B1 Intermediate 31 Folder Collection
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perfect hearing.
Gillette Stadium.
It's time to have a little fun.
Thanks for my good buddy, Tom Brady.
You may remember the tithe way very tiptop to a skydive off it.
So they were going for his crest up.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2014 Summer Cruise.
The long lost classic.
Hey, which one of us?
Wait, hold up.
With Gillette Fusion.
Proglide target.
Time to nail way from places.
Way off skin.
Just heard Stephen saying, Corey, first place.
Wait, wait, wait.
What's up, guys were perfect.
Thanks for watching.
Make sure comment below and let us know your favorite football team huge thanks to Jill and for bringing us out here to the stadium.
Just felt like we needed to get in a good shape before we left.
Wow, you really went all out there.
You want to get a fusion proglide for yourself, head over the Walmart.
You want to check out our last video?
Look up here to find out more shaving rebuild dot com.
Click up up here.
You want to see our bonus video?
Click up up here?
Signing off for now.
Shaving cream pounded John's dream.
Just noggin coming at you.
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Gillette Stadium Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

31 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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