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Where did you think my vertical go?
About 14 inches.
So Nam, sitting at about four.
I can't jump, Which is not good, because this is all about jumping through.
This is Kobe when you and I feel good right now.
The meltdown.
Last man standing advances to one of the two spots in the finale.
Let's do it.
I know there's a lot of downers out there.
I decided today I've been a big way.
Good start.
Way around.
The coconut climb.
Fastest time to the top.
Rejoining Kobe in the finale.
Wait until you guys how exciting it is.
Already have a spot locked up in the finale behind us, we have a sumo tree.
It's gonna be hard to climb.
To be totally honest, he'll never make the top.
First will be joining me in the finale.
So what are the rules?
No rules there.
Get to the O there.
Any rules I should have clarified?
You can't climb up the frame to get to the button.
You gotta find other ways to get to the top plays, Gentlemen.
Well done, sir.
First chair in the finale way.
Lock especially Good luck.
Come on.
That coffee.
Don't let me down.
But, Allie Time Way.
We've been here before.
My heart is pounding straight through this blubber.
Well, time I make a bold prediction with Okay, okay.
We're gonna have to start inside the inside.
Of course.
Wait here.
This is a day.
A lot of stuff that might never happen.
Some of you out there they commented on every video.
You said, You know what?
There will be a day with Kobe.
Con brings home a victory.
I know there's a lot of Doubters out there, but now is the time to give Kobe con his first ever trophy hoisted high and hoisted crowd.
That's great.
Vince Lombardi once said winning is a habit.
Unfortunately, so is losing.
There were times when kids would come up to me in the streets and asked, Coby, you ever win a battle?
You know you're in a bad place When he started answering those kids.
I don't know, buddy.
I don't know.
Today is a very exciting day because I want my very first battle.
Today's not actually about me.
Today's about you guys.
Each of you is fighting your own battles.
It may be a vegetable you don't like for that pesky Homer.
You just don't want to finish.
But your battles air riel, and you can defeat them.
Sure, it may take you four years like it did me.
That's OK.
You'll get there.
I want to thank all of you.
Never gave up on me.
Your encouragement gave me the strength to press on, to persevere, to do what Garrett and many others said would never be done.
You win.
And finally, these six dubs represent each of the finale I've been in and lost.
The sky's the limit for them And for me and for all of you time released the does guys I love you all appreciate you more than you know.
Go fight your battles and thank you.
Thank you.
What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching.
If you're not already, dude perfect subscriber.
Click down here so you don't miss our next video stunt driving battle coming out soon.
Let's be honest.
I think we just all witnessed a miracle codes.
It may never happen again.
Hit the light button for codes.
Also, if you want to see the last video click right here Last but not least want introduce you to the newest member of the team to Marcus wants you say, What's up?
Finally, one signing out pounded noggin.
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Giant Sumo Battle | Dude Perfect

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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