B1 Intermediate 9 Folder Collection
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Let's see what happens.
I'm not expecting it to work, but let's see.
You're right.
Obsidian from bankrupt Earth is now in five cities, which is crazy.
I'm so glad so many of you are able to play the game now because I love it.
And in today's video, why was going to do is show you the secret mobs, the brand's new ones, that are only released in Minecraft.
But I'm going to do that and a little bit more.
I'm gonna be telling you some secrets about Minecraft.
I have been scouring the Internet looking for Minecraft Earth secrets, and I found some myself.
Let's start off with what I was planning to show in the first place.
The brand new mocks We think the best way to show you this is to go into I need a build plate with grass.
Let's try this Jungle one.
This will be slightly awkward for me to show, but I should be able to do it.
So let's get rid off.
Oh, Jesus.
They're underground it to this.
There is.
I didn't know.
Know this.
Okay, um change of plan.
I don't want to destroy this yet, but I should still be out to show you.
So let me go into my mob section, which is right here, as you can see, because some rare ones already the 1st 1 being the muddy pig which we've kind of seen already.
Let's pop that in the hot bar.
I've also got this, which is called Mob of me.
I've given some of these by Mo Zhangbei have today actually found one of these in a chest.
And then there's also the move bloom, which again I have also found by punching a cow in the face.
Let's do the muddy pig first actually need to grab something else for you need to grab a bucket of mud.
So not only is the muddy pig an epic mob, but you also need a rare buckets of mud as well.
So let's get rid off.
We need to get rid of a little patch years that spirit of this patch here and then we need to fill it with mud.
So let's do that.
I think that will work as it is.
Just a little patch over there.
No comeback builds.
Come back.
Yeah, I think they should work, but because I wanted to look awesome.
I'm gonna put it in properly.
Like come over here.
That's better.
So, muddy pig spawns in as a normal pig.
But if it's got muds, it will jump straight in and turn into a muddy one.
Look at it.
Look it.
Look how cute that is.
Oh, I've just realised his parents on this one.
Why the parents getting muddy?
What's hot?
What's happening there is Look how cute the muddy pig has been spawned.
So if you don't have mud in your world, I don't think the muddy pig will appear even if you place it down.
You're good, bro.
You okay?
And also, I don't know what happens if you want the money.
We changed.
It changed back.
Go back to the mud, my friend.
So run.
Run as fast as you can.
The power is stopping him.
Go in there, buddy.
There we go.
Oh, do.
This is one of the queue.
Is mobs there It is So cute.
That's money.
Pick Right next up.
We're gonna spawn in a move, Bloom, and I'm pretty sure the move bloom sporting flowers as it walks.
So let's get rid off these two flowers right here, Spawn in the move, bloom and see what happens.
It's kind of like a golden version.
Yet there it is.
Look, it's sporting in flowers.
That's cool.
And you should be out to pick those up to move.
Where you going, buddy?
We don't want to just see your beautiful golden booty.
Look at this.
Don't go for that.
Oh, come on.
You're gonna do this?
You know there's lava down there, right?
This is dangerous.
Please move him.
Don't do this to me.
What actually happens if you hit one of these mobs?
I don't know if you get it back in your inventory.
I'm kind of hoping you do, because my move, Bloom.
No, I need it.
Did it come back?
Six lets you happens with the muddy pig.
Yeah, you do.
Get them back.
Okay, Disaster averted.
Bloom is back.
A body does.
I mean, I could pick up the parrot.
I don't have a parent yet.
Yes, I want a barrette.
Yeah, the move.
Bloom is super cool.
I'm gonna grab this Parra's.
Well, it likes the mud under save it.
Super cool.
Golden mushroom.
But with flowers instead of mushrooms on its bones, in flowers as it walks and finally mob of me.
I think they showed this e three, but I'm not 100% how it works.
So let's put it, put it here and there it is.
That's Ah, that's me, everyone.
So I can put myself in my build.
And this is actually a perfect time to show you something else because there is actually an exclusive Minecraft earth skin that you can get for free, and it's pretty awesome.
Here is a Minecraft bedrock.
It only works in bedrock addition.
So that's console bedrock on PC and Minecraft Earth as well.
Click Little Hanger.
And here it is the Minecraft earth skin.
It's cool because it's three D.
It actually goes outside the realms of a normal Minecraft skins.
My normal Minecraft skin stuck within these restrictions, but the Earth one has a son at the top has the nether down the bottom.
It looks great.
I think it looks awesome, but you can also get a Minecraft earth because all of these purchases are linked to your account.
If I had my Steve up the top, go to change skin here it is a skin bought select.
Look at him hasn't got the sun on his head, though.
That must be a little way as as as look, there is I love the top left is Oh, he's called.
If I go back into my build plate, the skin should change to your skin that you're using.
When my person moves duties over there, come back.
You don't want to lose you.
I think if they die, there we go.
Come back.
So mob of me does this work?
It does do look my own Minecraft earth skin, and then it just walks around.
I think they showed it inside the E three demo where you could make poses and stuff.
But turns out this guy just runs around, which is pretty cool.
And the way you get the Minecraft earth skin is you need to sign up to the Minecraft earth.
Beta link isn't description blood now, since if they fall in love, they die.
I'm gonna bring back these two.
I'm also gonna pick up my mud because I would like to save that.
That's a chicken.
I did not mean to sport in the chicken.
Don't know where My mob of me is gone.
Excuse me, sir.
I need you back.
Please don't die.
You are there.
You are there.
I get him.
Get him!
Get him!
Tha The other moms I have are the ocelots.
Now I have parrots as well.
What was I saying Pigeon earlier?
Might have been, But it's also salmon, which I haven't actually found in the wild.
This was given to me by motion, so let's quickly see where you complacent salmon.
I want to see if you can put it anywhere.
I can hear it, but I think it's invisible.
I think I messed up.
Where is it?
I can hear it, but I can't see it.
It's invisible.
It's actually invisible.
That's person water down and see if it works now.
No, they're definitely invisible.
The summons are broke now because this is beta access.
It might just not be in the game right now, so I can't even get them back because I can't see them.
Oh, so those are the rare mobs that I've got?
You've seen the parents already?
Also, lots just act like normal ocelots.
But let's bring one into the world anyway because I haven't showed you that yet.
So also lot.
There it is.
Hey, buddy, how's it going?
Don't run away from me.
So I need to I need to save you, get you back there.
We go safely in my pocket So those are all the moms that I've collected But there are some other secret ones And here they are Minecraft tweeted this themselves as the world of Minecraft enters our universe, the mob best story not even a word of the over world is evolving.
Rumors off all new mobs are circulating End the Dolphins pajama llamas, lest the find one in Minecraft.
Now I'm pretty sure ended Dolphins and pajama llamas just aren't in the game, or they're so rare that no one's found one because I can't find a picture of one anywhere.
There's also this animation of a chicken that looks like it's got mushrooms on his back, and I think I remember Sacks.
Who's the game developer that I hung out with my first video saying something about a mushroom chicken or a chicken shrooms, and I think that's what it is.
But no one's found one yet, although I did find this post calling it a cluck shrooms.
But the tweet has been deleted, so I don't know what it looks like.
I'm just gonna have to try harder to find one.
But they must be super rat from this image.
I'm guessing it's like a mushroom, but in chicken form, other mobs are confirmed in the game.
Chicken cow, Pig, sheep bunny.
I haven't seen a bunny yet.
Maybe that's in the other build plates.
I'm pretty sure that's in the desert Bill Place.
You can go into that build plate, load up, hit the bunny and collect it just like we did with the parrots.
Also not polar bear.
You can get polar bears too.
Just on the ice build plate that you saw in the first video I made parrot salmon mob of me muddy pig on move, bloom.
So those are the ones that the confirms.
But there are those three mysterious ones the end of dolphins, pajama llamas and the cluck shrooms.
No one knows what they look like.
This is the most info that we've got on the clock's room.
But they're out there somewhere, and I think only 10,000 people have access to the game.
So far, no one's found one yet, so they must be super red.
There's also another rumor about this cat.
Looks like an ender.
But they haven't officially announced this mob.
So this is the image that they use when they announced a new city being added to Minecraft earth.
So this is an official image and it looks like we've gone end Ocelot coming at some point as well.
The only problem is, the only mobs I found out in the wild are chickens, cows and pigs.
So I don't know where you get these guys from.
Maybe they're not in the game yet, So that's all the mob.
So far.
Another thing that I wanted to check is something that was on the Minecraft Subreddit.
The first thing was, this is here, Brian, in this game, too.
Information redacted.
So who knows?
It could be in here somewhere.
So the first of the last two things I want to cover is this.
Is it possible to create another portal now?
I don't know if obsidian is in the game as a block butts.
There's lava and there's water.
So let's find out.
So I got some water here, so Oh, my goodness.
A cat just fell out the tree.
Oh, there you are.
What are you doing up there?
There's a beta.
Just come out of you.
I'm so confused.
What happened?
This is where you get the ocelots, Then from this build plate, make sure your explore these bill plates to get your mob's because they seem to be the best way to find them.
Anyway, I'm distracted.
Let's grab some woda.
And let's also grab.
Where is it?
Where is it, Love?
A bucket lover Buckets arrest so I don't waste the more.
Okay, so let's do love a bucket and then water.
Let's see what happens.
I'm not expecting it to work, but let's see.
Oh, it works.
It actually, I didn't know.
Expect for this to work.
You're like, Oh, Obsidian.
Hold the phone.
Okay, hold on a second.
Wait up.
Wait up.
Wait up.
Wait up.
Okay, so if I just puts lover here, how many blocks of obsidian will this create?
Because I want to try and see if I could build another portal.
Obviously, there might not be a way to light it, and you could only really make one at a time.
How many lava buckets do I have?
I have nine love buckets.
Let me try.
How do I make a perfect lava source?
Why do one here and then if I do wan er here, then I'll make it perfect.
Man, this is gonna use a lot of my lover buckets, but I think it's kind of know what?
That Let's just use our lover buckets.
It's gonna create form or which makes six.
So, four lava buckets.
I should have enough.
There we go.
Right Water.
Let's go.
Yeah, body.
Yo, I did not think this was going to work at all six writing form or I'm only going tohave to lava buckets when this is done, and that makes me kind of sad.
But, hey, you know what?
I should be able to get some back, but I'm gonna have obsidian, so I'm not too sad.
Let's do this.
Here we go.
But perfect.
I didn't mess up.
Let's grab these.
Okay, this is getting to some serious business right now.
I can actually make another portal, but I don't know if it's gonna light.
I'm gonna guess it's not, but let's make it anyway.
Here we go.
Last two pieces because Flint and steel is in the game.
So beautiful is absolutely beautiful.
Let's grab off Flint and steel.
Oh, man, I don't know if this is gonna use up my flint and steel.
By the way, I would be upset if it does, but let's try.
Here we go.
321 Boom!
No, it doesn't work.
OK, let's take that out.
I don't want to fight through and everything.
So the closest you're going to get to their another portal in mind crap so far is this, But but aren't you?
Looks pretty cool.
And you can get obsidian, which is an unobtainable block in Minecraft s so far, So you can do some kind of magic to get blocks that you didn't think you'd be able to get.
I got myself another portal.
Thank you.
Read it.
I didn't even think of trying that literally too.
Don't think that was gonna work.
Remember what the last thing I was going to say was, Oh, yeah, Redstone.
The Redstone is exactly the same as it works in Minecraft.
You've got torches, you've got red stone dust.
You've got pistons I think eventually the only thing you're not gonna have is sticky pistons.
And that's because they haven't figured out how to get it to work yet, because if people could make like, walking machines, they're not quite sure how that's gonna work with sticky pistons.
They're taking those out for now, but you should be able to grab.
I think I've seen I've got repeaters.
I've got red stone dust.
I've got Redstone torches.
I haven't seen a piston yet, so I don't know if they exist.
You've also got levers, powered rails, lamps, repeaters.
I think that's as much as we're going to get.
So far, so few Redstone is out there.
You can try and discover something cool.
But today I'm just hype that we just build another portal inside Minecraft.
I didn't even know you could do that.
Hey, that's all the secrets that I know so far in Minecraft.
I think it's cool that they've got the different mobs and stuff.
I'm gonna see if I can try and find some of these mobs because I found a move bloom out in the wild.
I found a muddy pig out in the wild, but I just need to smack them chicken to see if I can find the chicken and I'll let you know if I do so.
Guys, thank you so much watching.
If you enjoy a piece of evil like that, we greatly appreciated.
If you are brands new for more Minecraft and more games every single day.
And of course, some more mind crop up and I'll see you in the next one.
Good bye.
Backing Candle Camp four Rubber Band.
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The SECRETS in Minecraft Earth!

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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