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Hello and welcome to the fortnight finals.
Live here from Microsoft's flagship store in London.
Welcome to the UK.
No engine.
Happy to be here, man.
I've had an amazing time so far.
What have you been up to last night?
We did some ah Dee dah stuff and, um, a bunch of other stuff, man.
I kind of forgot it all.
I'm super tired and very jet lag right now, so But I'm happy to be here, man.
And this term is going to be sick today.
It's all about these players, the ones behind us and also in the next room over there are playing from the first floor here at the Microsoft store.
They were qualified by coming into the store and playing some tournaments there on they are competing to win this incredible Xbox.
One ex sitting right in front of us.
It's one of very future safe.
Maybe anyone.
This is literally the only one in the world right now.
How sick is I don't even have this.
Just know that you're gonna be signing this.
Yeah, I'm gonna sign for the winner, and it's gonna be a prime.
It's just probably cool.
Surprise I've ever seen and do.
The setup here is seriously, so sick.
The monitors are great, like good mice Get keyboards like, really just Ah, my opinion.
The way I'm seeing this, I compared it like an advanced land center.
Just great energy.
And I love him and did a little did a little laugh.
They, like, coded it.
So you can literally drive, though.
Look at that.
I would have loved to have taken the real thing out, but, you know, I mean, that's a that's a good second place.
This is cool, man, that instead this is so cool.
People showing up, man did a little meet and greet little 30 minute me angry.
You met with these plans?
Yeah, about all these guys, they're all super excited to be here.
And I'm, like, starting to, like, see, when a player is really get it for you.
Like I can just literally I was gonna ask you if you had your eye on anyone, but, yeah, there are a couple of a couple guys that I could probably probably pinpoint if I see.
But it's not about us.
It's not about me.
Tell the guys that kid's here we're gonna be gaming on gonna be winning this awesome cool Xbox there could be playing solo.
Match is kind of like a little bit for Friday at style.
Now I think there could be graded on points.
How many eliminations they get?
They were going to be in a custom server.
Unfortunately, the epic game service are not allowing custom games right now.
Hear a lot of disconnects.
So they're gonna be doing hard core 40 Friday solo slaying.
I'm excited.
Yeah, they're gonna play, I believe, three round three matches, man.
To rack up as many limbs and top plays is possible.
And, yeah, the player with the most points together get the consummate, and they're gonna be on these new accounts, too.
So, like, we're gonna see some high kill games, man.
All right, we're gonna see some high kill hae eliminations, and I'm excited.
Do we got man bandages?
Can't find a weapon.
Oh, no, buddy.
Please tell me what a great pump it is.
He gets stolen.
Great pump stolen this guy.
Oh, that's okay.
Found another weapon.
What is that?
Tax audio.
He wins.
Dude, that is the best possible weapon that he could have found to combat a gray pump Shotgun.
Pay your Don Breaux a lot more things like that.
He's taking this looking he's taking this week.
You see, you put on a show for us showing rather to pump him no scope him and then go look for in a little limp.
Slash Gaming is the website or slash London or slash London.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Get over here.
That's how you catch.
This is how you catch some of the best players in the world of Dennis and damage to it.
Sure in the rocket and then and then hoping to phase through that way.
Apparently, we actually do have our leaderboard ready.
Let's go show on screen.
We can have our top 10 players.
Here you go.
Oh, my God, You're right.
He did.
You got 25 24 25 24 1915 whole.
Dude, you know what I want to see, bro?
Ah, pop off from the bottom five.
Let's go.
All right, you know, Bring it back.
25 24 limbs do a hot drop.
Can I afford to lewd up and get maths and get shield and then pushed.
You know how many eliminations to all the people have?
There's a nice, simple kill right there for him.
Just gonna play it super slow.
That's why he's only got one.
A limousine with 25 guys left, he's beaming.
This guy's Les is lowering him down.
You haven't wasting those mats and upgrading for you know, my guy.
Just there's no one.
Now he gets to Lindsay's going for his third right now.
Out of seamlessly, out of nowhere, you go purple RPG, You love to see it?
I'm telling you, what the heck's going.
Well, you know what Patch notes.
Maybe the celebrity like gotta buff or something.
Oh, my God!
Look at this guy.
Oh, man.
He almost had it wrote you.
All you do is tax shock out.
Tak shoddy.
That one more time he would have fallen on the trap.
This point, it seems it always doing gonna edit down, taking damage.
But no.
Oh, okay.
Isa being pushed.
But he's the one dealing on the damage.
Absolutely lasered.
Oh, man, That was a great shot.
I don't think it is.
Anyways, I think it's the last.
No, there's bro.
It's your time to shine.
Achievement unlocked one of solar match during season one, so he obviously didn't win the first game, but he might have got a couple eliminations.
We're switching on over to another match that is finishing up.
These players might.
This looks like these guys are the same, say, Microsoft store.
That's what it looks like.
No way the wallet gets the pyramid drops down.
He has almost everything on this guy's when we want to get it back.
This is night tracks.
Those guys at home watching looks like he also doesn't have the floor.
So you don't know what he's doing.
He's trapped, can't build.
He does get a great trade, though.
But, you know, these are old like that.
You got to be quicker than that.
It looks like he wants to do this.
Oh, a great reset, clean, clean elimination.
And he knew that went to he did.
He did.
That was incredibly fast.
Still playing its other planes that have been getting like 2025 elimination.
I forgot about that.
But that is definitely I think, like seven limbs, their limbs and a win.
And if we don't know how well those other players were doing.
Is that you, dude?
Man, look at that office with 65 points.
Mags, 24 limbs, 58 points.
It's close at the top.
It really isn't.
It's on the top.
The top for anyone with 50 points is truly in the running because also could die.
You could get eliminated early.
You know, we could have a bad game.
Same with mags.
So we're gonna look for I mean, truly if I'm if I'm awesome, though.
I'm landing outskirts ish you pie in seif plants.
Any company to say?
Oh, yeah, I know, man.
Get your shield, get your mats and then trust in your skill, and then get in there.
Get those limbs.
Yeah, up.
But this guy's gotta get magazine has to get seven flames minimum.
Plus the probably the wind.
Yeah, and he's got it like he's gotta make up.
It's tough.
Moreland we're looking to see.
I want to see mags j to her chick Shadow raised.
I want to see these guys w king grow.
I want a hot drop.
You gotta risk it for the biscuit.
And I don't think there's a second or third place right now.
So you're in it to win it here, man.
It's cold for the Xbox.
Hate to see someone.
If they just were a little more aggressive.
Lose just because they didn't want to, like, get eliminated early, leading by 1.1 elimination.
And yeah, man, I don't want to see that.
I want to see aggression.
I love that.
I thought it was great.
I thought was a great idea to did it too.
Oh, absolutely.
Explore like an MMO needed a dead man.
I think there's some rumors, man.
People like people thinking they might make it looking.
I would play it so much, I probably playing.
I mean, I probably please stop playing about right.
Although I don't write the MMO This guy who's watching over time, Patrick.
Okay, I thought, This is the way this guy's leaning so far away.
I thought this was awesome, but it's not.
It says, I think this is an eight hills on my boy, Nate, so I can hear that.
You hear that?
That's a mythic chest, bro.
I hear it.
It's underneath him.
Old fan Ishizuka Not very good for for this.
So what's the distinct sound of the mythic Chessman.
It's just like Maur iconic, just more iconic than the regular for so like that, you know, amazing for me.
I really hope it is.
But the tests are very, very rapidly.
They just did such a great job with this whole game in the second to revamp.
When you find a mythic chest, I just I just get stupid happy.
There it is.
I was right.
Boom gold.
Aw, go.
Hey, turn it up.
Get five.
Believe you're going.
Get out of here.
It's not even a competition.
Yeah, The fog is the greatest weapon of the game where I took it.
Stop and get some maps.
It needs a little Yeah, little shield.
I'd start moving right now, man.
Big pop.
I see.
Thank you.
Looking with all their screens that there's not really a lot of action anywhere.
You got something fighting.
Oh, my God.
It's someone on what?
That was going to start building too.
So he's competent.
Played a few games.
Now they'll be against slightly better play.
And all these guys are winning.
One extreme broke most dreaming right now.
I would be Jack, please expand their kids?
Obviously not.
He's now getting nated rocketed.
You got sniped in the back.
He's got two people who just rotated on him on a mountain.
Banish bazooka came in handy after really did.
Oh my God.
Oh, no, no, no.
He doesn't always kind of panicking.
Traps going down to the player.
The player and Nathan seems.
It's not.
I think about it.
Get to the toilet.
Find another thing.
This guy is so annoying.
Watch out for the trap.
He's not looking up.
No maps, no matter.
31 Nice 79 players just over building, totally overthinking the situation.
And they're all eliminated.
Dude, Patrick's down, but we got more action for you.
Here's a famous and that's why the guns terrible moving on to another player shot right at him.
All of three shots just missed.
What if what a trash weapon?
So what Rarity do you have to play?
What's the blue?
The blues?
That's a great shot.
This is track.
Yeah, our boy night tracks, Man, this guy's one of the guys need to pop off these guys first a limb and see some big boil in.
Believe my checks at seven limbs and inspires game and 10 in his second.
If everyone currently.
Yeah, so good player.
Those guys who were tuning in we're live right now in London, Microsoft flagship store off Oxford Street.
Have a good time.
We had a great time of great sorrow.
Compete in these style tournaments at your local market stores.
Mike dot com forward slash gaming Oh, man, this boy's showing off.
Is that it?
I'd rather him show off his skills and get some of gloom down.
It did.
Players landed right on top of my thinking is exactly where he is.
It was funny.
You can actually usually tell Just help how the player moves around.
They're If they're good, why don't I play come from?
I don't know, man.
I don't know where he duty.
This is not the peak that you want.
I like the way the edit player jump back to his left.
Already saw that he's got bandages and he needs to play this.
So, you know, this is actually great.
This is a great, great spot to be in pops managers.
And then if you hold the edit, even see through the ramp oven and it looks like the player.
This is actually really smart about the other player playing really passive trying.
Told the wall is playing on the world.
I didn't know it would have ended it.
Oh, my God, No, I was gonna ram through.
This guy's well aware of the surroundings, man.
He went outside, knows that they're 600 hp wall with the window that is gonna take a while to break down.
So no one health burned.
The walls are closing in around our player here.
Pressure is all he can feel.
He's got enough mats to kind of kind of box fight a little bit.
I'd be editing right now.
You can add it through that I think about could be editing through the heavy and Yep, yep, Nice hold.
He's got a right when he made that with a nice clean at it back so nobody can throw again.
Throw it again at it on it on and and he takes it down.
That was close.
Another player, another player enters the arena.
Health Exceptionally low.
He's got a bandage to get back to 75 players trying to break in from above.
It's time to get to 75 on Guess what?
That other players didn't have any materials.
So we just got the elimination.
He finishes a fight, gets no shield and is rewarded with Guess what a big fat 01 build remain.
Who wouldn't build remaining my guy?
No, no, Not like this is no way you can only can only replaces once if the guy doesn't one more time, He's out.
There goes the wall.
He's full sending right now.
This is always got And he has a clean little bored with that down.
Oh, man.
Well played, but awesome.
I want how awesome is doing.
Oh, or something.
That's what I meant.
Yeah, Max came second.
Max, What about my mojo?
That's a clean elimination right there.
Hit almost every single shot was great.
Excuse pc.
Player to you.
Like to see that harpoon does not reach that.
A perfect world.
Nice, clean 50 taggers.
They're I don't think I saw the little crack image that pops up, though, when the shield is gone, she left.
Oh, man.
He's got absolutely being I'd be switching the hard math right now.
Try to build a little.
A little swing around.
Box up.
Looks like he's just trying to take high ground.
All right, Mom, it's not covered his back load.
We've got a hell back up.
He's got the med kit that doesn't have time.
Oh, no.
There it is.
The shot in the back, man.
And he's still using.
Would he has 100?
Brick has 60 mile.
He could build a very strong one by one right now.
And this is just not play pop committee.
I would have preferred if he did it in a nice, strong, secure build.
So I know he knows exactly what this guy's underneath him.
I'd like to see.
Harper can play no joke.
75 75 damage and kind of disorient paints player.
The kind of forget what's happening to them.
They get you going for 75 damage, and that's it Looks like exactly doing that.
Two planes that were Yeah, these different guys.
Okay, I'm not sure what I'm looking at right now is the source for it.
Different screens.
We got someone explains He's pushing it, man.
You can't get that wall there.
He sees many is this player does not I mean, you see that Pirates can you immediately?
That player is not good.
This play is playing very defensively.
That build a wall of runaway were also than editing through it.
Yeah, it's one of the things we'd rather be alive trip, you know, in the jury's sent, then really risk it for the limbs.
But again, last game down, a lot of damage, then I don't know what's going on, but somehow he keeps placing a floor above him.
When he's cranky and 90 it just seems really strange.
I place it trapped down my place, trapped on leave.
You probably got the limp guy.
Seems like he's just gonna walk back downstairs and well, the guy had the right pick advantage, but it doesn't take advantage of it Now.
He's got the edit.
Open the door.
Open it already.
Open the door.
Do it Smarter to re edit it.
It's all right.
Oh, easy.
Kill man had ninja in his name.
Let's go, bro.
All right.
We owe.
Hey, Looks like he just gave up the high ground.
He had it.
Gave it up in a rocket from the side loses 101 130.
How that might be a gold RPG 700 breaking his building out of wood.
I'm Tony, man.
It is such a simple habit to form that once you're taking damage, you switch to a harder material.
The storm is how much it's ticking for two when it closes.
Gonna take five.
And I think the current is in his favor.
Luckily, so he should be able to hop out of this quickly.
Pressure's coming on.
He still sees still using wood.
He's got 702 150 metal.
He's getting stuck on top of the tree.
Hey, he's not gonna be able to get out of store.
Oh, no, it's a photo finish.
Look great, but it's accent.
Look, there was rampant before editing, so he doesn't have to risk that in another, is it?
He is a limited as our final match.
Our final player in the tournament has been taken down and we're gonna get the scorecards added up, DVD up.
Really get you guys the winner.
Let's do we have now the big moment coming.
It's that Justin There are Microsoft tournaments every week.
Microsoft dot com forward slash game to find out What?
That's crazy, man.
Didn't know that.
Oh, that's it.
I'm sorry.
What was that The leaderboards in?
Guys, we're gonna find out who's gonna get this incredible Xbox and Ninja addition first ever created into the world.
And we're gonna show you guys right now.
Ezio tried.
Man is awesome.
Ese, In this room is in another room.
He's in the other room and cooler the whole moment I walk in.
This is gonna be great.
All right, So 93 points, that is incredibly average.
21 eliminations around solos 21 lay in a lift.
No, no, no.
It a little trial.
How you feeling?
Thank you so much.
I'll tweet it or something.
Thank you.
Pleasure as always.
Thank you to everyone.
Thank you guys.
Watching This has been the four night tournament here.
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5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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