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so I know where you're going to be thinking born up is this I've got some explaining to do.
It's a long story short.
I have already recorded an episode of Minecraft hard core survival.
But, um, I couldn't use it because I built this where I have trapped a Villager under the water.
I created this whole machine which is designed to capture, drowned.
And it just, uh it just doesn't work.
Someone down here before he drowned, which would be awful.
And the way it's supposed to work is you come under here on you activate all of these magma blocks so that it drags stuff down.
And then you have the Villager trapped up top, which looks hilarious, by the way.
It is actually easier than I thought it was gonna be.
But I have you trapped the Villager underwater, the drowned sporting while you're here.
And then they get as they go towards the Villager, they get sucked into this vortex, and you just him.
And the reason I wanted to make this is not because of Trident's, even though you would get those I really desperately need gold, because what is the best food in mind graft.
No, no, no, no, Not the golden Apple.
Sort about golden carrot.
It's shiny, it's tasty and I need golden nuggets to make it.
I've gone infinite carrot farm, but I wanted to pair that with our limited gold farm on.
Then I will be able to get unlimited golden carrots because every time you eat golden carrot, it gives you back three hunger points instead of the one that is from a normal Karen.
So So I built this because there's only two mobs or two ways to be able to farm gold.
And that's either golden nuggets from zombie pick man or straight up gold ingots from the drowned, which actually have ah hire drop rate if you've got looting.
Three now built this.
Andi, I haven't got a single drowned in here yet.
I spent two hours making this.
I recorded the whole process and I thought, You know what?
This doesn't even work.
So I'm just gonna undergo scrap the whole thing.
So apologies.
That's why there wasn't a video yesterday.
But because this happened, I've already mad.
So today I'm doing the impossible.
That's right, sir.
I am doing the impossible.
First up I'm leaving you here.
I'm sorry I'm out of here, but I want to do the impossible as it seemed by the title.
I'm so angry at Minecraft right now.
Partially myself.
I probably didn't build the farm in the best place.
I am going to take out on mine Crafts on the way I'm going to do that is by doing the impossible the illegal, the Minecraft police.
They're gonna be after me after this one because today I'm gonna break bedrock.
That's right.
The impossible to break the illegal to break block bedrock.
It's going down.
It's disappearing.
I'm going to be doing that to day and it's gonna be very risky.
Exit involves getting to the roof of the nether, which we've talked about before, not just the ceiling of bedrock which we've used to kill the weather but the roof on.
The problem with that is that when we get to the roof, unless this technique works and I do it properly, I'm gonna be stuck there forever because there's only one way out and that's by dying.
And obviously we can't do that in this world.
So I'm taking a big risk.
But I desperately want to do this and the reason as well What I want to do this is because I'm angry.
But I also want to prove a point.
If that Gold Farm isn't gonna work, then I'm gonna build one on the roof off the nether.
That's right.
That is the whole point of this.
I'm gonna build myself a Golden Nugget farm with the zombie pig men because the drowned just ain't in cooperating.
And that's what's going down today.
I've only got five little golden carrots left.
I've got other gold to make it, but I'm going to run out.
That's the point.
And I want to have a complete world where I can get literally everything unlimited.
So that's gonna happen today.
We break in bedrock whether it kills us or knots.
But first I thought it record the whole process because I'm gonna need a few.
I'm gonna need a special technique.
Also a few materials on, also in the previous video, which you didn't see because I didn't upload it, crafted myself and end the chest and then didn't realize that you needed a pickaxe with silk touch on it.
To be able to actually bring it back.
So we're gonna crop what?
Others again?
Then we're gonna collect our ingredients, then running ago to the top of the nether.
So this is how you craft an end of chest?
You need one.
I a venda got my obsidian.
Never mind.
There we go.
Obsidian on an island creates an end.
A chest.
Now, I wasn't thinking of putting still touch on the pick, but I can't think of a reason why I wouldn't.
Because it seems like it's going to be a pretty good thing to have.
So I'm getting along these carrots.
Man is making me nervous.
There's a steep the normal ones.
For now, before I get to answer Where is my silk touch, boy?
I know he's here somewhere.
Where you at?
That's mending.
Don't need that.
That's Thorne's protection.
Sharpness Still touch.
Of course, you'll be the last one.
I'm gonna purchase this off.
You can, sir.
Thank you.
Appreciate it on.
Let's get out here.
No one escapes.
Raise your Children, so I'm gonna put soap touch on Lepic.
Hopefully I've got enough levels.
If not, I could use my experience machine.
Wait, wait.
I don't have an anvil.
Oh, such a good thing that I have the iron farm bap, bap and veal.
It is here on.
We're gonna do this on this.
I can't do it.
Why can't I do this?
There's something on here that they can be combined with, right?
I can't be done with fortune.
Let's just make another diamond pick.
It doesn't really matter.
123 Um, it has to be a pic.
Access the problem.
I don't really have a problem with diamonds, so we're gonna make another diamond pick.
So I have one already.
Have one already?
Yeah, I do have one already.
Let's put it on there instead.
Almost wasted those diamonds there.
So that's putting on, um, this.
There we go.
Silk touch only costs four.
That's amazing.
We're gonna call this the end buster, and that's because we're only going to use it to get rid of unending chest.
It's awkward, but I don't care.
We also need to repair lead dig because that's about to break crushed mending on it.
I could just put mending on it for now.
I'm just gonna repair it.
I'm lazy.
Let's combined lead.
Dig with this.
Well, well, well, Why is that?
33 efficiency and silk touch.
Why is why is that so expensive, huh?
I'm just putting mending on that bad boy then.
Actually, I don't think I need a dig today, So I'm gonna leave the dig here, just in the safety off this chest right here are to use the normal shovel.
I didn't realize it costs that much.
I probably got the levels for it, but I don't really need him today.
Today you have Bean replaced, but only for today.
Right now, I have myself the end of chest.
I can get rid of this because this is what I was storing my other stuff in.
And I could put the end of chest up here and the Busta strippers Gary to this.
There we go.
Okay, right?
Oh, yeah.
This is some of the stuff that I had from before.
Never mind.
Just ignore that.
That day never happened.
I wanted to cry so bad.
So today I'm gonna be using a tutorial on it is by, um, blends craft TV in combination with E d d.
So I'm gonna leave both of those in this group from below because this is really gonna help me.
And they discovered this, I think, which is pretty crazy considering what you have to do.
So we're gonna need some end of poles and we're also gonna need some ladders.
So let's take those first.
We should probably I think eight letters should be enough, right?
I'm pretty sure we're gonna put these into here, and then we need a list of other items.
Seven rails, one activator rail.
I don't even know how to make one of those.
Activate Terrell.
I own restaurant, torch and sticks.
I can make that drive me some iron, some red stone.
Let's make ourselves an activator rail.
Six activator rails.
Let's take all six.
Just in case next up, a detector rail and then a powered rail.
So we have a detector rail already.
Let's take two just in case powered rail.
You know, I'm just gonna take all of them because it doesn't really matter.
It's gonna take the same imagery space.
So let's take those.
We need some obsidian and some red stone blocks, so we're gonna take let's just take 10 of these, Just in case we're gonna need some obsidian as well.
I think we need to Maura Obsidian.
Luckily, I got myself a stupid amounts off this lava because I needed obsidian for the previous thing.
So let's quickly fill this up, but, um but, um but, um but did I bring the water with me?
I did.
Let's do this.
And this is the quickest mining of obsidian you have ever seen with your bare eyes.
Check it out.
This is the literary, the fastest you can mind obsidian in Minecraft.
It's insane.
There we go.
That is done.
You don't actually need a lot to do this.
You just need the knowledge is more the technique.
It's important.
So 10 red stone blocks, six obsidian Redstone dust and some pistons.
So let's grab from red stone dust.
How do you make pistons again?
Three Normal three sticky pista.
Let's make six of these.
And then we need sticky.
One, 23 There go three of each Sweet.
I'm taking way more than I need just because I don't know if I'm gonna break this so involved in explosions.
So I don't want to explode the wrong thing and then be stuck up there if you know what I'm saying.
we need a slime block.
Actually, just one.
Let's go and make one of these will bring three.
So I've seen a different view Toro in a different way.
This is made.
So just in case I'm gonna bring three with May need a lever on a trap door which I believe is super easy to make And I How do we not have trapdoors?
I think I used them one of my other farm trapdoors on, then a single leaving.
So the only thing left that we need is TNT mine cards.
And apparently you need more than one, just in case it doesn't work.
So let's grab some of this iron.
Let's make sure we make three.
I feel like we should make more, just in case, because I'm worried that this isn't gonna work.
It's gonna make five.
I don't care, because we've got all the iron in the world, so it doesn't really matter.
But then we also need TNT two a 12345 There we go.
On 2355 TNT mine carts.
Honestly, first time I've ever made TNT mine guards, which is pretty cool.
Okay, Checklist complete.
I've just had a thought, I might go ahead and grab some Maura obsidian because I feel like one way out, just in case I mess this up.
Surely even on the roof of the nether, you can make another portal to get home, right?
Surely that's a thing.
So if I take at least 10 obsidian with me, I should be fine.
I shouldn't need thio worry.
It means I'm gonna be safe.
I'm not going to die.
But my mind craft knowledge could be failing me again.
That might know actually be the case.
But I'm gonna take you anyway, just in case it does, it's it's a fail safe, just in case everything goes wrong and I'm stuck on the roof of the nether.
That would be a terrible way to end the Siri's, wouldn't it?
Oh, before we go on this journey, the contests my brand new movie out in cinemas.
Now we've just added brand new dates and also locations as well, primarily in the United States.
So if you've been on the website before to see if there's a cinema near you and they haven't had two tickets, then go and check again.
See if a location near you has been added.
Go and see.
It's gonna be sick, right?
10 Obsidian has been crafted.
I think we're ready to go.
I'm pretty sure we're ready to go, which is worrying because this could be the last time we ever see anyone again.
I always say this, but this could be the time.
This could be the time Where all goes wrong.
Look at this.
The kits that is gonna allow us to break Minecraft.
You excited, Skinny Jr.
In his eyes.
He looks excited.
Everyone, I'm going to the nether and I may never come back.
I've said this to multiple times because, um, because of the weather, you know, But I destroyed that punk.
Now we need to be careful.
I'm going to the roof of the never and I'm gonna almost break my legs at the same time.
Lester, a quick sacrifices just picked these up as to a sacrifice to the gods.
Damn Minecraft gods before a sacrifice, Goldblum's to you and you provided the goods.
Today I need the luck.
The luck to not get stuck in bedrock.
I sacrifice these three squids on bow before you to give me luck.
thank you.
I'm out of here.
I'm an idiot.
I forgot my chest army.
You're in the nether.
I always went to the other without the end of chest.
I have such an idiot.
Give me the end of Buster.
Ah, but I think the best way to go up is probably Where's the other?
With a place that I went was up here.
I just need a place to go to bed.
Rox, I need to find a specific piece of bedrock.
I think it might be this way.
Oh, I'm excited.
And I'm literally doing this for golden carrots.
That's the only reason I want this because I want unlimited gold in my mouth and in my belly.
All right.
Also, I never do this, but since I missed out on a Minecraft hardcore episode, which I normally do every two days yesterday, if you want another one tomorrow and to celebrate the fact that we're going above and beyond the realms of mine crafts, 100,000 lights and I'll do another episode tomorrow.
That's right.
I'm giving you the goals here.
Internet tutorial that we need to follow redefined a piece off bedrock.
That is at 127 so it needs to be quite high up because that would be the actual roof.
This 126.
So we need one that is one higher than that.
So give me a second and let's say we find one boat.
Think of family.
That is 1 27 And the way you can tell is by the looking act block almost at the bottom of the coordinates and start it says 1 to 7.
It tells you what you're looking at rather than your location.
So we need to grab the ladders out of here.
Just grab these ladders and we need to go all the way up to the top.
So that's 127.
Now, make sure you end a bus, this end the chest so we could put it up top are Jeez, I need the end opposer of this.
So this is how we do it.
This could also result in suffocation, which I've just realised.
Which I'm not.
I'm not actually that pleased about, obviously, but let's try anyway.
We got enough health.
Go enough.
Um, are we just need to go straight up for the ladders down.
Make sure this is 1 to 7, which it is, and then throw on end Appel.
And you should be out to get up.
Oh, my goodness.
We are here.
We have arrived.
I thought I forgot me and a chest then, but I didn't.
It's okay.
We're here.
This is the roof of the nether that was so easy to do.
Oh, my goodness.
Right now comes the technical bit because I think we're stuck here forever if we don't do it properly.
So this is the piece of bedrock.
We want a break because this is the bit that has the ladder.
Because if we break the wrong piece, we're gonna be met with another piece of bedrock on be stuck here, which is great, unless we use my nether portal method, which I think works now it's determined where North is north appears to be this way.
So let's grab just some scrubs, some nether ac, actually, and then put it over here.
So this is where North is, just so we know what's going on.
And this is the piece of bedrock that we need to break if you lose this piece of bedrock.
You're in trouble.
We're kind of in trouble.
Anyway, look at this.
I don't think I mentioned the reason why it's better to do a farm up here for zombie pig Man is because of all this space is literally like a super flat world.
It's crazy.
You could build one in the nether, but I don't know about you and hard core.
I don't wanna build in the nether.
There's a lot of that.
Okay, This I have to do really, really carefully.
So now we need to know that we found North.
We now need to go south, and then we need to start grabbing our ingredients for this.
So let's put this down.
We need red stone dust.
Let me get rid of some of this stuff.
Red stone dust rail activates a rail.
I think you know, I'm just gonna grab all of these means, but a red stone dust if we're facing south and you can see on the left Redstone dust here detector rail, which connects to the red stone dust, normal rail, and then an activator rail to the rights.
Now, all of this uses, I think, a glitch to do with Pistons.
And hopefully we're gonna have to break this one right here.
As long as we follow the editorial correctly, we don't need to do powered rail, and then we need to grab to the red stone blocks right here.
I hope I haven't gotten anything, by the way.
I double checked it, but if we forgot anything, we can't get back.
You put the power around here and then to red stone blocks like this.
I think this is gonna power the TNT mine cart.
I'm fairly sure.
Then we need rail a rail.
I don't know why that's doing that.
Why you doing that?
Don't No.
Let's get rid of this through this first and then this.
Yeah, that's better.
I was gonna say What do you don't misbehave up here?
We could die.
Next up is our obsidian are possibly our savior in case everything goes wrong.
One goes here right at the end off the powered rail, and the other one goes the other side off the detector out.
Just double check in, just in case next up is less sticky, piston.
So we need to pop this here.
And I think this goes where the torch is going to go.
So I might just move that in a second.
Let's grab a sticky pistol.
You need this as well.
This needs to go underneath.
Not that way.
Needs to go under, so it needs to be facing down towards the torch.
Yeah, that worked.
Okay, so that's going down there.
I think he's broken the torch in this.
So I'm gonna do that.
We now know that this is the one piece of bedrock that we need to break.
So let's just remind ourselves of that, then the naked friends off the sticky piston, the normal pissed that needs to go next to, actually.
So we are gonna need to move this.
Let's talk again.
I'm getting nervous.
I guess it's the one next to the red stone dust, right?
Oh, man.
There's nothing sport up here.
Actually, I guess nothing.
Spawn's on bedrock, right?
Right now we can get rid of this, and we can also do a rail on top and there That should be fine.
I don't know how old people discover this stuff.
By the way.
This is actually Minecraft witchcraft.
It's wit.
Now again, kind of crazy.
Where my red stone blocks that we now need to do a restaurant block here and here.
This is a crazy looking contraption.
I hope this works.
I might die, pick, man.
Always the underneath here is equal in my lattice.
What a nice man.
And then we need to put the two more rails on top.
And then I think that's our rail quota officially reached.
But but But Okay.
So this is where the interesting bit comes in with the TNT mine carts.
Just gonna grab too, just in case if this doesn't work.
I don't know.
I don't know what I've done wrong.
I'm gonna make sure one of each of their way to press this and it's gonna explode pretty much inside me.
We shouldn't die.
It's not that aggressive.
But we are in hard course.
We need to be careful.
This is where we find out whether we're stuck for life or not.
Oh, this is risky.
So risky.
Here we go.
Who here works?
It actually works.
So what we were looking for there is this These two pistons now have no like piston.
They just have the bottom piece.
What now we don't have it we can get rid of.
I think all of this apart from the Pistons, we just needed that to glitch out the Pistons right there, which is kind of gotta win.
And I think that's the secret to break in these bedrock blocks.
I'm actually like my heart is palpitating because I could be stuck here forever.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Right Next bit.
This is where we use the rest of our resource is.
I think so.
Sticky piston needs to go here facing inwards like that.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's like that.
This is such a weird block.
It's so strange.
Okay, so I'm not sure how this works, but I can now take away this.
Grab these on.
Just put the red stone block on the back of here on this Piston should then go to this pistol.
I'm not sure why you want to do that.
Let's see if it works.
It does.
Okay, Sweet.
And then the rail popped off the top.
So now we have a headless piston here and now we get rid of this piston.
But that's so with what away?
A bloke you've never seen.
That before in mind.
Crafts with a piston without its head.
I think we need to use our last few components.
Now, Um, what do you need?
I don't need a ladders.
So we need a random, solid block.
The spirit of this, because get a real messy up in here.
Random, solid block goes on top to look.
It's so weird how it's got, like, four pixels off of a full block.
That's so weird.
I think this is going to activate the piston underneath while taking away the red stone blocks So we can do this and this and take away this.
Yeah, and that should stay, like, active on by active.
I mean, it's got no head on it, which is great.
And now we can get rid of this.
I don't wantto touch that block just in case I break it.
They can also get a weight.
We got two pistons without who?
Um, be careful.
I need to get rid of this without breaking the piston.
There we go.
Now we have two headless pistons bride.
Oh, no.
Um What?
What the What?
The plan is next, right?
More pissed in action.
But on it should activate.
Which means we have done that correctly.
This is such a weird contraption.
Then we get the slime box involved.
So this goes here random, solid block underneath.
Why wonder if this is what's gonna crack open the bedrock?
Mijo, I think I need this bit cracked open.
What's good is you don't really lose any materials, because this stuff eyeball extra TNT mine carts.
We can try doing this again.
But that's the See if it works first time.
Okay, so this bears a little bit complicated.
We need a regular piston on the trap door.
And this is this weird trick that we've done before where you collapse yourself into the grounds.
I'm stuck in the nether, but we use this technique to be able to put a face down.
Got based down?
Piston Sweet.
Another regular piston needs to go here, which should activate, which is good.
It's work it imagined.
By the way, if gas were sporting up here, we'd be dead, like so dead solid block on this side here.
This should do it.
I think he said this is the last kind of move.
So hopefully this is the end and will crack through the bedrock.
I'm actually kind of nervous that it's not gonna work on.
This is the moment of truth.
Guys, this is the end.
Once we deactivate this lever, it should be broken.
The block underneath should be broken.
I don't know what kind of wizardry this is.
I don't know where he studied Minecraft wizard school to be able to allow this to happen, but this is gonna allow me to get unlimited riches.
I'm doing this for you.
All for u Are u ready?
Hold me close.
I'm not gonna eat one.
Just for luck.
I'm repressing it.
Three, two, one Please work.
Please work.
I can now take away these extra bits top, and this is the one that should be broken.
I'm nervous.
My eyes itching Why?
00 actually works.
Oh, my goodness.
And there's our ladder from before we just broke bedrock in Minecraft.
And who knew that all you needed were pistons?
This is sick blends craft TV.
Your tutorial was an absolute dream to follow.
I can now break all of this.
Oh, my goodness.
It actually works.
Most of the stuff I've been trying recently just hasn't work.
So I was ready for this to be a disaster.
Let me put all of this stuff back in, just so I'm not carrying all around.
And I feel like now we need to just make a straight up, um spirited sweet and Buster.
I just need to make a way all the way down.
So we should be able to wait If I go out, Honey ladders leftover.
I do.
Let's do this.
This And now we should be able to get up here an unlimited amount of times.
Yes, let's go.
To know I want to try and do is just make the whole ladder system all the way down so that we just need to walk up the ladders and then go straight to the roof of the nether because this is gonna be where we have our pig farm, which is going to get us gold for days on unlimited golden carrots.
Golden carrot.
Sir, I brought you to the roof off the nether and I'm taking you back down.
This is all for you, buddy.
All for you.
So now I just need to dig down until I reach where my portals are because I don't feel like I'm not far away.
But I do also need to be careful because that can happen.
Oh, I found something.
How am I on top of Ah, another fortress?
How has this happened?
I must have gotten pretty far.
Um, I kind of need to find where 00 is.
That's near to where my my portal is.
So this is right.
It's going straight up.
So let's just do that.
I think the reserves this way.
If I do like I did, where I could just dig through like this, I should eventually reach my portal, right?
Right here.
Oh, that's perfect, Dudes.
Ah, that's so perfect.
So we run through here, and then when we hit that cobblestone, that's it.
So I'm gonna make this a proper tunnel.
So we need to do is run through here, and then when we craft enough ladders, we just go straight up.
That's so sick.
On there's another fortress right here is Well, it's We can use that to build, get any with the skulls or anything that we need.
Oh, my goodness.
We actually did it.
I'm gonna go make some ladders.
make this look pretty.
We broke bedroom in survival.
No cheats.
Just the old.
Well, it's kind of like a GT hacky thing.
Um, it's right next to this as well.
That's cool.
Out of science have signed somewhere.
So I'm gonna grab a sign so I can add assigned to that one.
I want to do another fortress and bedroom roof.
How are you?
Many of your friends are gonna die soon.
Just because I want golden carrots.
I just want to live large.
Gonna live like a Minecraft king.
Dude, I'm so pleased and get rid of this now as well.
I wonder what my hemorrhoids went.
I need myself a sign.
I think that's all I need.
Apart from the ladders, Later's air, like, annoyingly expensive there.
Oh, it's just sticks.
Okay, that should be fine.
How many are we gonna needs Archie?
I'm not sure.
That's gonna be enough.
We need more sticks, lads.
Now let's go for more.
You know what this is?
Do the whole thing.
That's bound to be enough rate with back.
And now we need to add the sign.
So the sign is going to go just above here to nether roof on DDE Fortress.
Yes, directions when we go through here and it seems that the ladders we good and then we're gonna be eating beautifully for the rest of our Minecraft days as long as the farmer bucks his ideas up and doesn't get along.
Oh, jeez.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Stop that.
Taste my arrows!
That was painful, or I'm gonna quickly explore this another fortress afterwards as well.
See if it's even a decent one.
I think we made way too many ladders, but we can always use more ladders.
We might actually need them for the pig farm as well.
So let's see how close we I think we're gonna make it with everybody going to make it.
Yes, we did make, like, almost the perfect amount.
And there we go.
Welcome to the nether roof.
All my goodness, I can't believe that actually worked.
That's insane.
I'm gonna use this as my beacon of pride at a little red stone torture that I don't even know why I'm doing that.
We'll look at it.
It's beautiful.
That's making my mark you know, like when they go to the North Pole and stuff they shove in a flag from, like, their country.
This is mine.
Way did it.
We did it.
We did it after the fail of an episode of last time that you guys, it was so bad that I didn't even get you guys to see it.
This feels like an epic win.
A massive epic winds.
And now let's quickly check out this never fortress.
I feel like it could be a spicy one on.
It's so close to spawn as well.
Okay, Yeah, That is a spicy one, but the entirely wrong reasons.
But imagine if I die it right after finding that I could destroy bedrock.
That be embarrassing.
We need to be pretty careful with this.
This should work.
Let's go this way.
See what's up.
This blaze over there plays there.
It could go up as well.
This is super cool.
Okay, it got less cool.
Just need to be careful.
The blazes as well be blazes everywhere.
Oh, yes, this is This is like a decent never fortresses.
Well, if we ever need scholars again, we could just come over here There's literally where the skeleton is there.
Magma cubes.
Oh, yes, this is great.
Is pretty dangerous, though.
That gravel.
Since when we have gravel.
McGinnis, Don't push me off.
Please don't push me off.
This is very dangerous.
Don't do it.
So stop!
Oh, I thought he's coming for me.
Then I'm staying here.
You'll get away.
Guys, get away!
This is not happening.
I'm just They're after me because they're after my wizard in secrets.
To be fair, there, not even my secrets.
If we make this cross herbal, it's definitely a words just saying It looks like there is a way for us to get with the skulls because there were where the skeletons up here, There's a little bit Laval of another war.
I can hear him.
Where you at, boy?
We could talk this off with a with a skull.
A what's good, bro?
Looting three.
My friends did no work today.
Didn't shout it loud enough.
I would also be interested in making, like a blaze farm a cz Well, that can obviously come at a later dates.
Apart from that, this is dope.
This is so good.
Go secure up a little bit.
on Dhe.
Then we're back up here and this is our roof.
The bedrock are so pleased.
So pleased.
Right goal for the next video.
Then we need to make ourselves a Golden Nugget farm, thanks to the zombie pig men, which you will be able to do.
I just need a lot materials for it.
Hopefully it works of cobblestone.
I think the reason nothing spawns up there is because of the bedrock.
Because nothing is designed to spawn on bedrock for obvious reasons.
So hopefully we can fix that up.
Let's go to bed.
Let's celebrate on.
Morgan says lots of creepers down here.
You guys need to get out the way.
Some glitch in all, dear.
Oh, dear.
See that we've broken.
We broke up Minecraft, and now it feels like my craft ain't feeling so good right now.
Sleep offer a great day of bedrock mining.
Oh, I couldn't be more happy.
I just want to see how me I and farmers getting on that's been ticking away in the background.
We haven't even used the x p farm yet because I need to put mending of my shovel.
Oh, yes, there we go.
I'm not even sure I need much iron yet.
But we do another Redstone machine.
I guess we will.
Next thing as well.
I need to put lair dig into.
I've broken this somehow.
Have we done that?
Anyway, Dig needs to come out of retirement.
He needs to get some mending on, and we'll do that next time I'm gonna munch down on Should I make some golden carrots just to celebrate?
Since we're about to do that quite a lot soon, I think I'm gonna do this.
Do this.
That's a lot of nuggets.
Look how expensive is Boom.
That only got me eight.
That's insane.
This should keep me going for a little bit, but we're 100% going to get ourselves a Golden Nugget farm in the next video.
Guys, I can't believe it.
So we do double Minecraft hardcore episodes this weekend.
I feel like we should You guys know what to do?
And with that, I never set like gold.
So we're doing it today.
It's a special day.
We broke bedrock.
I do wish that we were able to keep the peace of bedrock.
That would make it so much sweeter.
But we can't.
That would be That would be sick, though.
If we could have a piece of bedrock in an item frame, that would be awesome.
Thank you so much for watching in the master of magicians.
Make sure you check out the guys who provided tutorials in description below the great appreciating.
Without them, I won't be able to make this video.
So is watching Hope you enjoy it.
If you did leave, I like them a great appreciated subscribing for our brand new by hitting that little red Button it down in the bottom right underneath the video to catch up with videos every single day from me on a sequel.
All you in the next one Get ahead by backing Candle Camp four Rubber Band.
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I BROKE BEDROCK in Minecraft Hardcore!

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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