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don't rage just yet.
There is a way to beat them.
Name's Dave with Watch Mojo, and today we're coming down out picks for the top 10 most difficult videogame bosses and how to beat them this list.
We're looking at a handful of difficult boss battles and giving you the best strategies on how to bait them.
However, we're only looking at one bus part franchise because, let's be honest, this would just be another doctor's list.
Number 10 Gaff Gary in L.
Fancy tactics just tickle you in on how hot this fight gets.
You start out separated from your potty, and Geoff Garin has used his dust mite ability to damage you and kill himself.
If you aren't prepared for this fine events, he will likely kill you on his second term before you could get to the winter and open the gate to get help.
Even if you get to it on time, you'll still likely be down, given his attack has unlimited height, allowing him to hit you from ground level.
The best way to win this battle is to set yourself up to take him head on and have the foresight of the steel or break his sword.
Number nine puts in boots Tractor pool.
What's you would think a game aimed at Children would have some pretty basic bus fights?
Put some.
Butch is simple, but the whole fight plays like Parappa the rapper.
Instead of giving the ferocious feline abate down, you're subjected to our rhythm many game, where you have to press buttons to judge an attack.
What makes the whole experience painful is that your hits do very little damage, and to make them is worse.
The delayed animations and sound effects can throw you off easily.
Our advice.
Meet the TV so you only have to pay attention to bump rumps.
It also helps to buy upgrades from the spooky forest in Advanced.
It's night number right, Cinna star.
It may be the oldest entry on the list, but sinister still manages to terrify us.
Decades later.
Perhaps that spiral reason why baiting him was so difficult.
The other struggles are due to how the game works.
Estados Theo Only way to get bonds to shoot asteroids and the bombs are only a single pixel wide, making it difficult to pick up on top of that sister has the tendency to be on the players as until they're dead.
That means your best strategy is together as many bombs as you can before Sina stock can be constructed.
If you need to grab more bombs while he's Jason, you you'd better have a grip on the ship's controls.
Number seven Morgan Freeman, South Bach.
The Fractured Butthole.
You think you're pretty bad kids.
You're sure you're ready?
The fractured Butthole Presidents, the true test of a skill opted baiting.
The main story.
Go into Freeman's tacos and black Morgan Freeman three times to begin the ultimate challenge.
Freeman has a few tricks up his sleeve.
Not only does he bust wide ranged attacks and 9998 B, but he has a second phase where he can take two consecutive turns.
Your best defense have two characters, all Tate on a growing him each turn, Freeman will have to attack them, but they get a shield that negates all damaged during that turn.
You can also limit his mobility and thus his attack range by surrounding him with your party members.
It also helps to have your healer away from danger, and you sparks wisely to the rescue number six Dracula Gasol, Vania Way.
The bus fight against death was Bertel with the tell Point sites, but Dracula was a real threat.
I mean, Johnson, we die from his fireballs and constant telephoning to many of accounts, and yet there's an easier way to bait him than just wailing on him with your whip.
If you stand roughly two or three ground tiles away from Jack and jump towards him at the right moment, you conduct the Bible's completely.
His second phase is where things get dicey.
Just try to keep your distance and use whatever ranged.
Autumn you have number five.
Orphan of costs flood One blood borne has been infamous for arguably being tougher than the dark cells games to an extent.
But the hottest bus income until the old hunter's deal see was released.
This terrifying monstrosity, the orphan of costs will do everything it can to kill you.
Using its placenta is a club the often boasts incredible spade and damage, and its second form is even Waas, unleashing explosions of gore and lightning.
Patience is the key to victory here, and you best shopping your skills if you want to feel like you're surely coca Blood born or you could just get him stuck in a corner and cheese the crap out of him.
Hey, whatever it takes.
Right Number four Sands under tail Pacifists may know him as a jokester, but those of you who went to the genocide run we'll know him as the bane of your existence.
While the fight with sand starts off relatively easy, it gets hot quickly if you get hit, since San steals poison damage.
If you want to make it out alive, you'll have to stock up on items and try to do some healing before you reach the second face.
Once you hit face to pay close attention to his patterns and expect the unexpected.
Number three.
The Nameless King.
Dark souls three.
He often, of course, may have been an intense fight, but it is nowhere as vicious as the fight against the nameless king.
While the dragon may be intimidating to some players, this is actually the easiest part of the fight.
Keep your radical locked onto the dragon, and you'll be old to anticipate sweeping attacks and the king's lightning bolts.
Once you've killed the king's pet.
The second phase begins, and this is why you need to play defensively.
A callous mishap can allow the King to wipe out a good majority of your health.
And if you don't have a crapped on the Vestas, you'd better play it.
Smart Number two is Shan the sword.
Saint Seccuro Shadows die twice secular holds many incredibly difficult boss fights.
But of all of them is Shan has got to be the toughest.
In addition to having three health boss, the guy's attacks have an absurd amount of damage.
Strange requiring more than a single dodge to successfully avoided strike.
Of course.
What kind of boss?
Why would this be if not for a few faces to mix things up after his first health bar, he'll charge weapons and upon losing a second will bombard you with lightning strikes.
Oh, and you can fall off the edge of the map here.
So load up on healing guards and make sure you're aware of his position on the field.
Go for it.
So, yeah, before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Yeah, yeah, matter machines Before we continue to be sure to subscribe to my channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos, you have the option to be notified for occasional videos for all of them.
If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications.
Number one Mike Tyson Mike Tyson's Punch out.
Whereas most of punchouts fighters give you a reasonable amount time to hit them, Tyson requires split second reactions as well as some predicting some moments he'll just wail on you without hesitation.
Other times he'll wait for you to throw a punch or dodge before counterattacking.
However, if you manage to suck in while he's blinking, you may be able to knocking down instantly or gain a star.
His wings can also give away which direction he'll be swinging from, trying not to focus on quickly k Owing him, though it most likely won't happen, and the fight will end on a judge's decision.
Just play it smart and refine those dodging skills in the mood for more awesome gaming content.
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Top 10 Most Difficult Video Game Enemies and How to Beat Them

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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