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Where was this Suffer tapas?
That's just in the bloody the bowels of London somewhere.
La Tash, Ca.
Let's hash Spanish tapas bar for gentlemen with Moustache Santa that place.
That sounds corny, dog.
I like you didn't last time.
It wasn't good.
You're nice.
I can tell.
You're not.
It just takes two goes at me, I think those doing flirting.
Rachel, Last time Bill Bailey was on the show, you revealed that you've actually got a bit of a crush on Bill.
Do you think you'll be able to sort of keep your emotions in?
Check the seat.
I kind of lost the power of speech.
Last time builds on.
And as soon as my producer found out he was on again, he actually sent me an email.
Until be not to disgrace or embarrass myself again.
My mom actually got me bill tickets for my birthday.
So I've got an incentive not to get a restraining order for October.
You've got tickets to see Bill in October in a theater or just in the house.
Well, i'll be there because if you saw both their pictures like on the telly and said which one's stalking with thing this fellow Tony, who is Tony?
Tony's a guy I met in in the Emirates and we've really connected on.
We've lost touch.
Yeah, it's basically Tony's.
Tony watches this.
Even if it's on YouTube.
Just get in touch.
I thought we had way did have something.
I didn't think it.
I know we did.
Phil, have you got a mascot?
Yes, I do, Jimmy.
Well, I I I studied engineering at university partly for the transferrable technical skills.
But, Booth, let me tell you that did not work out well.
I've never want tobacco from a challenge.
And it's not every day that one gets a chance to try and chat up a maths genius.
Rachel Riley.
Now, if I've learned anything about women and I haven't, it's important to speak their language.
So I brought with me my old formula book from university.
I spent all night last night poring over this to come up with the perfect maths based pickup line with which to woo Rachel with 100% effectiveness.
If a train leaves Manchester for London at the speed of 30 meters per second at 12 20 PM and another train leaves Birmingham for Newcastle at the speed of 45 meters per second.
Half an hour later will you go out with Theo?
Swoop, swoop goes the nets But the butterfly it flits idly avoiding the mesh cage of love Swoop, swoop goes the net But the butterfly it flits resting and nesting in the flowers of the adjoining field Way Try smooth butterfly It flits and my love goes unanswered My butterfly Why why must you flits?
But the butterfly does not answer for it has no no Break your heart Cario numbers around John, you to pick the numbers.
Shall I do this Since you have no idea what's going on.
Hi, Rachel.
Hi turn.
Can I Can I have one big one and five small ones Place you can think young One big one and five little on all the sexual tension is killing me.
Sean, you wanna play along for fun?
Sort of personal battle between you could play the claw.
Why would I do that?
I've already got him.
Just check.
Uh, we owe you playing along with miles with not for right money.
I won't spit on you when we're having sex tonight.
Good luck trying without spirit.
Now you're Rachel's pH.
How she is a boss.
A very particular about the things you like, the length of the miniskirt she makes me wear.
If that's too long, that comes off.
And I have to do the at 1,000,000 repents normally making wear pasties if he's gonna have his nipples out as well.
Wear what?
It's one of CDs.
Word she's teaching suite later.
Words about nipple pasties.
So the nipple tassels.
The nipple going your areola?
Way often.
Used to talk about, you know, professionals.
Some set Daniel Day Lewis ago.
I'm yellow.
Highlighted line.
I've never seen the film.
Where is it?
Newcastle, New York.
You know what?
I'm so glad I never got involved with you.
Where you going?
So upset.
What's the dog from the Magic Roundabout?
Why you getting so upset?
It's not about you.
Yes, it is.
You are a human affront to all women and I am a woman.
I don't feel great about this, but I don't hear anyone complaining.
Go out the door too fast.
I think they have an okay time.
I think your mustache is upside down.
How d'you know that they really?
What do you say?
That they fake an orgasm?
It's possible.
You don't think I could tell the difference?
Get out of here.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, yeah, Yeah, Right there.
Shove it right up.
My I've gone off script of it.
The whole ham.
You go over the script I'm auditioning for Oh, you checking out what you're doing?
I submit my friend Don't die in my films.
No, If you're watching backwards, I don't know what your films backwards on earth would you watching for words?
Once a romantic comedy.
A play year?
One of the lovers in it.
But I need someone to test me on the lines.
Lord lice it.
Would you do me this honor?
What's that along?
I've taken the liberty to change the names of the characters.
Just it's easier to remember, So I'll be playing Shawn.
Who am I playing?
Not sure.
Action, Sean, I have feelings for you.
Most mainline.
As do I.
I'm never gonna remember that.
Change it to busted.
Actually, Sean, I have feelings for you.
I need to feel your body against mine.
No, I've gone blank as do I.
Just not sticking.
Change that one too Bastard as well.
But this time, out of touch of arousal.
I need to feel your body against mine.
It says, Have a kiss.
Brought be Jen's hope Checking with dictionary corner.
What have you got for us, Nick?
Um started concerned that you're gonna take this too far, but I'm emotionally unavailable.
So thanks a stroll.
You've been sitting over there.
You see me sitting in much I never think you dreamt as a child.
It's supposed to pitch in with the one that really you you you fantasy waited patiently.
Must be well, rest assured it's your turn tonight I can see it in your eyes front So hard to put things into words Don't night I'll give you I can but I just I'm gonna be gone by the morning lights Let's try and do this taxi.
I'll sort you out financially.
I didn't mean to cause you any harm.
I tried so hard to turn this off but I guess it wasn't hard enough.
Good love with I get you you way Tha thank you.
Hee Hye bar.
He just comes in and She's never got abroad wearing shoes, and it's always just Can I just borrow your bra?
Erica, My, my sleep right now.
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ALL the Moments of ROMANCE & Unbearable Sexual Tension on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown!

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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