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down and out.
No, look.
Super Twister!
Fourth wall!
Okay, take care of this place to a 1,000,000 shots.
Make me proud.
What's up, guys?
Were dude perfect hanging out in the fantasy factory?
Let's do some trick shots.
You are fantasy world, baby.
Here we go.
Way factory.
Here's a boy.
Big Black's office.
Oh, everybody just hanging out.
You got his back here.
Uh, are you gonna be able to go down?
Let's do it.
I think this is the world's largest state board.
You may have seen that before.
Famous ran intothe this'll.
I grew up watching this television show.
Hashtag there's about a sketch Is Pandit gets on a skateboard?
Rob's office Focus.
You are young and write with my friend.
You do that.
Give me a pound.
It will take care of the factory for you.
Oh, does this go markets?
Everybody's out of Sterling.
The host of ridiculous.
How about you Don't tell me a joke?
Of course.
Last but not least, you got Big Cat's office.
This is no longer the big cat cage.
And I got me a perfect shirt course work.
They're gonna keep doing shots.
Wait, What's up, guys.
We're do perfect watch on MTV where we take on Robin the team and a trick shot battle to ground the kings of the all time trick shots Just want to say thanks to rob big black drama Big cat and steal Oh, appreciate you bringing us out here signing off.
You got sweaty pounded sweating on Let's do it.
This is a swish.
Oh, Dre, no fourth wall status.
Look behind the back.
Never think Can't stop.
Won't stop backwards over the head.
No, look.
Super Shop.
Foster Phone Pick Killer.
Scott ever Award.
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Fantasy Factory Edition | Dude Perfect

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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