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My mom told me absolutely not to do this when I told her I regularise five guys at the same time is a bit nuts on every now and again, I keep thinking to myself I mean, what are you doing?
Oh, why are you doing this?
I mean, I can't have you coming in.
Come in.
Well, I'll be the peace with Oh, that's really key that Thank you so much.
Coming in my eyes.
This is This is Tristan Alatriste.
Nice to see you.
Michael Tristan.
Christian, Christian, Christian.
Five suitors is settling into their new home.
Let's get, uh, good.
Say e Think Amy's amazing?
I think she's as hot as I would have expected from a pictures here.
His boys bother.
Oh, yeah.
Lovely heat floor.
Nice heated floor.
Yes, there's a degree in nerves, But when you look around and you got a stump man who sets himself on fire Oh, I've got a surfer dude who's just relaxed.
In course, it's not a tramp.
Believe I've got a city of Angkor and I've got a guitar playing hot throat.
If we get lonely in the night weekend, you know they go have a little cuddle your own.
What is little May come now that's pinky material.
I don't kill myself out, but they're They're strong bunch of guys.
Everything's changed.
It's no battle.
I expect it.
I thought I was gonna be, like, crushing over Tristan and Oh, God, like like I'm being very embarrassing.
What quiet, Which isn't always a bad thing, but he's not quietly cop did like freshly initially, I thought was a bit of a geyser, but he's I got this kind of aura around them, which I quite like garlic.
My kids asked me lots of questions.
I felt a little bit forced their Yvette try hard.
Do you smoke?
I don't smoke now.
What about pets?
A dog or a man?
He got my goldfish moment.
How about you?
Do you want any patents?
But nothing I can free Rome.
I'd like to understand a bit more about why are these guys in my house wanting to find the one?
I guess Sunday lunch and they're off to Amy's mums for a roost.
It's wonderful to meet my new boyfriend's Jackie on Christian.
How you Yes, I will really, really enjoy meeting these guys.
Something about a bit.
Yes, across the dinner table.
You don't have any time having a great time.
I've been looking forward very much to seeing these spaces.
Young men, table manners saying, I think of me for things.
It's lovely to mutual, but just to get down to the nitty gritty.
Um, What's been your sexual experience in life?
No complaints, Jackie.
I've had no complaints today.
Thing is, is with that with that kind of thing.
It always depends on the other person.
That depends on you to a za couple.
Yeah, I I am.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't possibly comment, but, um, yeah, as Christian said, Certainly no complaints.
My husband used to like spanking May Jack some more wine.
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"What's Been Your Sexual Experience in Life?" Mum Meets Daughter's FIVE Dates! | Five Guys a Week

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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