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in the memory room.
Rivals Jimmy Carr and Rahul are preparing for their memory round rematch.
What would you like?
Some stuff for me.
It's like a little fancy folk there memorizing every UK number one single between January 1985 and June 1987.
All right, goes to your time is up.
It's time to go Now it's time to do a memory.
He's technically getting extra time to sit and look it's material.
So I think I should do the same.
My looking point to destroying role.
Yeah, yeah, I am.
Yeah, I'm gonna probably shouldn't have a child on dhe.
He's clearly got some issues around.
Academia takes it much too seriously.
Get going now.
All right, let's go.
The crowd rollout.
So we've got a little game of tennis.
We're gonna play between the two of you, starting with the song.
Do they know it's Christmas?
We then need you to tell us the next number one singles in the UK charts in order.
In this round, the first person to given incorrect answer will be knocked out and the winner awarded all five points.
You'll be turning the name of the artist's Jimmy, you'll be saying the song.
Okay, so I will start you with Band Aid.
Do they know it's Christmas or Hall?
Then it's artist to be number one.
Jimmy the song.
I just have a question.
I want to know what love is.
Nice page on Barbara Dickson.
I know him so well.
I mean, I hope I win.
It's not nice to win.
And then I presume Raul will retire from child genius if he's beaten again.
David Bowie and Mike Juggle David Bowie.
Mick Jacket.
Yep, my jacket.
You know, my dancing in the streets.
He's a good friend of mix.
I believe Mike's.
I get confused.
Fogel Sharkey A good heart.
Then I'm your man shaken.
Steve Shaker Stevens.
I'll give you that.
Merry Christmas, Everyone and extraordinary 20 songs in a pet shop.
Boys, Jimmy and Rahul are still matching each other Blow for blow in the ocean.
When the going gets tough, Tough gets going.
With his pre existing knowledge of 19 eighties popular culture, Jimmy's performance is increasingly self assured.
God, I wanna wake up with you.
Call me Nods and Sarah Jane Morris.
Don't leave me this way.
Also correct.
I can survive.
66 right in a row now, Rahul.
True blue.
Correct, I guess.
Um, Aretha Franklin and George.
Theo, You got 68 right in a row, Jimmy, You won't mind me saying that All these are songs.
Some of this injury familiar with some of this stuff is General Motors.
Every single word of that was new to us.
He remembered every single word of every single thing.
You know what the rules are here.
Well, I'm supposed to get me five points.
I'm not gonna do that because that was Sensation.
I'm gonna give you three point seats for that.
Sorry I missed.
I missed the bit Where I got one wrong three points each.
I won Fair and square, actually.
Your points away?
So why Im won that round?
But maybe it was easier, but that's what the game Waas.
I should've got five points and he shouldn't got three points.
So that's an eight point spread.
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"Genuinely Annoyed" Jimmy Carr Can't Handle Losing to a Kid! | Child Genius vs Celebrities

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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