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so I want 1 80 himself.
Racing towards the end of the opilio season.
Nice job.
Thank you.
On the northwestern, Maybe you've got more looking than I do.
I have this right?
I hope so.
After eight weeks, tutoring from the master and setting parallel strings on Western grains during her final exam.
This is what's gonna dictate the rest of this day right here.
Hopefully, Mandy have them in the right spot.
Mandy is set to either pass or feel.
This is a defining moment.
Let's see what you did get.
Catch me some.
Mandy's panel said it will either bring an end to the winters pain.
Here comes orb on a fresh wound and prolong this season.
Oh, my God, That looks good.
That looks really good.
Hi, Mandi.
What about Yeah, it's gonna do it.
I think the rest of the year will fall in, according we're looking pretty good right now.
You know, big over here, it's gonna do it.
And that's the reward.
What we're seeing there way Stack up.
Nice job.
Well done.
Thank you, girl.
With Mandy's ports on the mother Lord, Captain Sig puts another season to bed.
on his daughter passes her final taste with owners.
Nanny stepped up and that's the reward.
What we're seeing there.
I'm so proud of her for that that she not only learned but went by her own true gut.
568 miles southeast in King Cool Alaska.
We had a massive crisis situation.
Were to sit for five days to Casey made this app.
We got out after spotting dead crab in the tank.
A plant shutdown forced the chameleon Marie to travel to a different process.
Er, 117 miles away, the crab looks like corps.
Captain George and Casey on the coup are ready to see how that $1 million worth of crab held up reliably looking earlier.
Verdict looks really good.
They are healthy, man.
They're all out sprint to dock.
And quick thinking kept most of the complex kicking.
Most were right on here in the past decade since the old man with room Well, six tanks punched way did it?
Nailed it.
Over the course of both autumn and winter seasons, captains and crews have risked life and limb on the bearing sea for a warping $165 million worth of wild Alaskan King Bear die under P.
Leo crab tanks.
A jam packed.
We actually pulled it off.
Well done.
All right, we'll talk to you tomorrow.
But success in the fishery is about more than a paycheck.
We're getting along most certainly better.
You know, I missed the first trip due to my dad's passing, and we didn't see it enough for each other to where we started.
Not a squabble.
I think that's the case.
Mission accomplished.
It's about mending freed bones.
No radio look this time.
Give it.
Give it a shot.
It's about supporting family stage the first time.
Get to know Harley.
That feels good.
My grandpa was crab killer, shouldering a legacy he didn't expect.
I think it's about a cold.
That's it.
Next step for me is go down to the determined to figure out what I gotta do down there, get that thing moving, makes money and living up to the family name.
Big I never knew Official jacket.
You're special, your official, but no matter want it's always about seeing what you mean.
Doing what you see done.
CNC Oh, thank you.
improving yourself as a true bearing.
Sea crab gaze Just all.
You won't speed up, Theo.
Because I've been the bedding.
Legends aren't born.
You've come a long way, but their meat Yeah, yeah.
Burying, See vision Never never give up.
Never, never, never, never give up It's good they work, yeah.
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Young New Captain's Hunch Results In $1.8 Million Season | Deadliest Catch

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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