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This is not good.
He's gonna tear everything apart!
We've got to stop him.
Iorek! Stop!
Clear the square.
Look alive then boys.
Level him.
Reload immediately!
Let go of him!
I told you.
If they fight, they die!
You owe me a debt. Now you can repay it.
Do as I ask. Don't fight these men.
You owe her a debt too?
Damn Iorek, you're wracking up debts faster than me.
Heard there was some action occurring, I thought I'd come see what's going on.
Hello again, Mr. Syssellman.
You having fun? I hope so.
Just turn around and walk away with me. Please.
She's just a kid but she talks some sense.
These people need our help Iorek, lets go give it.
This isn't who you are.
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Iorek's FIERCE take down of Magisterium guards! | His Dark Materials - BBC

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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