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this isn't you might not know.
He's got a really big crush on.
Is that true history?
Yes, I was.
I wasn't aware.
You knew that thes biggest fantasy, I think would be me an amphitheater and folding clothes together.
Okay, a little.
No, they're in a war in your face.
What is it you like?
I don't think this is really the place She wouldn't let you take it to be a name on a Sunday I covered.
You're gonna have to tell Jimmy what bian M is.
What's being in one of the lead in variety stars in the country?
A variety store.
It's a bit like if bank you home by screwed you go there every Sunday.
We don't know Ana.
Suddenly dio we don't know in a Sunday busy on a Sunday we go.
No way.
You can have any detail you want.
You know it's Christmas.
So I got some of our Christmas cards and funny enough, I do get a lot of Christmas cards from celebrities because I love my showbiz lifestyle.
I'm always turning up everything.
You'll see me there on.
I love just hanging around celebrity I love just love being in show business.
It's great s So I got some cards here.
This was the one I got from Piers Morgan on.
I'll just read that out too.
Says sure your rights.
I'm a massive prick.
I also hate myself.
So it's no wonder you hate me too.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
My Christmas will be miserable.
Well, I'll be okay.
But it won't be much fun for my family because they've got to spend it with May on.
He's done some exclamation mark piers.
That's nice.
You know, this'll one.
It's probably from you, Jimmy.
Yeah, that's your Christmas message this year.
It says two and then it just says, Insert name here.
Merry Christmas for Mr Jake are limited because obviously that's tax deductible.
Then on number for booking on.
We've got all we got.
One here.
We all know this is Jeremy Clarkson, and it says, dear Short, Remember, May I'm the one that does the cars.
Can you please read the Carter on your TV show?
Because your own proper telly people actually watch your show.
We're on something.
Could a madman p s sorry.
There's no snow again.
That's my fault.
Merry Christmas, Jeremy.
And that's my Christmas cards.
The numbers.
It's Rachel Riley thing.
Okay, this job, I will stake my reputation on it.
Rachel is heavily pregnant, so let's get a move on before someone unexpectedly slides down her chimney theme like birthing stuff.
You have to replace the hard words with, like phrases that don't you?
That's quite nice.
Birthing process.
I don't know, man.
Splain it to you better be fine.
It's bigger than a bowling ball.
Next, good luck.
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Sean's Celeb Xmas Cards & Jimmy's Festive Joke for Rachel! | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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