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  • whether you love them or hate cats have been a regular fixture across our cinema screens for decades.

  • I will make my presence known to the world.

  • But historically, these wily house panthers have received something of a bad rap and have become synonymous with slyness and skullduggery.

  • You know, I think I'm allergic to your cat.

  • That connection to witchcraft is typified by Richard Quienes Bell book and Candle, in which Kim Novak's modern day witch is smitten.

  • Jimmy Stewart, on with the assistance of her loyal Siamese familiar, cast a love spell over him.

  • Andi.

  • Who could forget that before we're even introduced to James Bond's arch nemesis, Ernst Blow fell, We meet this splendid silver white cat.

  • I am Ernst Stavro often a detail which became ripe for parody in spy satire.

  • Austin Powers with Mike Myers aptly named Dr Evil Mr Regular Work Cats are the bad guys.

  • Make no mistake.

  • Yet even when they're wicked, cats can demonstrate to surprising sense of loyalty to their allies.

  • In Danny Aruz 1977 horror anthology.

  • The uncanny three cats belonging to three betrayed women help them mistress's exact cunning revenge on those that from meanwhile in Henry Selick scoreline.

  • A sarcastic talking cat who bears a similarity to Alice in Wonderland.

  • Famous Cheshire Puss helps the young heroine navigate the other world.

  • We can't superior senses than humans.

  • He might be a little prickly, but this kitty has claws and comes to Coraline aid when she needs him the most.

  • In fact, cats of boys been fond of an underdog, proving the perfect companion to cinema's most famous loners.

  • In breakfast at Tiffany's Flighty Holly Go Lightly is only true Friend is a ginger cat.

  • Acerbic author Lee Israel in Marriott.

  • Heather's Can you ever Forgive Me?

  • Loves her cap jersey so much she's willing turned to a life of crime to pay for his medication.

  • Careful you, Andi for Oscar Isaac it Inside Llewyn Davis.

  • A ginger cat name Ulysses becomes his companion after he accidentally lets him loose from a friend's apartment.

  • No cats of finicky beasts.

  • And while a dog will come when he's called, cats aren't quite so trusting in France for two foes, day for night film about making a film crew are plagued by a stubborn kitten who refuses to act for the camera.

  • Ultimately, cats are always their own Masters.

  • No film captures the sentiment betterthan, say two turns documentary Keady, following the remarkable lives street cats in Istanbul, Turkey, and the joy that they bring to the lives of their human admirers.

  • Why don't you tell me the rest of this story about that?

  • That's spooky, That cookie on dhe.

  • Sometimes they're outright evil.

  • You're all but cats are ultimately criminally misunderstood.

  • They live by their own rules, fiercely independent.

  • Andi, my possibly smarter than any of us.

  • It's hard to deny their true cinematic perfection.

  • Not bad for a house cat.

whether you love them or hate cats have been a regular fixture across our cinema screens for decades.

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