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uh, here we go again, baby.
Born in the ladies.
My name is jacks up the guy and welcome back to sub nauseous below zero.
I said, I want to go to do it I said I was gonna wait until the full game was out and play the entire thing then.
But I can't wait anymore.
I'm so every people keep asking me to claim or sub Nautica below zero.
And I really, really want to.
So I'm sick of waiting.
I could do whatever you want.
I'm a big boy, all right?
The king of Sub Nautica is back, Baby, I'm going to start over from the beginning izing because, people the deep dive update is something that people kept telling me a lot about came out like two months ago.
But people are also saying that stuff from even the vory beginning of the game is slightly different.
So I'm going to start over from the beginning.
Why not?
Let's let's do a new one.
Lets you know what?
I don't have a choice anymore.
That's gone.
Uh, let's do survival.
Yes, that and I just can't remember what I did.
It's been months and months and months since I played below zero.
So I can't remember where I am, what I am doing.
The characters, names, all that kind of stuff.
So it's good for our refresher.
I don't know when this game is fully going to come out, what the release date is actually planned, as I think it got pushed back and back.
So I'm just tired of waiting around.
I just want to play more sub Nautica.
I love this series.
So s Oh, God, That much.
Who here we go on on worlds.
A lovely guy with pets.
Good morning.
It is more.
Sister Sam.
Immediate evacuation of sector zero to space station.
Vesper son was happening like the meteor storm.
There was interference.
It's closer than they thought.
Oh, maybe 10 minutes.
Jeff, do you read?
I've been tweeted it.
I don't sleep in the wake of command.
Your timing sucks.
We're evacuating Jeff.
His last GPS check in was at the cave entrance.
I'm going up there.
Roger that.
Don't stay any longer than you need.
Did they change the voice of the Robin character?
Also, did I cancel her call like an idiot?
By mistake.
God, All right that might work docks.
So I'm going.
We write all these things already, so I want to try and avoid reading all the same stuff again.
It might be new information, though, so I don't know.
What have you played for this role?
Everyone's talking about 45 46.
Who has the plate?
Maybe Jeff?
He signed on last week.
White This assignment the last time we found sent into alien life with straight or 6 17 years ago.
It's been 40 but frankly, I'm bored.
And you have telepath IQ squid.
I should tell you that rumors about spacefaring aliens on the planet are rumors.
If that's why you're here, you'll be disappointed.
I'm a xeno linguist.
Very aliens are our Holy Grail.
I wanted I don't expect to get it.
What qualifies you for this position?
There are aliens out there.
You couldn't imagine that alone.
You know how I talked to them?
I think you correlate responses against simulation or stimuli, and I do what they do.
Feel what they feel.
If they bathe in liquid nitrogen and talk about their feet, I put on a space suit and pull a handstand.
But this recruitment process is more.
This is the most alien of all.
But I'm trying to correlate my responses here.
Smart, clever, clever girl.
Hey, buddies.
What's going on?
Good to be back.
How are you?
Is this me?
Damn, I'm thick.
What up?
Little pink ooze dominate this planet Titan.
Whole fish.
Fuck, Yeah.
Gonna get oxygen.
Are your bad boy hole all right?
I don't know what's different.
This already feels different, Like the most of it.
Feels pretty similar, like the layout and all that stuff in some of the dialogue.
But this alarm blaring and the textures and everything all better talking about the meteor storm.
And that space station feels a lot closer this time.
It's a space station.
Are Meteors actually landing?
I just saw smoke trail.
Maybe I should get out there and see.
Can't go that way.
What is this telling me?
Remember, what does this look like?
It's all warped and weird.
Remember information leading to ex activation of alien technologies rewarded with blab.
Oh, blah, blah, blah.
I just need my morning bees can't get Dammit!
I want coffee.
I think I just need to leave the Vespa.
Oh, yeah.
Ah, dude, that's so awesome.
What should I love?
I talked about it a lot the first time I played this game, so I'm not really going to talk about it, you know?
Fuck it.
I am.
I love shit like this.
I love stuff that's happening in the distance.
I love the sense of scale space stations hanging up there that you can always kind of see Meteors landing shit's dope.
Oh, whoa!
Was that?
See this stuff?
Video games need to do this shit, Maur.
I'm so absolutely sick and tired of static skyboxes and video games.
It's fucking boring.
Next generation is coming along.
PS five Xbox, Siri's ex start getting inventive and creative with shit like this Unknown world.
You're doing great.
I love you.
Move this.
Calling out Microsoft and Sony.
No more of your boring ass skyboxes.
You could make them Israel, looking as you want.
Realism is boring.
If there's no interactivity, their focus said it.
I'll say it again just at a later time.
Not right now.
What is this?
But seriously, this is the stuff.
That's awesome.
How many times you play a game where the sky boxes just clouds and sky.
And even though it might look, really, it's like, yeah, they make a few Meteors or a dragon fly through it.
There's a cool little pod, maybe get into it and fly away because all hell's about to break loose.
You're gonna get stranded down here.
How do we know that?
I know Just a gamer sense that I have I But hold flower.
You know how much of this stuff to keep in either.
It's just this is going through the game properly.
I just our could know things that it's gonna get kind of annoying.
Cyanotic is awesome.
We should all appreciate it and play a lot of gold by seven article.
Right now I'm approaching the research side.
Looks like Jeff's GPS trackers here, but no other sign of him.
Be careful.
All be careful.
Might joke on my fucking day.
War Geyser.
Jeff Jeff off just No.
Who am I speaking to your father?
I already forget what I did in this game has only played a few episodes of it in some of the updates.
So now, like all of this stuff is still brand new to me again.
I'm gonna appreciate it and experience it like a newborn baby lamb out on the ice for the first time again.
We beans, Yes.
Give me that sweet being.
I just hide my sweet beans, My delicious cup of dirty being water.
You gotta have it, Amanda.
Got no cops to siphon it out of the pot.
Oh, I got something.
Drink your coffee.
Oh, yeah.
So good.
Fucking love it.
It's awesome.
Percent way.
Work something up.
I spoke to it.
Please get to the escape ship.
Way Fucking bloody aliens, man.
During their occupation of 45 46 be the mysterious race of space fearing aliens we refer to as the architects selected a number of sites around the planet at which to build their vast facilities.
45 46 b is the planet from Original Subotica, right?
We're on, like a different part of it.
Or before it.
I can't remember.
Sorry, I have to do a little homework next time.
When the focus of their mission to save their kind from the bacterium was the Emperor specimen contained the primary containment facility.
There are other installations, serves a variety off precautionary and support roles.
This is after provision research site zero unknown alien facility.
While zero sector contains a number of now familiar alien sanctuaries, the alien facility in close proximity to the main research station remains one of the few whose purpose we have yet to discover.
This will be the focus of our endeavors in zero sector what we know, frozen beneath the ice hundreds of years ago, the facility lays dormant.
To this day, we have progressed only through the first forcefield gaining access to the ante chamber where a combination lock off a type we don't understand prevents further exploration.
Whatever is inside, it is protected more thoroughly than anything else we have encountered.
Maybe don't go poking down where humans are not wanted.
Billions and billions of years ago, the universe was formed when wait a second rule.
Don't go that way.
Just go back the way I came again.
I forget everything.
Shut up.
I don't see any comments being like Jackie.
Read this already.
Jackie did this already.
You knew this already?
No one gives a shit.
All right, Sit back.
Have fun.
Enjoy some.
Not again, because it's fucking dope, baby.
All the lightning's gonna hit this.
Oh, epic.
It's not lightning anymore.
It's a fucking meteor.
That's even cooler.
It's not just a regular storm anymore.
It's Meteors, baby.
I love it.
Absolutely incredible.
Unknown Worlds Gypsy Morning.
What is it going?
I'll find her, Jeff.
Still making for the base.
That's my best shelter.
Oh, baby, Shit is tight.
Oh, God, that's awesome!
I am so glad we started the game from the beginning again.
I don't even know if I would have been able to start it from my other save.
This is so much cooler than all the lightning and shit from the first time.
It's not gonna break the ice.
Oh, dear.
Uh, let's go.
Oh, shit.
Oh, Breaky Breaky.
Oh, no.
Be advised.
It's start here.
Retreat to a safe environment.
I don't need that.
I'm Mr Sub Nautica.
I know what I'm doing.
I was born in the oceans were all just visitors here, so gonna creepy though the idea that you're running around normally above surface and then you're plunged into the icy cold waters of below.
I would hate that.
That would really ruin my day and upset my life.
This meteor storm is fire and a way better than just a lightning storm happening.
Kudos and fair play that I need to get some titanium.
Hell, yeah.
Oh, my God.
Stay where you are!
Going to look up.
I'm sure you did.
Everyone else get away.
This is amazing.
Counts against way This book.
Do you read?
Did you find heads?
Something floating in the air right there.
What is that?
So I should note that this game is still early access, So bolds abound on galore.
Oh, my God.
My gamer senses are going wild right now.
So the spaceship looks really cool now, and it's much lower.
I was going to say before I was rudely interrupted by the game.
How dare it, um, that unknown worlds don't get enough credit for their visual technology like they're particle system, the snow, their water system, shadows that they were doing.
I've talked about all this before, but it's really hard to make a game all about underwater self and most games fail miserably at it.
So these guys are a okey dokey in my book.
How do you get into that without letting water in?
I will never know.
Quiet well done for surviving the evacuation.
Statistically, that is the hard part.
This'll Life Board will help you survive until rescued.
I can pin things on seat food and tools that refer to your P.
A s data bank for more information.
Good luck of lost contact with the Vespa.
I've been in tough situations before.
Just now.
There's no safety net best I could do for us.
Um, keep yourself a lawyer.
All right?
We'll do, mate.
All right.
What can I make?
So if I pin things, Is it like, Wait, let's Let's try that.
I wanna pin a blueprint.
Let's pain.
What do we need?
An 02 tank?
Fucking beautiful.
That is an incredible update.
I could have done without so much an original sin Nautica today that they even put that into the original hypnotic again.
Oh, my God, That's so much better.
All rights a fibre mesh is what we need.
Look at that.
That's such a small little detail and it's already fucking 100 times better.
All right, let's go.
Slow dog.
It's I thought the whole planet was on fire there for a second.
It really looked like it.
I mean, look at this.
That's not a planet on fire.
I don't know what his All right.
Let's go Looking for items, man.
It's hard to think that the first what 15 minutes of the game are already 100 times better than what?
The original thing once I mean again.
Early access.
It's always in development, but such a huge difference already adding so much more atmosphere.
I love it.
I can't get creep finds.
I need a knife.
We need to get a knife.
Silicone, Rubber.
We need to get silicone.
Rubber up.
CJ, don't die.
You will die if you don't breathe.
Detective, I don't need your emergency.
Johnny Cash.
I have flippers and I have the fish free.
I have a good night for creep o silicone rubber like wide.
Thank you.
No problem.
You're welcome.
She's like me.
Alexa, be awesome.
Actually, you can get an Alexa to rap for you.
It's like a suggestion that comes up on the screen.
So if you're at home right now with an Alexa say Alexa rap for me, actually, you know what just turned me off, folks?
Alexa Rap for me.
I should give you some sick beats, some sick boots and cats and boots and cats, Which got him.
All right.
Try to make some food.
That's water book.
Oh, you know, all of the surviving an apocalypse is making me thirsty and hungry.
I need to eat their sketch.
Obey the neck.
Dude, I'm so sorry, but also really a man's gotta eat.
All right, now we can make syndicated.
Robbo, Basilico Babu.
I could make a noise.
I love this update.
Do you have any idea how many times I was going through original sub Nautica?
I just I had to keep going back into my thing, being like, Wait, how much do we need?
Why do they need having this is a lifesaver?
Oh, if you want to fucking eat mud, Okay, just stop doing that accent.
It's gonna get real annoying.
And people who want to watch the episodes will be like, Oh, God, I can't because it's so annoying.
All right, let's say to the supply cache.
Darkness becomes may.
Zab, Thank God underwater is brighter than the surface that I I don't understand how that would work, but I'm very glad that it's like that.
Yes, it's a knife.
Well done.
New blueprint.
A quiet.
Thanks, Karen.
Susie, that I call you every name under the sun.
Probably tender for names.
For everything except Sally.
C'mon And Maria my submarine.
I forgot what I call my little sea truck this time.
Come over.
New names, Craft shop, pregnant.
I need a scan.
Me Do you guys were pretty?
Oh, God.
I forgot that.
This has ice above the surface.
Like attached to the water.
Oh, Titanic be damned drown down here.
I'm not gonna be happy about it.
It's really gonna ruin my day.
You know what?
I need to tighten whole fish from through their host.
Get that oxygen slurp slurp.
Can you tell him in a good mood?
Plains of nautical again?
It's the best.
Okay, P D a.
Do this.
So it's available.
All right.
I got the beacon, Mavis, it's I was unaware that the planets just disappear when you go in the water.
What does this say?
Character status report.
Deliveries continue to be delayed on this wretched planet.
We don't have Amazon prime yet, so it's really slow.
Sea monkeys have yet again.
Stolen cargo from the truck running low on flares but would investigate nearby nests for stolen cargo.
Will update status on next delivery.
Upon retrieval of cargo.
Western Excite delayed Northern Marine Research station delayed.
Good old Fred.
All right, what we got in here?
Your mind?
We go in these tubs first.
A kid technology created a pass.
A flare?
You guys said you were Lohan Flares sick, are you?
What do you want?
If you don't, I'll stab you.
I'm I'm new to these oceans.
Get up!
What are you?
I know I'll kill you.
Yeah, fight with the bull.
You get the horns.
Just think about what you did.
I think they learned their lesson.
Glide fragment.
I need a scanner.
I can go in here and be like, You know what?
I want a scanner.
So I'm gonna do that.
I need a battery as well.
Oh, God.
What do we need for a battery boom, baby written plant, copper or your mama's acts?
I got it all.
You're not gonna be seeing oxygen to me in a minute because I'm going to craft me a big old but as heaping, Helping serving.
Ah, Franks!
Oxygen tank Hamada oxidant got Fred.
Oxygen tank Guard Manny's?
Uh, Just go straight in sick.
I love it.
Um okay, so now I need be eight to rez batteries s.
I could get rid of the tank.
Okay, this part's a little annoying.
I wish I could, like, hold Ault and go up to the top.
Right And have an X on the things, maybe Future update maybe.
All right, I need ribbon Plant.
If all were a rhythm plan, where would obey?
I'll probably be down in a cave somewhere.
He's holding out live Lloyd's.
You know, there's some I see.
Some will gets home.
Boof on a poof.
Now I can make two batteries.
What even says that I can I have X two batteries now.
Good job, gamers.
Really nice.
You I update.
That's that's really good.
No, a scanner scanner for my manners.
I don't need these anymore.
No, Really.
Hopes all up in all.
Boom, baby.
All right.
What else do we want to make, though?
What's next on my list?
Did you get see?
Glide fragments Probably need a repair to a swell virtual doesn't seem super imperative right now, though, I have nothing to repair.
I need a Segway fragment badly.
Let's head back this way.
I should let the beacon there She left Mavis down where they belong.
Oh, secret fragment nearby.
But little see Clyde, where are all your fragments?
Great fragment Number D.
Just one left month.
I'm making excellent progress.
What is down there?
Help route!
Oh, that looks like bad news.
Bears down there.
I don't want to go near that.
It's gonna stay up here and I'll be a happy service by Titan.
Whole fish.
I need you.
I need you.
Let me swim through your whole Give me the air.
You're the oxygen of my life.
Oh, sweet boy.
Sweet, sweet Titan Goldfish sort of a bench.
You have nasties all around you.
I want to be your friend, Douche.
Incoming transmission origin.
Alien sanctuary site.
Twisty bridges.
200 meters.
Sick recorded to Data Bank.
Oh, no!
Get away!
Did he steal something for me?
I will knife you.
Uh okay.
Let me read that at a different place where somebody's not trying to steal my toes Well, I was Seriously, knife anybody that comes near me or anything that comes near me, I just need one more.
See guide fragment.
And then I got Is he, like, first the glass fragments, huh?
Re hiding the money.
That's quartz.
That nosy guy, Frank.
I'm talking to you.
Excuse me.
Water this.
God damn it!
You always have problems.
Oh, Oh!
Am I gonna make it?
Am I going to make it?
I'm gonna make it, baby.
I wanted to come around with the good news sometime.
Like your tax return has shown that you can have $42,000 back.
You only paid 10 like that'd be great.
He stole my fucking scanner!
I didn't even realize what a dick hole get away from me!
What did you think he took my fucking nice knife?
Give me back my knife.
I will put you to death if I have to.
But you know what?
No, You're just getting your getting the horns, baby.
Oh, come back.
No, I thought you wanted the night.
Don't you want the knife there?
I give you the night you wanted.
Serves you right.
You little asshole.
Locally, I have the materials to make another one already.
So I'm not to have said I mean I was very upset.
If I had to go get all that stuff again all now, they would've shook my fist at the screen.
So heard.
Luckily, I didn't have to resort to such drastic measures.
See, Glide, baby.
Here we go.
New blueprints I acquired.
Glory batteries, copper wire and some lube.
Sounds like all the ingredients for a fucking party.
Oh, baby.
Oh, buddy.
Oh, okay.
Oh, buckaroo.
See guy?
God, it's going to be so much nicer to go around now.
No, that's a flare.
I want my knife in there.
Thank you.
Um, now I can go in here and unp in all.
Oh, look how nice I know you can talk to the map on delight separately.
I love you developers.
You're the best tiny little tweaks that go so far on our very much appreciated A noticed Don't think I didn't notice you cuties.
You develop Rick, you tease out there making the game better and more enjoyable for us came Rosie's stop.
All right, where was it?
Let me get up to her.
Oxygen is, you know, I don't like the idea of my feet dangling in the water.
As a reed, Harry should not go back to Hogwarts.
Century zero was discovered some months ago operating on low power.
All attempts to access the facility have failed.
It is located in the so called twisty bridges, an area dense with macro flora reaching 100 to 300 meters in depth.
The fast growing the fast growth of the tubular, super awesome like organic bridges throughout the area, prevents a permanent route to the facility from being established.
Be located at a depth of 200 meters, and contractors are advised to use visual reference to locate a viable path.
The alien architects constructed multiple sanctuary facilities around 45 46 Be their purpose was to store and preserve the aliens mental states for later retrieval in case of emergency, huh?
While many individuals fled to the sanctuaries when they karaoke contagion was released, most succumbed before they could reach 11 of those sanctuaries are off.
Those centuries we have gained access to none have contained a viable alien consciousness, and it is further unclear what sense could be made of the data.
If they had we known the last of our best people working on.
Oh, yeah, because we find it on alien dude.
And he'd like talks inside her head doesn't s o.
We go towards twisty bridges, organic bridges to wrote the area prevents permanent route to the facility.
200 meters.
Somewhere over here, isn't it?
Like these are the twisty bridges.
Well, think so.
You're cool through this on Arctic Ray.
It's nice to meet you, Ray.
My name Sean.
Fast moving prey species Well adapted, low temperature environments.
Two sets of wing like fins and laredo quickly change directions.
Accelerate like other rays and exclusively herbivorous bush.
Having some stuff in the environment that gives you oxygen is a really nice Okay, call dope.
Lovett Um having something gives you oxygen in the environment is a really great way to just, like, keep the game going.
So Sharkboy Lavagirl Okay, I'm sorry.
I know it's a sensitive subject.
Christ, like now I can just stay down here rather than having to go down, peek a little and then go back like you could just keep getting oxygen.
Three d Nice I'm seeing twisty bridges on about 200 meters down.
When can I get my Basie base?
Still on my tail.
The old question.
How much risk is?
I don't have time to read.
I'm dying out here.
I don't think I'm supposed to be down here.
No, no, no.
Uh uh.
No Bad.
Ooh, super stinky.
Don't Here!
The music is freaking me out.
Even Maur head back.
Can you just give me, like, a bass?
Alien compound?
Type of thing.
Died of a pretty cool approaching Alien sanctuary s terrible questions.
You take care not to damage the artifact shot.
Hope, damage.
Whatever I want.
I need to get this 1st 30 seconds damaging my own lungs.
They're not feeding them that sweet 02 Is this where the sanctuary is?
You said I was approaching it.
They didn't see it.
Um, I a blind Oh, 30 seconds.
I still got it, baby.
That's the cave.
Sold for two.
All right, I lost where?
Where I was going.
I lost it, guys, I lost.
I'm an Incan doof.
I also just like exploring.
This is cool.
Classic sub note, because this is where I went before.
I don't want to go down there again.
That was scary on my toes curled up on my asshole clenched.
I would rather go this way where gumdrops and fairies live.
Here we go.
This is a good sign.
Y'all got any more of that sweet Oh, to around to do with it.
Kind of getting a little low.
Kind of suffocating and drowning.
Thank you.
Scan any of this.
0 30 seconds, days, oxygen that you're going to die.
Give me some good news.
Like the winning lotto numbers were yours.
Thing looks very promising, Greatly decreased shoot and the fabric of reality was broken.
Then Robin of Kobold, away from England.
You're a cool robot, The device of alien origin.
Although its design is relatively simple purpose, it's low threat level is at odds with the advanced technology apparently available to its designers suggesting it was intended mortar patrol, alien facilities and repair damaged infrastructure than to deter invaders design.
Despite its simple design, this construction is quite elegant in its minimalism.
Four electromagnetic legs allow it to traverse floors, walls and ceilings with reasonable speed on appear to be replaceable.
I love that you just see it flying around as I'm reading it internally, there are few moving powers rendering.
It's this construct energy efficient and resistant.
Aware over time a rechargeable.
I on blah, blah, blah.
You're cool.
We get it's up.
Showing off.
Lead the way, little friend.
See you later, little friend.
You talk back why you were sent home.
I will destroy you.
You're not sure of my intentions?
Are you afraid?
Oh, I came here because I'm curious about your people.
It sounds like you're in trouble.
My storage meeting.
You're dying.
Short review from what does that mean?
Storage capacity when Oh, my P d a No.
In your boy e soy your brain.
You're going to get an alien in.
They're all so cool.
This is where your story isn't it enough to scare you?
A digital backup to save you in case of disaster.
It has worked until now.
My days I could be downloaded from the top.
Is that what you'd like?
I have hours to live.
I may not like it now, but I will appreciate it like I'm taking that as a yes.
Locally, I am here.
God, that's so cool.
Visual design is amazing.
I hope this works.
Come on in, Alien buddy boy.
Gettys have a blame story.
Hey, Wow!
Credits Sonata below zero was amazing.
Thanks for watching guys.
Oh, my villa!
Woozy here.
Oh, what happened?
You're in my head.
I also Is it reversible?
But not from here.
Damn it.
I'll find a way with the processing power available it may take.
I want to when I'm accident.
This is exactly why we have protocols.
This'd is exactly why we have protocols.
And don't go wandering into alien facilities and talk to the alien and then present ourselves to be downloaded upon.
Ah, silly, silly.
But he's now have a voices.
I'm ahead.
They can keep me company.
And I don't get scared all the time.
That's nice.
I like that.
It's kind like real life.
Did you know there's a thing going around on Twitter recently with people talking about, like, the voice inside their head and like, their inner monologues?
And some people are saying that they do not have a voice inside their head that articulates thoughts to them like they don't go through conversations in their head and verbally say them There's no voice saying that to them.
Baffled me.
Are there any people watching this right now who are like that?
Because I my brain never shuts the fuck up.
It's constantly talking.
I verbalize everything inside my own brain and I go over conversations, and sometimes it really messes me up on.
I swear there's something wrong with my head, but some people apparently don't have that.
They don't imagine they don't create.
They don't verbalize anything in their head.
They just think in like they're just thinking like Stasis points.
I guess.
I don't know how to explain, because I can't do it.
But some people can sit in perfect silence on their brains.
Think about nothing.
And that, to me, is so bizarre because my brain never shuts up, and sometimes it stops me from being able to sleep.
It must be so nice to have your brain to be able to just stop.
I'll be able to sleep and just sit in silence and quiet.
You hear that brain?
Shut up!
Another upgrade.
What is this re breather?
Yes, that's what I need.
The re breather is the thing that helps you consume oxygen better a deeper depths, which is exactly what I needed for right here.
And they did get the deep down update in this that the deep down dark, deep down might be a possibility again.
I know I'm trying not to die.
You think it's preferable.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
I did it, man.
It sucks up here.
Do it much more peaceful, though.
It's all nice and warm and cozy down here.
Let's even changed.
Still horrible death all around.
Try to move on.
I'm still processing all situation.
Memory data was lost.
Yours or mine?
I'm kind of recall.
Wait, What's your name way?
Do not use words that way.
I had a pet barbell once.
I called him catch up.
Don't make me name you two.
You may upend your seat, Coach to the species designation.
You may call me.
I waited my whole life to meet a spacefaring aliens.
You're telling me your name is Allen?
Is it insufficient?
No, No, it's perfect.
I would It's definitely insufficient.
It's very lame and disappointing.
You might has always said that your name was Al Ian Alien.
All right, so what next.
I wonder if the same rocket bases over in the same area.
Don't you dare come near me.
See, Monkey, I will punch you until you feel like you're a person losing emotions.
I mean it.
What air?
That is that a Minecraft?
All right away.
Jesus Christ.
That's what I was trying to go.
I want to scan one of you, though.
You're fucking terrifying.
Oh, I may too.
Okay, do that.
There's no information I've got damaging a bit for Not fuck!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Oh, God!
Fuck that thing Crypto.
So, CASS, Cool.
That's what your name is from now on.
Who the island is back.
A spooky I won't give it that.
Up here is the another base area on, like a launch pad that I can send information back if mine brain been remembering.
Good leave.
Thank God.
Out of the mist and into the piss.
That's very jagged looking.
For anybody alive out there?
Making up my own phone.
Very nice.
Geological log number three.
Finding adequate geological samples has been exceptionally easy with this new modified scanner tool.
With his new research pace, finding the origins of this island's formation should take no time.
Mineral detector.
Is that like a scanner room in in small form?
The scanner room would let you detect where certain items were certain resources.
It would be so cool if we had a whole, like, portable version of that.
So I could just go around to be like, I need limestone.
And then it's like, You go here.
This game's pretty pretty awesome.
All right, Didn't we go?
Have a time, Pilgrim.
Hot builder.
I love that.
I want one.
I have haven't.
I don't need one in this.
You're a fabricator.
I don't need you jukebox.
I can be scared and alone, but the music and the rhythm will finally get to me and keep me company.
Me and Alan Condense become lovers like walking Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson in the hit movie Her where he fell in over the robot and then got sad, which is actually a really great movie.
And you should really watch it.
A poster.
That's the thing I need.
Damn, I'm getting the tone.
A really great things modification station is awesome and helps upgrade all your basic items on a single wall show.
It helps store all of your basic items.
Like my figurines of Batman.
Okay, scanned the bait.
Actually, let's use the bed.
It's nighttime outside.
Nighttime is shy time.
I'm not going out there unless I am guaranteed that it's gonna be sunny and I can see where I'm going.
Oh, you look like you broke your wrist trying to do that.
Do we need you?
Why not?
We can spice things up a bit.
I should just make this my main base if I can get the stuff for solar panels.
Um, see this?
Menu it out.
I would also, like, tabs up here to be, like resources electron, ICS or something.
Just a figured out a bit easier right now.
I'm plowing through everything.
It's kind of confusing.
I have enough to build and build a show.
Let's build a how do we use this?
Oh, Oh, I need a battery.
Oh, I don't have a battery.
Well, I could do this to get that and then put it in this.
So now at least they could build a solar panel.
Get power back in here.
Why not?
That looks like it's gonna places.
Iran must be so proud.
That power, I guess not deconstruct.
Yeah, but the items Oh, yeah.
Deconstruct everything that's really useful.
We didn't get power, but the solar panels on it.
What way do you not have power?
Just I looked at a solar panel as they put a solar panel on it.
What is wrong with me?
I was again.
That's a good place upon a solar panel.
It is literally one right behind it.
You're not getting power that Oh, my God.
This hail is insane.
Let's just get up here first.
20 to repair Tool.
Damn it!
I was going to make one last time as well because I was so close to like I had the items for it.
I don't have to go all the way back and then come back here again.
That would be annoying.
No signal is broken costing day.
It would be great if the thing he worked the power on this.
Is that a fabricator in there?
Special room separate from everybody else.
Tank A window living away.
Can any of you observatory?
There we go.
It took a long time.
Um, I just misremembering something doing these, Some sort of like power module power transmitter.
You like that?
I need an actual reactor or an engine of sorts.
A jukebox Speakers.
That's cool.
I didn't think I did.
I thought I was just able to Oh, I'm freezing.
I thought it was just able to put solar panels on things.
And it worked.
You don't know where I am.
Where's the water?
This is so scary.
I can't see anything.
What's better?
Let's clear.
Well, great, lovely.
Let's not go back there for ah bit.
I'm gonna go back here and build a repair to one on everything because I just can't seem to get that other base to actually get power in it.
I don't know if it's something that I'm missing or something that's it's just broken or what, but whatever.
Hey, see truck fragments?
Also, I need to start using some stuff in my inventory. 00:50:05.250
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THE KING IS BACK | Subnautica Below Zero - Part 9

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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