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No, no.
Say it ain't so.
You took everything from it.
It had to be done in times of great need.
One must look up for advice.
It's when dies.
The series is over.
I said it many times.
Oh, great idea Tower!
Guide me!
Give me hope.
Give me strength.
Give me reasons not to quit.
Did you hear that?
Oh, it's Figi Figi.
All my friends are dead.
What do we do?
I should plant 20 million trees in mind.
Crime Way.
I will get back all my friends.
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Okay, gamers.
So to plant five billion trees in Minecraft, we're gonna need a lot of materials.
Okay, So to plan 20 million trees, that's not gonna be easy.
It's gonna be hard, but I like things done her heart.
Be quiet.
First we're gonna need bone meal, a lot of bone meal.
It's gonna be a whole bone fast.
And to do that, we're going to use the most common farm thing ever.
Zero take far me.
I know Sarah for my once talking about it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, look.
Hold Oh, stop talking.
Your slaves, Your slaves.
Remember your purpose.
Okay, Uh, we're gonna put one hopper sniper into the chest pesty.
Then we put the composting pastilles there.
And then we put the hope for sniper there.
I build it too low.
Dang it.
Hope for snow composed the cluster and hopper into peopie.
I guarantee.
Pippi, operate pee pee.
You put the rail.
You put the rail playing blank long for all.
Carefully Listen carefully.
Mind cards with Hopper's on them Black removed the mind cards do four and snow Perfect Chained.
You like sands?
Course you do.
Put sand in them.
Do it through it.
Do it now we can plant cactus, but not yet only fools with plant characters on the stage.
Pistons missed in here.
Look carefully, you stinky brainers.
You're naked, too.
Embarrassing Your naked look, They're crying.
Think this idea You put a no plug, right?
I don't remember Slime Crime Red Dead.
I should be a rapper or something.
And then, for whatever reason, that booty though.
And now we plant the filling trampy and activate.
Is it working?
Let's check it out.
Three bone meal.
We're gonna like that.
You chew up a bit.
Look at that speeding up speeding up.
I like it.
I like it.
While the bill bone meal is taking speaking, we're gonna get it down to the real business of building 20 million trees.
I forgot to mention why I'm filming 20.
Military's, obviously is Mr B's.
Ah, charity team trees were doing that for?
I mean, we're doing it to save L of animals, which makes perfect sense.
I'm sure someone's already done planting 20 million trees, but I doubt anyone's done it the way wearing about to do it.
I need to go back and get some materials.
B r B.
Hey, are you not getting Frank?
Don't stop that freak.
Oh, yeah.
It started liking my computer.
That's why we're gonna need a lot of fricking speaking clicking here.
Okay, Okay, Okay.
Observer Smer Vers servers.
Pistons lost the piston ce How tall is a tree?
About us?
My height in real life.
1234 Yeah, that should be tall enough.
It's a dispensary is a dropper.
Things dispensing.
So you put it a Don't make that sexy face.
Don't make that set.
How is this legal in Minecraft?
Can someone explain?
This'll baby will shoot out.
Let's put this month.
But the compass Monty activated play tea, but the reddest ot and activated being being, being, being, being, being thinking, his mouth is making well what?
Okay, now you're annoying.
Stop it.
I know you're 60 baby.
What's your name?
Mama, I'll call you Mama.
Nothing right about that.
When tree grow, it will activate signal.
I guess we can put an observer.
How did I do the red stone for that?
Oh, yeah.
This is Redstone episode.
Very epic.
Okay, so now work.
Thanks, Johanna.
All right.
I will stand here.
Although I think we need a roof on it.
Yeah, that's you.
Give him a little, uh, little hat.
Let me just see if this actually works.
Let's check.
Our bone meal is going.
Remember, with this from the show was about friendship and love.
Okay, let's try this for all my child.
Grow, grow ground.
But this your problem, you're useless.
I mean, the worst tree I've ever seen.
Oh, my God.
You're the why it work?
Uh, yes.
Does these fall off where they fall?
And if we get hoppers underneath, then that means we can collect all the p p.
Who collect o p p.
I like that.
I like that.
This is, however just the beginning.
Okay, this is gonna take a long time, but it means we'll get a lot of bone.
It's 20 million trees.
This is how you do it.
This is the most stink.
Brainiest thing.
Oh, Bob, That's super rare.
That's so cool that you're dead.
You're dead.
I wish your parents were here so they could see what failures you are.
Okay, so 123456789 10 11 12.
Not Let's do that.
Four more times.
Things is fun, right?
We're having fun.
You're on fun yet You missed when?
Well, what do you think I'm doing this behind?
Why, Mr Busy?
Why could we not have found better solution?
Okay, okay.
I like it.
I like it.
I like it.
We'll put an observer here, and that is going to power.
I said as soon as the region's hear all the things we're gonna push, it's just gonna keep threat to Malin trees.
Blank the milling treat.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
20 million trees, 20 million trees easy, easy.
Look at things.
That's the sweet sound of bones being crushed.
I just realized observer will activate itself once it reaches here, will it?
Damn, it is, uh, the most overly complicated thing, but it just might work.
It's a good edge of my work.
Uh, yes.
Maybe my brain and small, but I think this might just work.
All right?
We just gotta power.
Go away.
Just got a power.
So what we do is we played plop plate, okay?
Follow carefully being poem this way we don't need Ah, repeaters, Flip flop, flip flop, flip flop.
And then we got to make a signal.
Go up like your mama's smut.
I'm gonna put a repeater just to be safe because I'm all about that.
Why did I decided Tiu this?
Okay, then they will go there being bone bing bung and then being blown all the way over here.
You're following me.
Big bunk all the way.
All the way, all the way thing buying all the way.
And I think that's it.
I think that's it for the piston bits.
Look at this door.
It will.
It will make it a symmetric a little bit, but hey, hey, let's try it.
Flinty plant.
I guess it's not day, so it might take longer.
Oh, never mind.
Oh, I go to bag happens to me all the time.
That was peepee joke in Minecraft.
No, it didn't grow too big.
These ones, the connective.
Oh, it's cause this slide here.
Uh huh.
All right.
We just gotta make sure it works until it gets there.
That's the scary bit.
I need to do something about these as well.
Okay, Looking good.
Looking good.
Oh, God, I'm so scared.
What did these not activate?
Okay, now it work.
Yeah, Yeah!
Banya ready, She mata.
Hola, Papa.
Up by.
Hope up a snap, huh?
Oh, Papa.
Snap, Papa.
Now we got to do something about these bushes.
This filthy goddamn bushes!
Okay, now I built him.
I built a monster.
It's a month!
Oh, my God.
I'm scared of it.
Uh, will it work?
Oh, no, it won't work there.
Damn AG necks were gonna put up a bunch of Hopper sme upper making things a lot more unnecessarily difficult.
Let me use.
Needs to be right.
Last one last test.
I mean, come on, please.
Uh, kind of.
How did that happen?
Alright, here we go.
Last one it work, sort.
The last one.
Let's see if I can catch it.
Please work.
It worked.
Yeah, he tries slide problem 90 Problem.
I can't reach a chest.
I don't know why I put it under me, but now we have a fully functioning Yeah, it looks spiders impress.
Don't look.
Oh, okay.
Okay, Now let's make 20 million of them.
Cute A montage to save Sven once and for all.
Keep doing your thing, girl.
There you have it, folks.
20 million trees.
Yeah, it's 20 million.
Okay, A Marzia.
Where'd she go?
Okay, so maybe wasn't 20 million trees, But this is a cz, Many as I can get.
Let's talk to faggy once and for all.
I can't tower.
I've done this.
You policed?
I made 20 million trees in mind cry.
I could probably make more if I just planted them.
But still fakey what they do.
Just go back my old safe.
How Oh, my dog!
Why did you not say so?
This This old safe I'll he's talking about that will never work.
Oh, my God!
Why am I so close?
You're all here.
You are again.
Smart again.
Let's get out of here.
Bank full of me.
There you go.
Oh, my God!
I missed you all so much.
Boyfriend, son, and spend that.
But why?
Why did you do this?
Why did you leave me for so long?
You wanted to surprise me for my birthday.
You were all planning a party for me.
But where is Ola?
My gold!
That Britta.
You found the recipe online for beetroot cake.
And Beatrice told you they should all hide to make a surprise party.
What kind of what do you mean?
For my 30th birthday sets in.
Close your eyes, bro.
Okay, bro.
Turn the round, bro.
Keep brute open.
Your eyes broke.
Oh, my God!
Thank you guys.
Uh, look at the new.
I kept our guys.
I build it because I was lonely and sad.
But now I am had never leave me again.
Gamers, check out team trees.
Save the planet.
Smash like you guys in the booth.
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I plant 20 000 000 Trees in Minecraft (Not Creative)

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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