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Oh, Gus, he surprised me.
Nice napkin.
And how I didn't I can't believe how it Sorry.
Nice to meet you too, Harry.
It right?
Yes, of course.
I'm told I Hi, Tom.
You look great.
So you know how all this works.
So, uh, like a date, But yeah, but yeah, well, uh, true.
Start with some drinks.
One one War one.
All right, that was made.
Try one.
It's crazy.
One is an appletini.
Beer gives me hives.
All sexy.
What's your excuse?
Um, you know, just I guess I just like the taste.
At least we have happily cocktails in common to start.
Okay, well, now we're getting somewhere on the count of three.
Tell me a favorite food.
123 What spicy Very guy for ice cream.
Um, meant How do you like your eggs are scrambled would scram.
It's time for the big question.
I'm ready.
Cats or dogs?
Every time.
I've actually got two cocker spaniels at home Alper and Gina looks shouting out Ba Gina.
Oh, yeah, Dogs.
I am actually work at a pet shelter on the weekends.
It's probably the reason I'm here.
I don't really go out much.
Staying algorithms, just getting better.
But how's the How's the appletini?
Actually, I just realized I can't really taste anything.
Get a text.
Not really there yet.
Oh, what is it?
You were one of the first people to not send me a completely uncalled for photo of themselves in the shower.
Yeah, well, you know, it's just so hard to get the right angle lighting on it.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Actually, Este asking.
You hear me?
I think the wife I dropped out.
Where were you joking?
I was joking.
I was joking.
Why demands?
And I don't know.
It's so wave it.
Like if we wanted to see any of that, we would let you know, right?
I never said anything like that.
I'm sorry if I came across a little bit distracted earlier.
It's just all this is a little bit overwhelming.
You seem really lovely.
I'm having a nice time.
No, it's It's cool.
It's cool.
I'm just glad you stuck around.
Oh, that's just so don't know to leave.
Let's try very nice.
had it so well.
Is that what's hot?
Not little.
Ah, you know is that you make that sound a lot.
That Oh, no.
It's so embarrassing.
I always do it every time I laugh.
Name Oh, 111 one 11 Wow.
How's it going?
I'm tough.
11 wait.
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Short Film: Swiped - BBC

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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