again.
I did it.
You know I'm here.
Don't Don't even worry.
Don't even worry about it.
Time to check this out.
This is this is this is all bad.
This is bad.
I dropped that.
You can't move.
Oh, no, I can't get out.
I can't get out.
Oh, God, for me.
Fucking health.
Give me a fucking health, please.
Oh, God.
This is so over the top on.
I got Emma.
No, it didn't.
It was right there.
Pick it up, for fuck's sake.
Oh, you're gonna You're gonna get it now.
Oh, you're gonna fucking learn today.
Hey, they didn't really do as much as I thought.
It was everything.
I'm too angry to die.
You're Sunday breakfast again.
Lost another extra life.
I get them and I lose him.
You know, it's just like toilet paper.
Actually, no, it was like toilet paper to me.
And this day and age, I'd be hoarding flick.
Oh, my God.
Well, that was a little intense, wasn't it?
No, it wasn't intense.
It was on Mars.
I do that.
All right.
Anything else to get up here?
Great goody gumdrops.
I got stuck in.
That one's own.
I got stuck against enemies.
I couldn't actually get past it.
I How's it going?
How did remember when That as well.
Do we have?
Ammo in trying.
What do you stuck on?
Oh, my God.
All right.
You're a coolie.
Yes, What is this?
Oh, take that little peach nailed.
See that fucking lead time?
Oh, God.
It's very, very intensive.
Thank you for that Tonight.
Come closer to something.
I guess it just gets all of them.
The buying and the dirt is gone.
I want this armor.
I thought that was the exploding fire.
Big Mama llama.
Oh, good.
Fall off things very easily.
Yeah, yeah, of cool.
No one.
Anything I should have changed Autumn Day.
My brain noble.
Very nice.
I see a pancake, man.
Oh, God.
Can I just stay here?
Is this good?
I like this.
Okay, Um, how do I It's not gonna be enough.
Nice thinking, please.
Thank you.
Thank you for the pancake.
This disk I'm getting I have sex for things to put in my suit.
Uh, okay.
Real position of all progression items on the autumn of Yes, autumn reveal radius of three points.
Reveals all progression items in the dossier.
Borrows a leave behind some ammo.
One destroyed.
Oh, that's nice.
And what's this one?
Brides who takes this image in whatever.
All right.
Um, I don't really need the health.
I mean, kind of, but I'd rather just keep progressing.
Who and you guys are also here, so I can do this.
Nothing up here.
Yes, there is.
I don't think I get that ammo from, like sawing dudes in half.
I think you have to find that too strong.
Like when the platform, It makes me feel like a ninja.
000 I don't want to even talk about it that was over killed.
That's my middle name, baby Jack.
Septic, I Whoa!
That's where I'm supposed to go.
I thought that might have been secrets.
Luckily, I came back.
All right.
I want, um, having super heavy demons.
Stay on fire longer.
You're Max.
See these ones?
As long as you're Max Health and armor.
I'm very rarely Max Helton.
All health pickups contribute to blood.
Punch scene.
No resources get pulled in from further away.
Let's just get this.
All the left is fully upgraded.
Looks nice.
It's more of an aesthetic choice.
You what can't solve?
Get out.
I don't even hit you.
I see that fucking aim, bro.
Fuck you, dude.
Fuck you.
Long open killer.
Nice hell.
Yeah, guys, pack it in.
No other video games exists.
Nor the video games are gonna be this fun ever again.
This is it.
This is what we've been working towards.
I mean, assuming this is the type of video game you're into, You know what?
Even so, I still think it's fucking awesome.
All right.
Slayer, Gate key.
You all want to go into a slur gate?
Newsome lives.
L Yeah.
It's above me.
Having it there somewhere up here, let me see twenties.
It's over there.
There's the way forward.
But I don't think I should go that way.
I want it, though.
What we do peruse this environment just a little bit more.
It's up there.
How we get there is a mystery.
Come in from that site s So it has to be related to these.
These aren't linked back again.
Battery whom?
Mr Battery.
So somehow I have to get to this and then getting to this, get you there, and then you can wash across and get that.
Please go back and get that battery.
Look there.
All right.
This is such a waste of time.
But now that I saw it and that I actually could get it.
I might as well, because now I can just bounce all the way back.
Do this.
It didn't go as far as I thought it would.
Okay, let's see what's going on in this area, huh?
Like I should be able to get up there.
Maybe you just need a key.
Um, let's just keep going and see.
That might be That might have been our chance.
It might be actually gone doing slayer power of his will.
Damn, I think I missed it.
My bad.
Well, charting a flight path.
Mars Nice.
Citing trust.
How do it punching and free.
So cool.
This is the shit.
More video games should do.
Scale big shit like this.
It's awesome.
Modern game engines were able to make your of the cheat to make things look massive without actually making the massive scale.
Just build some nice sky boxes and stuff.
Laws, City.
This was before you retire, you sentinels.
This lip gate will take you for Central Prime with fast, proper backdoor Iwas Get that snarky.
The lost city of the Beth Amidst the long and enduring history of Sentinel civilization.
There are moments in antiquity that have become buried in time for gotten chapters that remain concealed to sentinel historians waiting to be on Earth.
The fallen city of her Beth is one such tale, all but forgotten to the tones of Legacy's passed one, once a prosperous port city.
A proud, gleaming marker off conquest for the distant tribe of Beefy in or Beth Ian Clansman of the Outer Worlds have Beth bridged the disparate sentinel cities with the ingenious design of Slip Gate invention, But it was not meant to last.
And among those cities lost in the Crusades of Sentinel past was her Beth, now little more than a smoldering ruins swallowed by the quaking surface of a once habitable mirrors.
So what you're saying is, housing prices are great.
Thank you.
What a hunk A.
I will put it to good use, Mr Center.
No, man, it works.
It works better than almost anything else that I have.
One might say that it's probably the strongest one in the game.
Is it actually?
Or that they added a new, stronger one because the B F G was always the one that was like Yeah, that's that's That's the one.
That's the That's the doomed one.
You soft.
You're too fast.
Do you need these head shots, though?
I need my slow down leader to refill.
Get a couple of easy ones here though.
All right, But I run out of ammo with my thing.
Oh, God!
Workers hit me from the back.
Oh, God.
Make it!
Jeepers, Jeepers!
Jeepers, How are you?
Not fucking day.
Christ on a bike.
Here we go.
You know, not you.
There's a little fucker, you son of a bitch.
Just flick in my nips.
The superstructure is just not Not as valuable as I would hope.
I mean, it's strong, but the reload speed on it does not really make up for the strength.
I'm over here now.
Who any of nine head shots with that?
Any way more?
All right, I'm just not right now.
I'm kind of taking it easy to just recuperate more The death and destruction that's just falling us.
It's kind of nice to just, like, sit back and relax, you know?
Oh, hit something mid air.
Don't even know I could do that.
Carrying four more of those Yes.
And then I got the super stickies with me.
I think I was frozen.
He was stuck.
Get him What they do?
Just the man.
Since I had this going Hope told.
I wish I had this change in that last time fighting those that would have really made short work of them.
What do we have ammo for?
Uh oh, this is getting Oh, I get on my way.
Nice or just run up in the middle.
Nice groups.
Waste that on you I wasted on you, though I also need armor.
All these little tiny enemies left.
They're so cute, they think they can stop me.
I'm the Doom Slayer.
Oh, point acquired.
You have 10 holy shit and realize that this just doesn't get upgraded.
I got you.
Ah, dashing into heavy demons because, um, dealing enough damage with the chain gun while the energy shield is active will launch it forward on release.
Any demon hit by this projectile will falter.
Hell, yes.
And only through a deal.
20,000 damage.
Oh, and the shield is active.
So does this one do the mobile turn no longer stalls?
Um, that one is the headshot bonus.
Maybe you should start upgrading this.
Ah, this one.
A second lock on target cannot be acquired before firing bursts killed 15 prouder demons with the lock on burst transmitter powders.
Remember, there's too many things.
Everything in this area.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, baby Oh, video game.
Why you so fun?
Why, you too much fun?
I mean, red and blues everywhere.
Such a nice complement.
One another really matches My background is where the hell creased day grow this way wasn't looking Oh, God!
You get to kill another hell priest.
Not the best, but not the worst either.
Good job, Papa.
Bad about it, but better.
What's going on in here, boys?
These are the guys who give me the pancakes.
Sentinels, You are a priest.
So weird that this is all just still happening on this planet.
Okay, I've got a lot more gonna happen.
There was going to like a council meeting or something.
This is the same as the other place I was before.
Second level or something?
Uh, yes.
Sentinel prime.
The Giant Coliseum.
Uh, no.
I want to read the code expert.
The ancient arena is a holy place for the people of Argentina.
U're constructed in the earliest days of their history, this Coliseum served as a proving ground for trial by combat.
Historical records indicate that the Argentine did not jail their own kind.
Rather, prisoners and criminals were granted the right to earn their chance of regaining honor victory in the Arena Coliseum.
Those who succeeded were given a place to fight in the front lines of the Sentinel Army to die in service to Argentine or this traditional use of the arena has subsided since the assimilation with the dark.
Rome The corrupted priests now allow more violent exchanges.
What arm captives pitted against demons for sport.
The priests of the order of DAG continuing to hold undisputed power on Argentine.
You're spilling the blood of the Argent ascended.
The urgent ascended class will result in the transgressors banishment.
Asylum amongst the Argenteuil will be denied to Annie who do not adhere to the rules of engagement.
Can I hop in and fuck everyone's day?
I love that their keys air Just schools that you shove in So metal.
My having a flashback?
Yeah, these are the hell Priest that I killed.
We found him in the valley, just outside the castle walls.
He was badly wounded on wearing this.
Wait, That's the original doom.
Guys home out.
Got huge guts killed.
Um, Must kill.
Maule speaks.
He has fighting him.
Yet in spite of his injuries, send him to the arena.
Let him be judged like the others.
Holy fuck our rethink the doom guy from the original game.
Like the original Doom.
That's what we are.
I mean, people are kind of like associating that anyway, because it's always been a sighting protagonists.
And it's always a doomed guy killing all the demons, whatever.
But this solidifies that we are the actual guy from the first game on He spoke.
Damn, that's cool.
History of the Sentinels part for our That's awesome looking.
No, Read it.
Goddamn authorization from Leaguer A sold her gente in the time of King Novick as the Argent is secured peace and safety through dimensions across time and space and Outlander came to us.
He was not of our world and spoken ugly tone probably, you know, probably had a Scottish accent, you know, 30 bastards how he first took step upon our lands is unknown.
Sentinel scouts had found the Outlander bloodied Claude and near death, mumbling of a pending doom and the forces of darkness.
Ah, Is this talking about the doom guy?
The scent of blood followed him and the gore that stained his armor seem not entirely his own.
By Argenteuil Law, the stranger would be judged in the Coliseum where he would be given the chance off all who stray from the past to fight for his freedom.
Yeah, So he went in and fought hard and then just got more powerful.
He's just so angry.
He just gets stronger.
He's like the whole we knew not of this stranger.
His mind seemed crippled with rage.
He dressed in a tire not suited for our lands and carried munition of arcane origin.
We watched as his will overcame his injuries.
And in the blood arena he proved his worth.
The outlanders technique was crude and brutal, but the determination in his charge echoed that of any true born sentinel was not born of sentinels.
He was just found.
His war cry echoed through the Coliseum, as did the sound of his fury.
And the guards cheered his banner ripping, they shouted as the beast pushed beyond mortal wounds and certain death.
He would be gifted.
No rank, no title.
The survivors in the arena were provided only one reward.
The right to earn an honorable death while spreading the blessings of the makers to those in need.
The outlanders determination was witnessed, his ravings documented, and through the word of the order, Dag, the Khan maker, had him brought before her.
She set her minions to learning his tone for with his ugly words.
He spoke of lands on scene creatures born of fire in a dark place unknown to the queen and her cast.
Yet another opportunity to expand the gift of the makers said those in need, I am.
We're getting the deep lower in the doom guy.
That's so awesome.
It's cool that they connected it back together.
Oh, great.
A sign of truth.
No, I don't think so.
I don't I d
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林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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